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The currencies are not refreshing. Every exchange rate is at 1.0 the default value.
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Savant Krishna

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Savant Krishna

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Microscopic robot hands.

Extreme Tech (13 Feb 2015): "Robots are getting more nimble and clever all the time, but the fundamental difficulty in creating robotic hands has kept them from being useful on the small scale. To operate in confined spaces, you need a machine to be less clunky and more flexible than current mechanical constructs. That’s where the emerging field of soft robotics comes in. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have created a new type of microscopic gripper from flexible materials that could one day aid in drug delivery or surgical procedures."

Scientists have created microscopic robotic grippers that could travel the body to release drugs and remove tumors that would otherwise be inaccessible.
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Savant Krishna

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Savant Krishna

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Awesome trail so close to the city!

#capitalcitytrail   #melbourne   #biking  
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Savant Krishna

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Savant Krishna

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You will be hypnotized:
About. What the hell is this? This observational pastime hopes to evolve walking creatures through genetic algorithms. Who comes up with these names? The names are generated based on each creature's genome. Since the genetic algorithm tends to produce creatures with similar genes, two creatures ...
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Savant Krishna

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See the path that Pepper, the robot with an “emotion engine,” took from concept to consumer product in Japan.
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Savant Krishna

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Hiking the Tanglefoot trail in Toolangi State Forest

Awesome Rainforest and Fern trees!
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Savant Krishna

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More on this really cool cyborg ;-)
40 years ago, Leslie Baugh lost both of his arms at the shoulder in an electrical accident. Just a few months ago, he became the first bilateral shoulder-level amputee to simultaneously control two prosthetic limbs with his mind. Baugh…
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  • Google
    Contract Developer (GSoC), 2014 - 2014
    Working with the organization PCL (Point Cloud Library) as part of Google Summer of Code 2014 program. PCL is an open source 3D computer vision library. The project blog is at More details about the project at :
  • Carnegie Mellon University
    Visiting Scholar, 2013 - 2013
    Researching sensor based methods for aerial vehicle perception, localization, and planning.
  • Google
    Contract Developer (GSoC), 2012 - 2012
    Student developer in the program 'Google Summer of Code' Add functionality to GNUCap ( under 'The GNU Project'
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