Larry Page gave me heck about wearing Google Glass into the shower after I got to the microphones first this morning at the Google I/O 2013 keynote.

Me? I was shocked at what didn't come out.

No new news about Google Glass.
No new news about Android. Well, they did announce they have 900 million activations.
No major "blow your mind" demos and no one jumped out of any blimps the way they did last year.*

That said, the new voice search is quite nice, the new maps are much nicer, the Google+ improvements are awesome and should keep Mark Zuckerberg up at night for a few nights at least.

So, at the end of the day, a lot of new stuff important for Google and the industry but nothing really mind-blowing. *=yeah the voice search and photography improvements are pretty close to mind-blowing but, really, they didn't blow my mind but maybe that's because I just spent a day at SRI and saw some really mind-blowing things (more on that by this weekend).

One thing I was left wondering: did they pull Android announcements to wait to see what Apple and Microsoft do this next month? I wouldn't be shocked to hear Google announce more stuff shortly after Apple and Microsoft's big events.

Anyway, this will take you to the Q&A part of the Google IO keynote.

Oh, and to answer +Larry Page well, at least everyone now knows they are water resistant and can handle a little rain shower!
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