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Looking for a perfectly themed, easy to deploy and well supported backend in rails? We highly recommend Dresssed. We had the pleasure of integrating this stunning design in one of our clients backends. It saves a lot of time, looks stunning, is responsive and makes the life of a developer so much easier! Certainly not the last time we used Dresssed. Check out their site and get your license: #RubyOnRails #Design #Themes #Coding #Rails

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So here is a neat way of converting annoying devise view, which are *.erb's by default into beautifully formatted *.haml's ! You coffee break has just gotten longer ! You are welcome.

#rails   #rubyonrails   #devise   #haml  

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A great, clean and effective way of customising TWBS Bootstrap-Sass in Rails! Your Web-Apps are going to look neat, clean and consistent within a minute ! 

#bootstrap   #rubyonrails   #webdesign   #rails   #webapplication  

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URI or URL? What is the accurate term to use ? ... Read only if you don’t mind being “that guy” !

#geeks   #geeky   #webdevelopment   #webdesign   #sciencesupercrew  

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Make sure you put your name on the list. We will be participating in the IoT event. Date & Time to be confirmed within the next few weeks ! We keep you posted.
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