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Robert E. Schaff Ltd. Insurance & Real Estate
All your insurance and real estate needs in one place!
All your insurance and real estate needs in one place!



Robert E. Schaff Ltd. Insurance & Real Estate's Garett Robert Farrugia will be featured this Sunday on ESPN1520AM from 10am to 10:30am during Dale Martin's segment The WNY@Work-Business Marketplace. Listen in to hear about all the great things Robert E. Schaff Ltd. Insurance & Real Estate can do for you!

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Robert E. Schaff Ltd. Insurance & Real Estate’s Vice President, Garett Robert Farrugia, was presented the Innovation Award by Dino Fudoli, Town of Lancaster Supervisor, at the Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce Award Ceremony!

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Each year a larger number of American dog owners sign up for pet insurance. Others, however, aren't convinced it's worth it. If you're on the fence about pet insurance, ask yourself this question: If my dog were to be faced with a serious medical issue, would I spend a lot of money (in the thousands of dollars) to help her? If your answer is yes, getting pet insurance is probably a wise decision for you.
For a quote go to:
Make sure to use the code: INS0263C for a 10% discount!


March 31 may be a significant - and very expensive - date in your life. Don't know why? That is not unusual. Tens of millions of American do not, according to public opinion polls.

By the end of this month, many people are required to be signed up for Obamacare health insurance. Failure to do so means paying a tax intended to punish those who do not go along with the president's pride and joy.

At minimum, that tax is $95 per person in your family. That is the number some prefer to use.

But the tax actually is $95 or 1 percent of your income - whichever is higher. Millions of people who fail to comply with the Obamacare deadline will be paying much, much more than $95....If you miss the March 31 deadline, your next opportunity to enroll will be Nov. 15 - and your coverage will not begin till 2015.

So what do you do if you are required to have Obamacare insurance by March 31?

Call our office 716-683-7378 and ask for Garett!

-Article from Dunkirk Observer

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Complimentary food and beer
Courtesy of;   Jeff Jandzinski, AXA Advisors
Garett Farrugia, Robert E. Schaff Ltd, Insurance & Real Estate
Please RSVP to 683-7378 or 626-2539

Meet & Greet Happy Hour for
Friends and Clients of Robert E. Schaff Ltd.
Complimentary food and beer
Courtesy of;   Jeff Jandzinski, AXA Advisors
Garett Farrugia, Robert E. Schaff Ltd, Insurance & Real Estate
When:   Friday, April 4th
50 Central Ave
Time:  5pm – 7pm
Please RSVP to 683-7378 or 626-2539

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You are never too young to start thinking of your insurance needs! We have over a 100 companies to choose from, we will be the only insurance company you need for your entire life!

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Robert E. Schaff Ltd. Insurance & Real Estate
Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and properity in the New Year.
Please note our Holiday Schedule:
Tuesday, December 24th: Closed
 Wednesday, December 25th: Closed
 Tuesday, December 31st: Open 9 AM to 1 PM
 Wednesday, January 1, 2014: Closed
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Are you receiving STAR exemption?
You must RE-REGISTER to continue receiving the BASIC STAR Property Tax Exemption by December, 31st 2013!
All homeowners receiving Basic Star must register with the NYS Tax Department to receive the exemption in year 2014 and after.
SENIOR CITIZENS receiving Enhanced STAR property are not affected by the new requirement and do not have to register.
You can also reapply online at:
(If you do not have internet access, you can register by calling (518) 457-2036)
To complete the registration process, you will need the following:
-The STAR code at top of your notice.
 -The social security numbers of all the owners of the property (and their spouses).
-Wheather the 2012 combined income of resident owners and their spouses was $500,00 or less.
 -Information about any residency-based exemptions in other states received by any of the resident owners.
-Call (518)457-2036 or visit
From: New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

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Does Hitting a Deer Impact Your Insurance?
As far as auto insurance companies are concerned, hitting a deer is typically a covered loss. Comprehensive coverage provides this protection. It's not likely that your auto insurance rates will increase. You can help decrease your chances of a deer accident if you: Drive the speed limit, keep an eye on the side of the road, use your high beam headlights at night, if you see a deer slow down as a precaution, and don't swerve (the damage could be worse and if you get in an accident and don't hit a deer your insurance rates could increase). Make sure you have the coverage you need, let us do the shopping for you (over 90 companies)! If you would like a review of your insurance policies, call us at 716-683-7378.
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