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Only Google could get me to join a social networking site...
Only Google could get me to join a social networking site...

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Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤️✌🏿️

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This is crazy! And in Virginia, too?! This is waaay too close to home for me, literally and physically. And the shooter is not yet charged nor identified, and wasn't supposed to have a gun in the first place?!

You wondered, "What's next?" Well, here's your answer.
Your complacency and anti-blackness didn't save you.
Your denial and dismissal of black people's pain and suffering didn't protect you.
Your acceptance of an unchecked and unpunished police-state didn't shelter you.
You claim we were sensitive and divisive.
We tried to warn you.
You picketed for Peter Liang, wanting him to have the same privilege to kill as his white counterparts.
We tried to warn you.
You empathized with Zimmerman, criminalized Mike Brown, and trivialized BLM.
We tried to warn you.

We tried... 😞

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This is an amazing story that isn't told. Cross-cultural intersectionality way back in the 16th century! Although the exchange is less than favorable (a slave changing hands), his story of a court accessory becoming a samurai is still extraordinary.

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Guess who's finally registering to vote...

No sympathy for Voldemort (Trump) supporters who are now complaining. It's literally this: "Waiter! This is wrong! I ordered a medium-well rib eye and got the medium-well rib eye!"

We tried to warn you.

Chrisette Michele...I hate to say it, but you're dead to me. Unfortunately, both you and Steve Harvey can both suffer indefinitely for your choices.

#HowManyMoreWillBeCutOff ?

I'm really confused...

Over half of white women who could vote voted for Trump, but they hold a multi-city rally to protest him?

And then are angry that WOC wants real solidarity, claiming our cries for equality as an "intersectional torture chamber"?

Yet they want men and WOC to take them seriously as well as fight FOR them, but are notoriously silent when it comes to issues outside the cishet white woman's gaze?

Am I missing something here?

Oh yeah, I forgot. #privilege

Silly me.

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Question: Has anyone installed faux dreads without using a crochet method? If so, how did you stop it from unravelling? That part is literally driving my crazy!

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Finally finished my faux dreads! #ReadyForWinter #ButNotWinterWeather
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