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Larry Page gave me heck about wearing Google Glass into the shower after I got to the microphones first this morning at the Google I/O 2013 keynote.

Me? I was shocked at what didn't come out.

No new news about Google Glass.
No new news about Android. Well, they did announce they have 900 million activations.
No major "blow your mind" demos and no one jumped out of any blimps the way they did last year.*

That said, the new voice search is quite nice, the new maps are much nicer, the Google+ improvements are awesome and should keep Mark Zuckerberg up at night for a few nights at least.

So, at the end of the day, a lot of new stuff important for Google and the industry but nothing really mind-blowing. *=yeah the voice search and photography improvements are pretty close to mind-blowing but, really, they didn't blow my mind but maybe that's because I just spent a day at SRI and saw some really mind-blowing things (more on that by this weekend).

One thing I was left wondering: did they pull Android announcements to wait to see what Apple and Microsoft do this next month? I wouldn't be shocked to hear Google announce more stuff shortly after Apple and Microsoft's big events.

Anyway, this will take you to the Q&A part of the Google IO keynote.

Oh, and to answer +Larry Page well, at least everyone now knows they are water resistant and can handle a little rain shower!
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Ah... but it was SOOOOO worth it!
I think they didn't want to give away some unique features that may be quickly copied or coded in 1.5 months. Maybe, something regarding multi-windowing apps or who knows what else they could come up with. And it is a developer conference... not a product showcase, so showing api's and services is much more important and informative than a new android version will ever be for the 6000 developers that shelled out the money.
I was strangely satisfied with the announcements, despite a lot of areas being brushed aside, such as Google TV and Glass, but I'm not that surprised based on the frequency of service and feature updates they seem to roll out every other day these days.

Google seem to have been very active and in the news cycle consistently over the past several months, with now signs of slowing down, which makes Apple's announcement drought seem all the more obvious.

If Google keep this up they have a great chance of turning the tables on Apple and becoming the new cool.  
I just wonder how did it come you were the first one at the mic :)
Nick S.
+Robert Scoble I want to hear about your trip to SRI. I hardly ever see stuff in the news about what they are doing. Have to look at the different project pages.
+Robert Scoble  What was shocking to me was that they were able to fill three hours without a hardware launch and without it getting boring.  I have never seen so many cool things introduced or improved in one keynote.  That just shows how deep Google really is.
While I agree with your points here +Robert Scoble, I felt (from watching it at home) it was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. As good as if not better than most Apple presentations. Very well done I think.
+Robert Scoble You're the first person I've ever seen step up to a microphone in a crowded auditorium and say, "I'm one of the first glassholes." : ) 
Yeah he was joking....but not really....
I suspect they may be holding out for closer to the Nexus hardware release...

Here's your new version of Android... And here's some new hardware to run it on... 
It was one of the highlights of my morning. When you showed up on the screen I started freaking out and my wife thought I was nuts! Try explaining to your wife how you know a man showers wearing Google Glass.
It's interesting, isn't it, how the adjective "magical" is used pervasively by both Google and Apple?
+Robert Scoble It's a good thing they didn't blow your mind with anything today. We would hate to see another scary 'Psycho' shower scene :)
Some things you wish you can unsee. No doubt +Robert Scoble has a passion for the product and obviously his demonstration will be etched it many people's minds. I can't remember if I saw it from +Mike Elgan or from +Guy Kawasaki 
Well done on getting that first question in there, Robert! :D Good question, too.
+Robert Scoble  I've used the new-ish voice search on iOS devices and Android.  Where you able to try it on a desktop (such as OS X) and if you were then what did you do as I am unable to get that going by just saying OK Google.
Haha, good show Robert ... I think you'll be remembered fondly for that pic!
Hi there, I do have a strong dislike for "Glasshole". Too negative a name, no matter how you see it psychologically. I look forward to the person that coins an awesomely positive name when I am wearing mine. Also, shower moment funny & you could have been eliminated from Exploring fun unless they told you something secret about water-resistance/proofing or you have two Glasses to utilize. Do look forward to Vlogging/Film development utilizing mine as an Explorer. Keep up the great information you are sharing, +Robert Scoble 
I actually am happy that they are focusing on making the Google apps more uniform across devices rather than adding more bells, widgets and Samsungesque gimmicks to Android.   These days,  phone OSes are largely stable and its all about the apps and more importantly, the cloud backing it up.    

What I especially love are the two big "read between the lines" messages.     (1)  The "big hug" of iOS users.   Yeah, I know that a lot of Android users hate this but I see it a different way.   Google is basically acting like one of those parasites that devour caterpillars from the inside.   They're making Google the cloud that iCloud may never be....and it's got to be killing Tim Cook.   (2)  The total diss of Windows Phone.   Windows Phone is relegated to the same 2nd class row of devices who can use Chrome instead of a first class mobile app.   Ouch.    This could come back to haunt them if MS manages to keep up in the Search, Map, Cloud apps area.    Whatever happens here,  it will be fun to watch them try.
I'm sure they're going to announce new Nexus hardware with 4.3 (or 5.0) in a few months, along with whatever Motorola has been cooking up.
+Robert Scoble
Everyone was focused on the shower pic comment from Larry to you, nobody realized you asked a great question ...keep up the great work...
I also started a dedicated GlassHole site & domains yourself I feel wearable computing is here to stay and we are just in the early stages...

+Robert Scoble thanks for the download. I only got bits and pieces today being busy shooting at, oddly enough, Google MTV.

Doing a satellite media tour with Google Friday at MediaOne (your fav place). I'll get the complete indoctrination then! 
When you come to San Antonio, I would love you to come out and wear glass on the roller coasters at SeaWorld. You know I could set it up if you are game +Robert Scoble 
My gut feeling is the first big Google announcement of the year will be ChromeOS-based. Since an on-screen keyboard just got added to Chromium, it's pretty clear a ChromeOS tablet/transformer is on the way -- probably Tegra 4-based. It wasn't ready for I/O, so everyone gets a Pixel to tide them over until the mass-market ChromeOS play is ready in a couple of months.
I found that the keynote this morning was mind-blowing in a different way. To me the keynote was about Google going back to basics and refining the product lines that Google has almost neglected. Android and their other mobile products have been getting revamps and updates constantly over the past couple years, but desktop versions pretty much haven't. So, I'm excited for these new things, because now I won't want to use my phone as much to use Google services.
I did LOL when Larry said he wasn't pleased seeing the photo of you in the shower with Glass :).
First to the mic, nice jockeying for position @Robert
I missed quite a bit of the show because of time zones, but is there a reason I saw no Sergey? What I did see was pretty mind blowing.
Larry was a real show downer... would have been better if he did not show up.
+Robert Scoble we haven't heard much about your Google I/O experience this year. Are you working on an exceptionally long report on that? I sure hope so!
+Robert Scoble well one way or another.. I still look forward to reading your take on the development going on there. On the keynote and the vision of Google you were witness to.
I was happy to see updated hardware x android versions absent...that's now what this was about. (And perhaps at the same time they put a semi-stop to tech fans signing up year after year to get the latest "free" tech , taking tickets away from true developers.)
If I were G, I wouldn't want to teach the press to expect hardware updates at a developer conference.... That talk Larry gave is exactly what they needed to convey at the show... Done quite beautifully actually.