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Save the Children UK
We save children's lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfil their potential.
We save children's lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfil their potential.


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#DenDay is this Friday!
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No child should have to risk their life in -16C weather.
But it's happening to child refugees in Serbia, right now.
READ to find out more.

Article via The Independent

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It's that time of year: Christmas Jumper Day's almost here! Sign up now and get your free fundraising pack:

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Dr Elizabeth Kilbey from Secret Lives joins us for a very special experiment!
Every child deserves the best start in life. But right now too many children, especially boys, are falling behind before they even get to school.
Together we can change this. Join us now:

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Like and share if you agree: this shouldn't happen to any child, anywhere >>

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Will you help us reach every last child?

The world has made incredible progress for children over the last 25 years - malnutrition is down and more children are in school. But that progress hasn't been fair. Millions of children have been forgotten.

Forgotten because they live on the street or discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity or disability.

If we are ever going to end extreme poverty, these are the children we must reach now.

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250,000 children are living in terror in Syria's besieged areas - struggling to get access to electricity along with the food and medicine they need to survive.
Our teams are on the ground, working to deliver lifesaving aid. Although a cessation of hostilities was brokered last month, allowing more aid to get through, vulnerable families in besieged areas are receiving "only a fraction of what is needed".
Read this article from +Sky News to find out more.

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Over half of Syria’s children are out of an education – because of a senseless conflict they did nothing to start. 
Education is a right. It brings hope for the future. That’s why we’re calling on world leaders to commit to getting every Syrian child back into education. 
They’re gathering for a summit on 4 February to raise the money necessary to meet humanitarian needs. 
Help us spread a message so loud they can’t ignore: don’t let these children’s futures disappear:

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#XmasJumperDay is almost here!
Sign up now to do your bit in a Christmas knit >

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Is universal health coverage fantasy or reality?

Join our live hangout with GSK now to find out more - and how we're helpign to make healthcare accessible for all.
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