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Cool new features: Photos, pretty photos

What's a cool scheme without some photos to make it more enticing?

Now when you search within Schemer, your search results will look more colorful while giving you more information about the scheme(s) you are eyeing.

See a scheme without a photo? Add one! Schemer lets you add pictures of your choosing to individual schemes by choosing from Google Image Search or uploading one yourself. (psst...schemes with pretty pictures seem to be pretty popular)

So go ahead, search "hiking" or "pizza" and start planning your weekend.

Happy Scheming!

Learn more about adding photos in Schemer here:
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Great update +Schemer . Please make pictures visible when i scroll through my schemes. Only way to see the pictures now is going into each scheme individually.

Thank you !
when will it be available on the iPhone? really. the only barrier to my adoption.
I always did like a visual Scheme
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