How to know if your franchise business should have its own social media presence.

Question 5: "Does your business benefit from a close relationship between franchise owner and customer?"
Franchisors should approach social media with the same level of attention and definition as other marketing strategies.
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If you can support a hyper-local message then yes; people like to be a part of something but unique. If you are just going to regurgitate what the parent company has already posted then I say take a pass and spend your energy elsewhere.
Agreed! It also depends on the corporate office's understanding of social media. If they have rules that will restrict you from being yourself on these platforms, demand that you post only their material, etc., there's not much point in getting involved.

We are happy to work with many Home Instead Senior Care franchise offices. While we do respect the corporate image and maintain a certain feel, we find they give their franchise offices a lot of leeway, and that allows us to be effective.
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