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This beats the Ponies anyday.
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SQUEE (that would be a Dalek All-Caps SQUEE)
I grew up in the 80s and that darn Pony show was big and surprised it's back!  this is the only incarnation of them I would buy. 
the new MLP show is done by the creator of the Powerpuff Girls. It's tooth-achingly pink, but otherwise it really is a decent show
Being an adult male, it's not my cup of tea.  No reason to have it on in my house.  Maybe if it was He-Man or Voltron or something like that...
ah, it's not my femaleness nor my age (I grew up in the eighties too). It's my female small people in my house.
I don't have those.  I have a small male in my house and he's into Doctor Who so he'd appreciate it this on that level.
Abby (9) will appreciate it on BOTH levels!
Mine's 9 and wouldn't be interested in the Ponies.  It's a boy thing.  LOL
LOL LOVE THIS!!!  i want this for christmas instead of that crappy talking horses with pictures of candy on their butts and rainbow manes
rainbow darlics are alot better then my little pony!!!:D
Omg...wonder what the doctor thinks ;)
LOVE IT! Crush. Destroy. Kill. Swag.>U<
heyy i dont see nothin wwrong wit that
It is the robots from Doctor Who....
...It's a direct reference...
THERE NOT ROBOTS! They are Daleks...
I couldn't take it seriously if one of those wanted to exterminate me..
Ima little dalek short and stout, here is my laser here is my mouth. When i scream watch me bow you up.
Hehehe... Have you guys heard the Dalek relaxation tape... Would go down a treat if you could have that recording inside a my little Dalek! 
hahahahahahahahahahaha to anthony del rosso
i would like to buy the blue dalek
aria L
i would like the white and purple
ya thaw
i would like the red
I know they're from Dr. Who-I was being smart-(not real smart-just joking-ok ...but they are cuter ...and I love watching Dr. Who !
I know dr. who is awesome!!! the ninth doctor is kinda weird lookig though
the ninth has a different look.  wearing leather jacket.  seems outta place.
yeah. i know, right?? I think the 11 doctor is kinda like... doctor looking ish.
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