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HOLY SENSOR NETWORKS Check out SmartThings, raising big bucks on Kickstarter right now

Read about it on +Mashable at and then spend an hour talking with Alex Hawkinson, founder/CEO of , as he talks to me for almost an hour about why it has been so successful at raising money on Kickstarter and what SmartThings' little sensors and networks will bring to us in the Internet of Things. 

You can use SmartThings for a variety of things, from building contextual systems, to building home automation systems.

Remarkable startup, one of my favorites of the year.
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Some of those smart things look really good. Would like to see more 'Things' thought that do more than just sense things. Still looks like the way we are going to go to automate our house :)
I've been backing them for a while now. Very excited to see how well it works. Also, looking at their partnership with Ubi (just successfully funded yesterday).
Saw this kickstarter project only's a great system. Kinda reminds me of Arduino
I saw this a few days ago, been thinking about the early, or super early bird lvls
I've very excited about progress in this department, as someone working on home automation at my place.
We can all have remote controlled homes...just like Bill Gates :-D
I can just see another use for that Ubi....
Wife: "Ubi, Tell my husband I'm not talking to him!" lol
Only 12 hours left to back it! :-) Dust off that Amazon payments account... 

+Robert Scoble what do you think of their delivery timeline? Realistic? Attainable? This and Ubi are my first backed projects, so I'm curious to see the follow-through.
You know, I think we have enough people who commented here for Robert Scoble to create a hangout about SmartThings and Ubi.
David B
Lovely video. I like the way internet is changing lives every day.
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