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Save the Children Australia
To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children.
To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children.

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If there's one thing you do today, watch this incredible ‪#‎AustraliaDay‬ speech from defence lawyer, refugee and former child-soldier Deng Thiak Adut.

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Happy Friday everyone! How many of you have visited Laos…?
My name’s Suzanne and I was lucky enough to go there in March. I went to see the work we’re doing to keep newborn babies safe – and while there, I filmed a few short videos to show you what I was seeing, who I was meeting…and the work you can make happen.
Here’s the first one.

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We asked four women to read a story, to see if it’s really possible to step inside someone else’s experience. What happened next is unforgettable.
Watch what happened.


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Join the national call to #LetThemStay this evening - rallies happening in most capital cities around Australia.


The tide is turning as more and more people stand up on this issue. Join the movement!

Thanks to our friends at GetUp! and Human Rights Law Centre for their great work in putting on these events.

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More worrying reports from our team on the ground that over 10,000 children who entered Europe during the last two years have disappeared, vanishing through the gaping cracks in Europe’s chaotic system for dealing with refugees and migrants. Many of the missing children have been trafficked into the sex trade by the same organized criminal groups that are ferrying refugees into and across Europe.
In addition, many children are believed to have fled detention centers, where they do not feel safe and are too often kept in the dark about their rights. Some are teenage boys, many from Syria and Afghanistan, who have been sent ahead by families hoping to join them later. Once on the streets, they are easy prey for drug dealers, pimps or petty theft rings. Younger children and adolescent girls are also at great risk of sexual and other abuse.
Some children may have become separated from their families along the routes refugees take through Europe after landing in Greece or Italy. Others arrive in Europe as unaccompanied minors - more than 26,000 last year.
This crisis is not going away. Learn more and find out how you can help our humanitarian team's response at

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This is no ordinary year in Ethiopia. It is a "code red" situation as a result of the worst drought in 50 years. Millions of people are in need of emergency food assistance and the Famine Early Warning System Network is projecting a large scale food crisis. Our staff on the ground are shocked at what they're seeing - this crisis is really escalating fast.

Here Neima*, two years old, is pictured with her Mum Ayan*, 41. Ayan is a mother of six children displaced from her home because of the drought. She and her family moved to a displaced persons camp to access food aid and water after most of her family’s livestock died. 

We are on the ground in #Ethiopia, delivering life saving aid. However, funds pledged by governments and donors will not be enough to cover this immense humanitarian crisis and time is running out to secure food aid for the next few months. To learn more and help our team out, go to

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Thank you to the thousands who stood with us tonight. On behalf of the 267 people whose future is under threat. On behalf of all those who’ve fled war and oppression. Tonight, you were on the right side of history. ‪#‎LetThemStay‬
Find out more:
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Breaking news: Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government have offered to #LetThemStay

"Victoria stands ready to assist and care for the children and their families... A political argument is of no benefit to them."

The pressure is on Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton to now do the compassionate thing and intervene to allow these children and families to stay in Australia.

Join the call for compassion -

#refugeeswelcome #kidsout

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Five years of war have robbed millions of Syrian children of their education. At last night’s pledging conference the Australian Government fell far short of contributing our fair share to the humanitarian response. We can and must do so much more to protect and support Syria’s children.
Like and Share this post if you agree that it's time for us to stand #withsyria

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The Zika virus has been declared a global public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) today, with millions of cases expected across the Americas. The rapidly spreading mosquito-borne virus has caused brain abnormalities in thousands of babies in Brazil, the host of The Olympic Games this year. Here are 6 key facts you need to know about the Zika virus.

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