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A huge thank you to all of you who've signed our Syria petition so far. We now have more than 27,000 signatures from around the world - but as today marks a year of violence in the country, we'd like your help again to spread the word and get more people to sign. It's time for the violence to stop and for aid to be allowed in to help families there.

Please watch and share this first-hand account from Lebanon, where we've been able to help children and families who've made it over the border. Together, we can prove just how much public support there is for the children of Syria.
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Hard to believe this has been going on for so long.
Thanks for that great work of saving millions of children through out the world. Here at Kalambi community outreach project a non profit organization found in central Uganda would like your support for its struggle to help orphans, disabled and vulnerable children, get food, shelter, clothing, scholastic materials and advocacy. Thanks for your support. you can follow us on Facebook also.
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