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I saw Engadget say that Occulus Rift and Virtuix Omni was cool but until one of these was brought to my studio yesterday I had absolutely no idea how cool it was.


You should have seen the crowd of geeks at Geekdom SF Wednesday literally getting their wallets out asking to buy one (they've already sold thousands and it won't ship until mid-year next year).

This is going to be the "must have" video gaming system of 2014. This augmented reality system is something you walk on and spin around in. It's like a virtual treadmill. 

Good workout, too. Parents are gonna love this thing!

The only problem is it's a bit expensive. $499 for the Omni (it holds you in place so you can walk around while playing and comes with custom shoes you wear in the thing). $299 for the Occulus Rift. Plus requires a Windows PC gaming system. 

Wait until you see the video. Probably will be up right around when we head to CES.

2014 is looking like it's going to be a really interesting year in consumer electronics, with the Apple iWatch, Google Glass, plus all the other wearables and these things.
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I tried this setup out a few months back and wasn't impressed if I'm honest. The initial 'wow' factor is there, but then when you consider all the different genres of gaming that exist versus what this is really good for (FPS mostly), it becomes quite limiting. At best, it's a very expensive peripheral for a couple of good games once you step away from the initial wow and really think about it.
Wasn't this on Shark Tank a couple weeks ago?  
This combined with Kinect would make for a pretty awesome Second Life experience. Wind and heat generators would be pretty sweet, too.
I saw the Omni get shot down on Shark Tank a little while back. I think it's really cool, but ultimately is the market big enough? You need a large amount of space dedicated to gaming and about $2,000 in gear if you factor in a powerful enough PC.
+Stewart Rogers Combine it with something like a Kinect, and then consider it. Seems a bit pricey, but that will go down with time.
Not just gaming but it has training applications  for police and  and military.
$499 for SciFi level immersion? I'm not surprised they're selling like hotcakes.
+Joe Betsill I hear you Joe but I'll be honest, I wasn't impressed. I tried this exact setup out back in September. Was fun for a short while, but then you realise that practicality gets in the way pretty quickly. 
I'd probably use it as a virtual treadmill to "jog" through various places in Google Street View. I believe some iFit machines already do this. 
they shot it down on shark tank said it was a waste of money and that the market will be flooded with copys
Tried to raise money via Shark Tank but failed. Wonder if they were able to get funding elsewhere
It's so annoying. On my ipad, ios7 those flippin' animated gifs don't animate! Seems to do it on all posts with animated gifs on G+. I can see the arrow telling me it is animated......
good ideea.hope to buy it when i will have monney!
Glad to see this the Omni getting some good attention and is finally going into production.  It was an interesting project to work on, props to the Umbach Design Group who did the original concept work.
Yah, this was on Shark Tank and they all hated it and didn't think it was worth investing in.
Saw this on Shark Tank ..................... Awesome Idea
Yes it is one of Houston's Startups we are proud of ;)
It is a Virtual Reality system, not Augmented Reality.
I remember VR headsets from the 90's - so much promise. Are they finally delivering on that promise? I hope so... very cool