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TGIF Schemer Round-Up: SXSW Redux

Happy Friday, Schemers.

It's been quite a week for the team coming back with a bunch of fiendish ideas and new Schemer buddies after SXSW.

Thank you to everyone that came out to say hi, hear our +Schemer teamers talk about cool stuff you can do with Schemer, and adopt a couple blue little Android guys (

We are also continuing to make Schemer even better so you can round up the troops to accomplish cool stuff together. Did you rally any of your friends to accomplish some schemes yet? Let us know what you're scheming up to do this weekend!

Stay adventurous, Schemers. Have a rockin' weekend.
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WANT! .... I am making a scheme, to get one of those ... I will + you. :)
I have a spot reserved for a Schemer droid, if you have any left over. ;)
I want to be change my status on this Scheme to "I've done it" help me to do it! ;)
How can I get the Android in the pic?
Kong XY
Need one of those Schemer android... XD
That figure is amazing. Please give one away!
+Schemer I've managed to run through 120 invites so far. My account needs to be topped off again.
I am looking for an invite if anyone still has any.
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