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Savvas Dalkitsis
Senior Software Engineer at Shazam
Senior Software Engineer at Shazam

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I love the simplicity of this launcher!

I was wondering if there is a way to add shortcuts to your input sources like HDMI-AV etc. I am not using my remote control with my TV (using a bluetooth keyboard) and I miss being able to switch to my consoles from the home screen

Can someone PLEASE tell us how to get this player to scrape mythbusters episodes? Nothing works! Tried naming like S01E01, doesn't work, tried naming S2003E01, doesn't work, tried putting custom nfo files with the season, episode and tvdb ids for all the episodes(!) nothing works!

Support on this page is terrible. Replies are very very rare

I can't seem to be able to add new files into my library anymore all of a sudden. The files are shared via SMB, I can play them just fine if I navigate to the folder via the app and press play, but when I press "Add to library" nothing happens and also pressing the button to scan the SMB share manually does nothing. It updates the last time scanned but doesn't actually scan anything (the progress bar is not even displayed when it used to)

SONY BRAVIA android tv

Any updates on whether the bug where a show or movie is scrobbled 3 times on, messing up our stats, is going to be fixed? (archos player on android tv BRAVIA)

It would amazing if Archos Video Player would handle the Media-Next signal on Android so we could navigate between episodes of Shows, either while watching or when in the episode list screen

Scrobbling to marks a show or movie as being watched 3 times in a row, with 1 minute difference between them. This is messing up with my stats on the site. Can this be fixed?

This is a general problem with many media info parsers from what I can tell online.

The player has problems fetching info for Mythbusters episodes. It will find episodes named like so:

Mythbusters S01E01

But no metadata will be fetched and no scrobbling will take place.

It seems that themoviedb has a naming scheme for seasons by year, but searching by name like so yields nothing:

Mythbusters S2003E01

Any ideas on how we can get Archos to be able to retrieve the data and scrobble correclty?

Latest version broke getting subtitles automatically. Selecting the button does nothing (Sony Bravia Android TV)

Post has shared content

Post has shared content
To all of  #AndroidDev  who are asking: yes, we will have a 'material support library' and you'll be unsurprised to hear that it's an (massively) updated appcompat-v7.

In fact, you've already been using it in the various app updates from the past few weeks (Play Store, Newsstand, etc).

I won't say anymore now, but rest assured that it's a comprehensive update.
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