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How to - The fast way to ping an host range - linux
An intersting and really faster way to ping an external IP range: # for i in {1..254} ;do (ping 100.10.10.$i -c 1 -w 5  >ping.log && echo "100.10.10.$i is reachable." &) ;done  It will show only the reachable servers.

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How to Install Asterisk 13 on Centos 7
This guide is a quick memorandum on how to install Asterisk 13 on Centos 7.0 No repositories are available, so the better way is download the last Asterisk version from the offical git, and compile it following the standard procedure. During this post, thes...

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Java "window.opener" function support is back on IOS 7.0.3
What's mean?
This means that the navigation of your old vtiger 5.4 is back fully compatible on iOS, now the pop up list elements values returns on the main editing page.

We waited years for this.
Thanks Apple.

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vTiger Theme Area 2.0b
Version 2.0b Update:
- HD Monitor support, better font size
- Tablet* optimization, better font size, resolution adjustment (*Vtiger not fully work with Apple IOS systems)
- Fixed menu, now the template fix the top, left, and some specific menu.
- New altert window system, now all the alert windows full the screen (included the more menu).
- Right to left language support, now Area include the RTL package for all RTL languages (arabic, hebrew, etc..)
- Purple Email Client - The webmail client is fully rewrited for a purple skin
- Orange Calendar Client - The calendar client is fully rewited for a orange skin
- Dashboard green - The Dashboard component is fully rewited for a green screen
- Added support for third-party modules: Tsolutio Cobro-Pago, Tsolutio Timecontrol, Tsolutio Map, Its4you PDF Maker.

Vtiger 5.4.0 Security Patch Released
***April 2nd, 2012 UPDATE: Some users may experience performance issues after applying the security patch below. If you do experience performance issues, please download and apply this patch after applying the security patch.

As many of you are aware, Vtiger CRM Open Source 6.0 is still under development and is slated for a May release. For those currently using Vtiger CRM Open Source 5.4, we would like to recommend applying a new security patch, which fixes a series of vulnerabilities reported by Mr. Nick Freeman from and Mr. Egidio. The patch covers the following discovered vulnerabilities:

Local File Inclusion
Local File Deletion
SQL Injection
PHP Code Injection
Cross site scripting
Arbitrary File Upload
Authentication Bypass vulnerabilities(SOAP API’s)

1. Before deploying the patch

It is essential to have an available backup of your Vtiger installation in the result of any errors. To do this, create a copy of the entire Vtiger folder, and place it in a different location. As there is no database change in this particular case, a database dump is unnecessary.

2. Obtaining the patch files
Download the patch files from:
Vtiger Link

3. Upload the patch files to your Vtiger CRM 5.4.0 folder

4. Extract the patch files to that directory, overwriting any files as necessary
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