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who is google it dammit lol ;D
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#akademy #KDE +Dan Vrátil​ Sandboxing KDE Applications
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+Scarlett Clark Who's the right person to start talking to about that? +Dan Vrátil?
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Welcome to Massachusetts (Wayland / Weston) by +Martin Gräßlin#akademy #KDE 
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Yes, I am to understand all will be available to view. 
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#akademy #KDE +Vishesh Handa
File Search across the board.
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#akademy #KDE +Andrew Lake​ I have visions, should I go see a doctor?
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Scarlett Clark

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#akademy #KDE +Àlex Fiestas​ On how Agile, TDD, CI and CD are the same.
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Akademy 2015 Group Photo The day today started out with showers of water drops as the late comers to Akademy waded their way amidst raincoated cyclists and residents of A Coruna sheltering themselves underneath coloured umbrellas.
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#akademy #KDE +Aleix Pol​ Going cross platform. 
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Scarlett Clark

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#akademy #KDE #Kubuntu s very own +Rohan Garg​​ and +Harald Sitter
Continous Integration Packaging.
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Scarlett Clark

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#akademy #KDE +Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen
Android apps on the desktop.
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Åkademy ;)

Seriously though. Looks like an interesting talk!
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#akademy #KDE +Lydia Pintscher​ Evolving KDE
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Very cool !
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Kubuntu: Statement from a not so important Kubuntu Developer. | Home of ...

First, I hate drama, no I loathe drama. I have refrained from much more than the occasional social share up to this point. I do however, sta

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Web Application Architectures - University of New Mexico | Coursera

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KDE: SoK Progress report | Home of Scarlett Gately Clark

This month has been very busy! I juggled the holidays with the following progress on my project: Resolved the docker SSH issue. Created and

KDE: SoK: Revamp the Continuous Integration system progress report. | Ho...

Wow. What a journey. Poor CMake, my Guinea pig, while I figured out how to get it all working. My quest is to accomplish : The continuous in

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In previous articles [1,2,3] Lukas Pustina has given an introduction to system-level virtualization with Docker. In this article I discuss 4

Kubuntu: KDE Plasma 5.1.1 Utopic backport ready and other news. | Home o...

Most important news first… :) After a lot of hard work and a substantial grilling in #ubuntu-meeting. I have finally achieved official Kubun

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Forthcoming Kubuntu Interviews ← Kubuntu Wire

Kubuntu 14.10 is due out this week brining a choice of rock solid Plasma 4 or the tech preview of Kubuntu Plasma 5. The team has a couple of

Kubuntu: KDE 4.14.2 Release ready in PPA | Home of Scarlett Gately Clark

We have finished packaging KDE 4.14.2 release. We have also backported to Trusty LTS! KDE announcement can be found here: KDE 4.14.2 Release

Kubuntu: KDE Frameworks 5.3.0 Now released to archive. | Home of Scarlet...

Frameworks 5.3.0 has finished uploading to archive! apt-get update is all that is required to upgrade. We are currently finishing up Plasma

Weta Uses Kubuntu for Hobbit ← Kubuntu Wire

Top open source news website TheMukt has an article headlined KDE's Plasma used in Hobbit movies. Long time fans of Kubuntu will know of pre

Kubuntu: KDE Plasma 5 beta 1 in next ppa ready for testers. Please read ...

We have finished packaging Plasma 5 beta 1 and it is in I am pleased that kactiviti

Kubuntu: KDE 4.14.1 on Trusty released. | Home of Scarlett Gately Clark

We are finally catching up! I am pleased to announce I finished backporting KDE 4.14.1 to Trusty Tahr and it is available in the Kubuntu bac

My first Akademy: My confrontation with my Shyness and my Overall Experi...

A few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to attend KDE's Akademy Conference for the first time. (Thank you Ubuntu Donors for spons

Kubuntu: Frameworks 5.2.0 Released and Plasma 5.0.2 is ready for testing...

KDE Frameworks 5.2.0 Has been released to Utopic archive! (Actually a few days ago, we are playing catch up since Akademy). Also, I have fin