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Scarlett Cannon
Horticultural Tutor, Healer, Writer, Model and Muse. Much more about me at
Horticultural Tutor, Healer, Writer, Model and Muse. Much more about me at

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Possibly good news for people like me......

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Canine & Companions
Maude and I were absolutely
delighted to be among the subjects of a recent photographic exhibition. ‘Canine & Companions - Women and their Dogs’ , a collection of beautiful images by dog-whispering photographer Andrew Lamb was held at Gallery Different in F...

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Best In Show
You will know from previous
posts how much I love a dog show, especially if it's a charity event. I'm so
proud of my little Maude and how well she has come on over the last 16 months
or so that I want to shout it from the rooftops and a dog show is a rather...

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Alive Laptop!
So my laptop is back and working again, though slowly. I won't heap praise on the nice boys who got it going or give them any free advertising because whilst I am fine with the work, and they were nice boys, the customer service was dreadful! It took almost...

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Dead Laptop
My laptop crashed and died a few weeks ago.  If the nice boys in the computer centre can get it going again I'll heap praise on them here and wherever I can forever more. Bear with.... I'll be back sometime, hopefully soon. Love Technology (when it works) H...

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Santa Paws Christmas Fair
A daytime social whirling date
I'm hoping to keep this weekend is the All Dogs Matter Christmas Fair in
Hampstead on Sunday. I will always support this
wonderful charity though my primary reason for going along this weekend is to
buy some ADM 2016 calendars...

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Why Everything Hurts
I can't believe it's been over
a month since I last posted on here.  Time
flies when you're not having a great deal of fun.  It's been a rough few weeks for me and Maude,
kicking off with me being confined to my bed for two days with a doozy of a
cold, more...

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The Anniversary
pic: Jonathan Faiers No, not the Bette Davis film by the same name but an anniversary even more fabulous for today Maude and I mark our
first anniversary together.  How amazing to
think that a full year has passed since my girl came to live with me.  Even m...

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What About the Wrens?
Just a quick one today, also following
things up, this time from July and a short  film post . The wrens who nested outside
my back door continued noisily feeding their chicks for about another 12 days or
so after I wrote about them during which time I watc...

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Dahlia Dilemma
I was having a quick look back
through this blog and noticed there are few things where I promise an update
and don't deliver.  Some are more important
than others but I do like to follow up on unhappy stories that come good in the
end. One such tale is tha...
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