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The ethical ticket exchange service

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Lets change the law on Touting - petition to Parliament

A petition has been launched, calling for enforcement of the Consumer Rights Act to protect music, arts and sport fans from touts.

Fans are being ripped-off by ticket resales. The Consumer Rights Act has not changed this. We demand that Parliament enact last year’s ticket resale amendment, which provides tougher sanctions for resale websites, and also require ticket resellers to reveal their identities.
On a commercial scale, touting deprives the Treasury of VAT, and performance copyright holders of royalties that should be paid on the mark-ups. It also denies artistes the ability to ensure their events are priced so anyone can attend.
If 100,000 people sign this petition it will go to Parliament. There are over 100,000 music, festival and gig-lovers in the UK, so please pass this on to your friends on social media.

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We’ve had a series of reports about a scammer, using a series of name:-

and others. He advertises tickets for sale, then takes the money and disappears.

He uses the bank account with
sort code 08-90-88
account 67008362
and the reference JJ252571D

One of the IP addresses he uses is
Doncaster College

He also uses Sky Broadband.

We’ve reported this scammer before, just over a year ago (see but he hasn’t stopped.

Someone must know who he is.

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Tell the Government what you think of ticket touts - they are seeking views.

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Scarlet Mist is midway through a major rebuild. Our new team has been working to bring you a new and better way of exchanging face-value tickets in the Mist. We are very interested to get your opinion on the things that you like and the things that you don’t, and we’re keen to get your views on features and changes that we could make. Are we doing enough about security? Does the site give you enough information? And we’d like your opinion on some of the new features that we are introducing.

It would be really boring to do this by asking you to fill out an online survey and we thought it would be much more fun to do it using online group video calls, using Google Hangouts (see if you’ve never used these before). We’d like to do this with 8 Scarlet Mist Users and two of us, so we can get a discussion going about and find out what you really think. And it will be nice for us to talk to some of you.

We have planned to do this on three occasions - the dates we have in mind are
Sunday 20th September
Tuesday 22nd September, and
Sunday 27th September

all starting at 8pm and all lasting for an hour max.

If you’d like to take part in one of these groups then please send an email to and we’ll add you to the list of participants. When you email us then please indicate which of the date(s) you can manage, and we’ll try to make them balanced. It would also help if you could tell us whether you are a regular or occasional user of Scarlet Mist, or if you’ve never used it but might do at some time in the future. 

Really looking forward to hearing from you

Mark Niall Pete and Richard.

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Sorry to say that there is a scammer alert -

We are overjoyed to announce that Scarlet Mist, the ethical face-value ticket exchange for gigs and festivals, has been relaunched. Three saviours have helped to get the site back online, and just in time for the summer festivals.

Scarlet Mist provides a free service for music fans with spare tickets for an event. It lets people trade tickets with one another at face value or less. It represents a community that resents ticket touts, a community that believes in collaboration and mutual help, and a community that campaigns and seeks change in the law to prevent profiteering and greed.

The four-strong team have relaunched the site as quickly as possible. A full rebuild and a redesign is planned. The team consists of:-

• Peter Main, a business consultant in finance and also director of a not-for-profit children’s community nursery.
• Mark Vick, a web developer with twenty years experience - a man of ethics who was actively involved with the Hackney housing cooperative movement back in the day. He is a keen guitar player and has played in a number of bands over the years.
• Niall Barclay, by day a structural engineer, pays the bills, but by night, his real passion is live music. He attended 15 gigs last month and with a projected figure of 100 gigs for this year alone, much of Niall’s time is spent in the battle to secure tickets, often, in the past, with the help of Scarlet Mist. Niall has strongly held views on ticket “resale” sites and profiteering at music fans’ expense - views that aren’t suitable to be expressed in polite company!
• Richard Marks, who founded the site in 2004, and works as a hospital doctor. Richard is passionate and enthusiastic about everything that Scarlet Mist stands for.

Scarlet Mist brings members of the community together, but right now we need to inform the community that we are back. Please help spread the news in any way that you can.

Welcome back to the Mist.
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