I saw Engadget say that Occulus Rift and Virtuix Omni http://www.virtuix.com/ was cool but until one of these was brought to my studio yesterday I had absolutely no idea how cool it was.


You should have seen the crowd of geeks at Geekdom SF Wednesday literally getting their wallets out asking to buy one (they've already sold thousands and it won't ship until mid-year next year).

This is going to be the "must have" video gaming system of 2014. This augmented reality system is something you walk on and spin around in. It's like a virtual treadmill. 

Good workout, too. Parents are gonna love this thing!

The only problem is it's a bit expensive. $499 for the Omni (it holds you in place so you can walk around while playing and comes with custom shoes you wear in the thing). $299 for the Occulus Rift. Plus requires a Windows PC gaming system. 

Wait until you see the video. Probably will be up right around when we head to CES.

2014 is looking like it's going to be a really interesting year in consumer electronics, with the Apple iWatch, Google Glass, plus all the other wearables and these things.
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