Do we need another mobile-phone camera app? CameraAwesome from SmugMug says yes

Here the folks behind SmugMug who have been working for 18 months on a new camera app for the iPhone (Android coming soon). You can check it out in the video here or download it here:

I've been using it for a week and in my tests it does exactly what Don says it would: it's faster, has more filters, and is smoother to use than other camera apps like Camera+. It'll be interesting to see your reactions.

Oh, and why aren't we seeing more Android apps like this faster? Don and I spent a lot of time talking about the Android market. I assumed that he might be scared of Apple who has lots of leverage because of things like the iTunes store. +Don MacAskill told me that really didn't matter and what's keeping Android from getting apps like this faster is simple fragmentation. Building apps for Android is a real pain in the behind, he told me. Why? For several reasons:

1. The tools aren't nearly as good for building Android apps. The emulator crashes, the memory management isn't nearly as good, etc etc.

2. On Apple you really are building for one device, one API, and you don't have to worry about making sure your UI works on different resolutions, different hardware. On Android you not only have to worry about a ton of different hardware, but most users aren't yet on the latest software either so there's a ton of variables you have to both design for and test for.

He thinks the difficulty of developing for the platform is the single reason you don't see apps like Instagram on Android and why you'll have to wait for CameraAwesome to come to your Android-based devices.
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