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Sawyer Rosenstein
A space'd out space geek whose spacey life revolves around space. Oh
A space'd out space geek whose spacey life revolves around space. Oh

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Even more stunning when you view the full-size photo, Atlantis launched one year ago to the day, July 8th. This was one of the shots taken by my dad while I broadcast live (my profile picture is me broadcasting moments after launch). #STS135

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1 year ago, on July 7th, 2011, I was at Pad 39A in front of Atlantis less than 24 hours before she launched. Here's one of my favorite wide-angle pad shots showing the bird and the ominous clouds as a stunning backdrop #STS135

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I was honored to be a part of this show today. It's a great program with great people. Thanks for having me on!
Weekly Space Hangout for May 3, 2012

Here's the final, edited version of today's Weekly Space Hangout. A big thanks to +Amy Shira Teitel and +Sawyer Rosenstein for joining us for the first time. You did a great job!

And thanks to +Alan Boyle, +Emily Lakdawalla, +Ian O'Neill, +Jason Major for showing up and reporting the news.

And a special congratulations to the newly minted Dr +Nicole Gugliucci.

In this episode we talked about asteroid mining, SpaceX delays, Shuttle retirement, killer black holes, supermassive planets (aka brown dwarfs), Enceladus/Dione flybys, and missions to Jupiter.

I hope you agree, it was one of our best episodes yet.

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With the recent landing of Discovery, I thought I'd re-share my article I wrote for Boing Boing after seeing STS-135, the final shuttle mission

This was an actual tweet from Chris Ferguson referring to the photo I just posted ( ...@Astro_Ferg: @thenasaman You beat me nasaman. Thanks for sending the was great meeting you today....Chris

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Had a great time meeting the crew of STS-135 today. I met all of them, but here is a great picture of Chris Ferguson, Sandy Magnus, Doug Hurley, and I. We are laughing because Chris tried to tweet a picture, but it was too dark, so he had all of the press take the photo at the exact same time to act as a flash, and everyone did it and it didn't work.

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As seen on Meat Loaf's actual Facebook page with the caption: "Failure is not an option!" Just ask my new friend Sawyer. I'm on top of the world right now!

Remember Google Wave? The must-have invite around town which went...nowhere fast. Let's see if Google + is the same, although the feedback is much more positive for Plus than Wave

Today, we remember the first moon landing 42 years ago. Tomorrow, we remember another program which defined our nation for 30 years as Atlantis lands ending the space shuttle program

Wait, so Google + for iPhone is really only for iPhone and not iPod Touch? That's just messed up. 
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