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Powerful Replay of "GRN Invitation" webinar

Greetings from Mark Hoverson,

We have a powerful replay for you to show your prospects
on the details of our product and payplan. After this webinar,
several people decided to join (Hint: its works great as a
recruiting tool).

Feel free to watch it yourself and invite your prospects to
watch it and get back with you for final questions before they
purchase their membership:

***Also, top GRN leaders (Eric Wilkes and Brenda Gagne)
are hosting the "GRN Lifestyle Solution" opportunity webinar
on Thursday, March 15 at 9pm EST (click to register):

This webinar will show the details of our product, the power
of our payplan, plus have testimonials from product users
and insights from those building their GRN business as affiliates.

***Finally, the release of our new 36-min retail video has
been impressive. This is another tool that will demonstrate our
product over and over. Enjoy:

Let's have another fantastic week sharing the life-changing
benefits of our travel product, and the high-octane commissions
of our payplan.

Mark Hoverson
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