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The time has come for Schemer to power down.

Schemer launched in beta over a year ago to help inspire and motivate people to do more awesome stuff, and though the app is shutting down, the adventures will continue. You can use the “Explore” section on Google Maps for Android and iOS to find interesting things to do around you, or Field Trip to uncover hidden or unique things in your city, among others.

All your schemes are available for download until February 7, 2014, after which all data will be permanently deleted. Follow these simple steps:

In the meantime, stay curious, ambitious, daring, and above all, stay adventurous; thank you for all your support on this journey!

-The Schemer Team
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Thanks +Schemer I enjoyed the ride. Made me get of my butt and do a few things.
Thanks for the great memories!
Would be nice if +Schemer could be a part of g+...
Like Events or Communties...
I liked the idea, but rarely used it because it was an extra service which wasn't available in my language, some things never worked well (suggestions for places to go at times when the places to go had closed and so on...) and hardly anybody knew about it, because it was never really pushed...
The links from and with G+ were also very bad...
It had VERY much potential, but it never used it, it's sad...
+Schemer you could have done so much more! Very disappointed that you're pulling the plug on this :(
Justin S
Thx +Schemer, I love the service. Did you guys pitch it to be integrated into Google Now? Would have been nice
Sorry to see you go and which the team all the best. 
Very sad to learn this, but I suspected it was coming. Google never really put this in front of enough people.
I have no idea what this is so that says a lot about the effort to put in front of people
Schemer had soo much sad to hear Google is pulling the plug.
Easier to quit than to listen to suggestions and turn it into something great...
So sorry to see you go! What a wonderfully diabolical concept!
Would love to see some of this pour into g+ and Google now! Was a great way to keep a bucket list. 
It is just a shame that setting up a G+ page was the limit of google actually doing anything to publicise the service. Ain't no way to run a business.
I loved +Schemer but I hate when the developers leave the projects that. The Schemer is a great thing that's I've never seen and it had everything to be successful. Anyway I loved Schemer. 
Shame, I really liked Schemer....  Wonder if something like this will appear in Google Now in the future....
bummer, it's a cool idea. Take it & iterate something stronger.
So long as it's integrated into G+, it's alright. +Schemer was a very cool experiment - it was never marketed properly though.
The problem with ADD Google is that... ooh shiny.
First Google did it to Google Reader and now is doing to Schemer.
Another killed "hidden project" that you never pushed up because it was mainly created as a test tool to collect some other type of user data.
Maybe you should wonder why a lot of your new projects never get adopted by the masses. Could it be because everyone knows it will be killed off within a year or two, so why bother?
Ironically, I did a search online for "inspirational things to do" and nothing came up. +Google you've really missed a trick here by killing off #Schemer. I know it's too late to reconsider so our comments are futile but just remember that you had a good thing here that you've thrown away :( issomething extrmely similar to this, those guys are still developing. 
aww man.. I'm too late to backup my schemes :'(
not my ideas are gone forever :(
x curiosità ki è stato il "geniaccio" ke ha avuto la splendida idea di escogitare una inutileStronzata cm Schemer ?!
forse la stessa testaDiKa220 ke cn le sue merdosissime manaccie sconvolge di quanto in quanto Youtube ?!
D1088888888888888880J4  !!!
I´ve just find out about it. I just went to set a new tasks and tick out the accomplished ones... Oh, I just don´t know how I keep myself active now. So sad, Schemer had to be the best idea internet had to offer lately.
realllyyyy... whyyyyy?!?!? :((((
now I lost all my bucket list :((((
whyyyyy?!?!?!?! :(((
Dead.. just like Wave, Reader, Knol, Aardvark and so many other good services they've bought and killed.
Hardly any notice to save our list. Missed it by 10 days.
It was a good idea and a neat service. An entrepreneur  must fill this gap. 
I hope a Schemer like feature get's added to Google+ Events. I need a way to rally my friends around things to do together which don't have a set date yet (= schemes) 
Less than a month to get your data out. That's lame!
It was a steaming turd. good riddance.
+Schemer was really important for me, cuz it has given me a lot of ideas to do and a lot ideas for my <a href="">blog</a> (so it was connected to Google Blogger for me)
Thanks for this good time
May #Schemer will come again
Hold your tears, Schemers! At Tonjy, we loved this buried gem so much, that we are going to kick the successor off pretty soon! Add  to your circles not to miss that!
#Schemer was a great idea. :) 

Thanks for the opportunities ya provided for me to know the world better and organize things I always wanted to do! :)
I have an idea: what if scientist GREW ivory? Bio-chem, chemist, nano engineers, all come together to create ivory replacement to save the elephant?
fantastic on schemer psoo!
I just read a articles from January talking about Schemer. It was the only reason I made an Google + account. I'll have to delete that s#!t now, no one I know use that Google + crap.
Hey +google and schemer will it work fantastically? which one is bad?
I lost all my schemes! Also, why? Why is it gone? I love schemer! So much better than 4 Square and other crappy apps like that! Schemer was the best! :'(
Thank you schemer gone but not forgotten. Let us know what your plans are especially when you are looking for testers again!
#schemer definitely should be back - as a part of Google+. It would definitely make G+ more awesome. Imagine a Hangouts-like integration. Like you go to G+ Local, read a review of a restaurant - and you can make a scheme for that. Or you read a post, see a photo of a place, etc, etc. It should be at hand to make newer and newer schemes.
great app, great idea .... shame ....
Scanning through my phone and saw Schemer app. Didn't realize the project shut down
If this was shut down years ago then why is the app still available in the play store? I understand that being Google and having all the storage means it doesn't matter to you, but like, come on. Please take down the app from the store.
please help me...about code nigerian country,cos someone want to lie to me..he said tthatbhe live in LA but why i see his phone code 234?
Its bad a lot of services from google dont keep long time. Im afraid of use them and one day Google decides to delete all data. I would like to keep using schemer
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