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Same Old Blog. Fresh New Home.
Stop what you're doing and get over to the new blog design at . All the old posts are there, along with a fresh new look and new great things to see. Onward and upward! 

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Snack Good #FeelGooder
I'm not too proud to admit there's quite a few things I'm not good at. Some of the biggest on the list include leaving my house on time (for anything), eating in moderation, drinking enough water and prepping for the next day. I could be good at those, but ...

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Flipped Kitchen
The last room to share in my sister's flipped house in the kitchen. This one probably had the most dramatic change and I am in love with everything about it! The initial plan was to keep the old cabinets and give them a good cleaning, after a while it was c...

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Flipped Bedrooms
My sister's "new" flipped home has 3 bedrooms overall. The smallest of the three has become a Man Cave for her husband Jon. Because of that, we totally had to girl-up the guest room to balance it all out, right? Besides the kitchen, this is probably my favo...

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Flipped Man Cave
One of the first rooms you see when going down the hall in my sister's house has become a low-key Man Cave. This is the smallest of the three bedrooms and it seemed like the perfect little spot for video gaming and game watching! Originally, the room was a ...

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First Day of School | Year 3
Most first-day-of-schools I make my grown teacher-husband take a picture with a little "1st Day" sign, just like all the cute kindergarteners that fill our facebook feeds all day. Well, lucky for him, he got out of the picture this year. Since he's coaching...

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Flipped Living Room
Just inside the newly painted gray bricks on my sister's house is this cute, cheerful, colorful living room. It is just an instant fresh and light feeling when you walk through the front door. She's still missing a couch for now, but I'm still so in love wi...

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A Bright Yellow Door
While my parents and sister have had the summer off of work (must be nice, teachers), they have actually been a whole lot busier than I. A few months back when it was clear that my sister Bethany and her husband Jon would be moving to my hometown, my parent...

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Royers Pie Haven
Through my Yelp searches looking for some dessert in Austin a couple weeks ago (because it's the most important meal of the day), I came across Royers Pie Haven. I'm so glad we went, you guys! It is truly the cutest little place with so many quirky and vint...

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"Acute Kidney Failure"
If you asked me about a phrase such as that, I'd think of a very sick person. A very old person. Someone who has been in the hospital a lot. I never thought I'd be hearing that my healthy 26-year-old husband was suffering from it as we finally made it to th...
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