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Custom URLs for profiles and pages: a first step

Your Google+ profile is a place for you to share your passions with the millions of people who come to Google each day. Whether you're a clothing brand showing off your latest fashions (, an athlete talking about the game (, or an actor recalling a favorite role (, your Google+ profile helps you connect with the people who share your interests. Today we’re introducing custom URLs to make it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+.

A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+. For instance, +TOYOTA  can now use to unveil their latest models, +Britney Spears  can share her upcoming appearances at, +Ubisoft  can share game trailers and videos at, and +Delta  can help travellers find great deals at

Custom URLs will also be available to people and pages worldwide, so brands like Globo can point readers to, or any of their other Brazilian publications.

At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!

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Would be a nice change in pace, then, if those who were "verified" as profiles before G+ would/could become verified again. Just because someone doesn't collect followers like pokemon cards doesn't mean they're less "real".
How does one get verified in the first place?  I would love this for the event I plan happening in October.
100% agree with +Jonas M Luster . More importantly, having 10000s of circlers doesn't make you any more "real" - very easy to game follower/circler counts.
Mike Wood
what is the timeframe for this?  If it is like the 12midnite pick your custom URL that facebook did, it certainly won't be fair if this is rolled out to some verified people and not others first.

I would like to be verified as well. (hint)
The additional injury to the insult is that in order to get verified in the first place I had to send documentation to Google. Which I willingly did. Now the "A-List" gets free verification while those who did the work previously got stripped of theirs. It truly pays to be a slimy self-marketer, I guess.
Definitely excited about this, both personally and professionally. Will we be able to specify our custom URL, or will it be auto-assigned? For instance, on Google+ my full name is 'Ricky Cadden', but pretty much everywhere else on the internet, I'm known as 'rcadden'. 
Awesome! can't wait for vanity URL :D
Yeah, y'all can go ahead and verify me as well.  Trust me; I am 100% certain that I'm DeAno Jackson.
In Internet the Germans are often in the second row... Hopefully you pick some of us to verify soon. Me = Frank Schulz = the real one
Great news, but I think it would be better if links looked like this: - the "+" symbol is here, it means that the page is not part of Google, but Google+ - you don't need the "+" symbol here, because it's obvious that the page belongs to G+, typing the symbol makes it take more time and you need to use "shift" key to do so, by removing it from the link you make it easier and more intuitive to get to pages

+Saurabh Sharma Please forward my proposition to the rest of the team, it's really for better!
YES! This is excellent news. Made my day!
+Rahul Roy - that only works for corporations. Not everyone is a "brand" or wants to sell/market things. Some of us do really nice work outside and don't have to shill their warez like they're at a glorified online tupperware party.
This is great news! I can't wait to get mine :) Thank you Google+ team!
I hope this doesn't turn into another gold rush.
This is great news - how do I find out when I have access to it?  Still using myself :)
Can't wait till this is released, I don't understand why this was not available when +Google+ was first released a year ago. It's kind of cumbersome to not be able to easily hand out your google+ url, unless you use 
YAY Thank you Google... Been waiting for this :D
This is great news. Much needed improvement! Short URLs for business and personal pages will make a huge difference. 
So when will it be available for verified profiles? I can't see anything yet to create a custom URL :-) Anyway finally a step into the right direction (I knew it was coming ;-) )
Everybody is missing the bigger scheme of things. :-) now try putting +HUGO BOSS in Google and it gives you auto complete for their profile page. This partially closes the loop for plus(+) handles.

Only thing missing now is auto complete for plus handles in +Google Chrome omni-box. That would close the loop fully.
CC: +Sundar Pichai 

Great to see! 
Great but,... How become a verified profile ?
This is excellent news! Thanks +Saurabh Sharma! BTW, how will we know when our profile is eligible for a custom URL?
I would love to get his. I am the 3rd most followed in Ireland and this would help so much.
I thought searching in Google for a vanity plus handle like +hughjackman was supposed to take you directly to their Google+ Profile.
Nice, but, just for verified users? There has to be a better way to encourage people to adopt it rather than ‘they were big somewhere else, lets give them MORE’
seriously. can't wait. hurry up! :D
Patiently waiting to be able to get my vanity url. I'm excited because my name is so common in Latin America.
I work for a company that has several valuable brand names and profiles that already exist on Google Plus. They aren't, however, verified. Why aren't we able to register those unique brand URLs right now along with the Britney Spears and Hugo Bosses of the world? Will we have to race against someone who has no connection to the brand to get the vanity URL? This system just seem so subjective and unfair.
So where do you look to see if it is active for you yet? This will be amazingly helpful to me on several levels! 
Doesn't seem to me like they released a system as of yet... or how it will be rolled out..  Of course they are going to start by do some testing with some major accounts first... Im sure google has it covered.. :)
Please verify my account. I have a troll that is going on a hell bent rampage on me for no reason saying I have duplicate accounts. 
Good move and one that is really needed. I hate the whole id thing and its really not good branding for companies to have a log id that doesn't have any meaning.  It's also a pain to remember and market.
So EXCITING, +Saurabh Sharma!  This will help make promoting my G+ profile SO much easier!  Something that will actually fit on show flyers and promo materials will be super cool! :)
+James Allen +Aaron Kasten This is from Natalie, the google+ community manager, "We only verify people with highly impersonated names, trademarked names, or people who will appear on the Suggested User List."
I like the fact that they are taking this slow and letting high profile people get on first. I also hope they have a plan before opening the floodgates too. so that we don't have, then, etc the way twitter is now with people taking the names of celebs just to have them then the high profile person needs to make a different one... 

It also brings in another issue with people with the same name. Are we going to have, then, +johnsmith2, etc

It might have to get just as ambiguous as screen names but at least it is a start in the right direction from :)
Verified user here. Where do I sign up? (Oh...I'm not a famous pop star. Well, cover me with Dippity Doo and call me Lady Goop Goop!)    ;-)  j/k!
Wow, this is a great update. I really wish that normal users (like me) could use this feature as well.
This is a great move to help the SMB's out there to properly utilize all the tools G+ has to offer...

Thanks +Google+!
Lets hope Google follow through with this not like they did with verified only verifying the celebs and the Technorati but I won't hold my breath.  
Well, got my own vanity-url for Google+ already ever since.

There's a nice site suppoting vanity-urls for G+:

A vanity-url would look like (that one pointing to my profile)

So if you don't want to wait until Google gets their butt moving or doesn't want to verify your nick, you might want to give a try ;)
I manage a verified page, when is going to be possible to get the custom URL? Thanks!
This doesn't tell us anything. We all knew that vanity URLs would be made available, what people want to know is when.
That's sad. that's like racism. Why are they getting first chance? maintain equilibrium. They are not among the first people to join google+.
+Colin Walker yes me to i look after a number of very high profile sies woudl love to know how we go about getting vanity urls.
that's great. now it's time for Google to make it possible to mention some one without using the whole name, don't know if they already did. for some reason that irritates me. What do you think +Saurabh?  (instead of +Saurabh Sharma: , see?  ) 
I still don't have this feature. It;s really a basic, fundamental feature, people expect it -- but we don't have it here.
Honestly I hate the + in the URL. I think it is a mistake.

I prefer my old profile URL

I am speaking at 10 Meetups this week talking about G+ for businesses.

There is simply no way I could shout a URL with a + sign in it and not have to explain to use the symbol, not the "plus" spelling Google themselves used in the URL for G+. This is a confusing bad move guys.
I don't want to argue this all day, but as a Internet marketer that has made his living online for almost 13 years, I would NEVER EVER use a character like + in a domain.

The first thing we all learned when we registered our first domains was to use a domain that can be shared by word of mouth.

So tell me +Louis Gray how do you spell +? plus OR + ???

This is yet ONE MORE reason Google does not understand the real world and expects to create conventions that NO ONE else uses.

Now we have yet one more thing to try to educate everyone on about G+, and frankly, after 4 years of teaching Google Social, I am tired of Google making it so hard.... 
That is the problem, there is too much to educate people about on G+ now +Alizée Rait and I can't shout that URL verbally, NO ONE ever goes to those websites you write down for people on cocktail napkins either.

And 80% or the real world has to idea what the address bar is in a browser either.
Finally, but bottom line you still need to optimize your profile and help Google understand that you are the +Ashley Esqueda that should rank out of the different Ashley Esqueda's out there. I found over 10 on Facebook!
I like the +username idea.
Putting @username in a .sig or on a business card is enough for people to find you on Twitter.
Soon +username in a .sig or on a businesscard will be all that you need for people to find you on Google+
People will recognise the leading + like they recognise the leading @ now :)
Shoot me in a custom URL invite. Please.
+Alizée Rait putting +Alizée Rait into the address bar also works. No need to include the words Google Plus. Without the leading + your G+ profile is no longer the first match.
What +Steve Coles said, +Chris Lang. There was a day when marketers would have advised that people didn't know what the @ sign was for either (personally, I don't care because I'm not here to market myself anyway).
I would like an invite too please
+Jonas M Luster I'm with you on this. It is insulting that real people who aren't celebrities have to go through all kinds of nonsense to get "verified". Twitter and I have been battling about this for the longest.  

Hey Google+ as much as I praise your service to others, I should at least get the courtesy of being verified. Sheesh! 
+Adrienne Graham - even worse, I can point out half a dozen of users whose name is NOT their name. Not even a long used pseudonym. Just one of a number of alters they use on G+. If they can be verified, why can't my, real, actual, name be?
Can't wait till this is rolled out. While I do not have a verified profile? It will still be great.
+Adrienne Graham Absolutely agree with you, it's always the same first the big fishes then all that participate and bild communities. 

Who thinks that the person who writes in any celebrity page is the celebrity in person... Come on! 
As with many items, this should have been rolled out a long time ago... along with a decent API.
Finally! but again not for everyone!!
Очень даже не плохо
I guess don't be evil doesn't mean don't be hierarchical.  Surprise - the big brands get preferential treatment :-(
Will loyal, long term Google users with vanity profile names be able to keep the same vanity name for their G+ profile?

+Steve Coles if this leads to my G+ posts what else I would want?
(Ok, I am using Gmail since 2005 - that should make me long term user; but what makes me a loyal user? )

+Saurabh Sharma 

I am with +Paweł Fydrych - you don't need the "+" symbol here, because it's obvious that the page belongs to G+, typing the symbol makes it take more time and you need to use "shift" key to do so, by removing it from the link you make it easier and more intuitive to get to pages

Please forward this proposition to the rest of the team, it's really for better!
No one in their right mind would register a domain with a symbol that could be also spelled out. NO ONE!

So why does +Google+ Developers think I want one for Google+? Insanely poor work here.

But my profile URL from the Gwave days still works.

But then subdomains work about as well as URLs that have spelling problems.

Lastly, no reason why our old URLs from the Gwave days stop working, since they are not issuing any more of those. That stopped since +Danny Sullivan gave the email handle revealed stuff such a bad rap during the Google Buzz days / lack of privacy bandwagon.
Why is it a limited release? If I already have account, just let me use it... :(
+Kjell Thomas Pedersen there is a big difference between you and I and what a business needs. A business does not need to educate users, a business needs to do business. We have enough to educate our users on already, we do not need more.

So if G+ and these profile URLs are for businesses then they need to server businesses easily and quickly, not the other way around.
How do you verify someone or something? IDs please?
+Bobby Cruz They used to verify profiles via a one cent debt card auth or a automated call to a public published phone number. That is how I got my profile verified in 2009.

That has been pulled now when G+ launched. So now we wait for something else.

I am more worried about biz profiles than personal though.
If I go to Mountain View and prove I exist, will that work +Chris Lang .  Because I'd totally do that.  Any reason to go to the Bay Area lol
I've been verified since August, 2011.  How do I get my URL?
Back when custom URLs were available to us in 2009 +Bobbi Jo Woods it was based on email handle.

Mine is

That may be available to you as well if you set that up then or we all just wait to become famous enough for a + URL :]

Hugh Jackman I ain't.
Cool, that is good enough for me for sig files in email and the like +Bobbi Jo Woods but sub domains are just about as easy to share verbally as non standard URL characters.

But I will take what I can get. People have always been impressed with a URL on a Google domain :]
I have been thinking a lot about this lately, and remember when +Ashton Kutcher and +CNN International raced to 1 mil Tweeps in 2009? That single event brought TT and FB to mass consumption. Oprah and others embraced shouting the now expected "Follow me on...." blurb every newscaster now repeats endlessly.

Well if CNN began to display on screen a URL that would go a long way to beginning the education. 

If we could get major media channels to do the educating for us that would go a long way to doing a job that no one should have to begin with.

I would love to hear what a real media personality like +Sarah Hill has to say about this?
+Bobby Cruz We dropped into the GooglePlex in 2009 back when we were on the road speaking about Gwave, we did not get past the lobby but they did give us a Juice bottle before the sent us on our way LOL

But we are going to settle down after this #HIRLroadshow  in Boulder and camp out on the door step of the new Boulder Google offices!
+Bryan Rumph Get to 1000 followers on the biz page and then PM me and I will send you the link to apply for biz page verification. Is it a local page or a brand page? They are different.

If everybody wants the URL I can post it here, but I am on the road so working all night at Denny's.
I always thought about the Long numeric google plus profile link. This would be of paramount importance to businesses in creating brand awareness.
So, is there any chance it might be first come, first served?  If I was the first Doug Griffin on G+, (I believe I was) can I get dibs?   Seems fair.
Samuel Amaechi
This is really great ! But the question is how does one get verified & qualified for the custom URL?
How do I get this? I need this... I love this... It is making my palms sweat because I don't have this....please give me this. Where do I sign? Is my first born child enough payment? Please. Please......
DON'T verify me pls!
I'm a fake!
I'm not real!
I don't exist! 

Stop doing this!
Great news...! Custom URLs for business pages is going to make a huge differences once the profiles get verified. But I would like to know how to get verified?
Great news.  How do you apply for a custom URL and when will you roll out review alerts? 
what bullshit, sorry! Sounds like you're learning your Internet basics just now. What a shame for a tech savvy company like Google. You make for a normal musician or small business owner this 'network' unusable. If I wanna have a normal URL like ALL OTHER social network pages offer (either automatically along with a username or edible) I need to be either an A-Lister or a multinational corporation. This makes anyone who's below this level totally unwelcome. That is also one of the main reasons why Google+ stats have the lowest user activity out of all networks. One thing is to offer an e-mail address, another is to actually get people engage. Of course you can claim members, but it's all fake and made up numbers. Almost everyone with Gmail clicks and creates account out of curiosity, and then never comes back. ALSO - you change things and there is no consistency. Who said Google+ is not gonna be replaced with something else as Buzz was. Why should I invest my time and ultimately waste it and waste others' time in something that might change in two years? Make the URLs available to everyone, like your competition does. Period.
This would be AWESOME SAUCE to do this ... Can I please be included with a cherry on top Miss +Saurabh Sharma ?? :O)
+dat-se- si-tah  that's just how life works out sometimes. You have to be open minded to allow yourself to go with the flow and things will just flow ... make today a great day!
Two issues I see so far with these vanity urls.

1. Users don't get to decide what their vanity url will be. Unlike sites like Facebook and Twitter, where the user can pick their url, on Google+ it looks like the url is tied to the person's name only and can't be changed.

2. Users should be able to request a vanity url via a form or tool, rather then wait to be told it's available or be told they have it from an email.

It looks like there isn't much structure to how they are processing these. I've seen profiles with only a small number of followers getting vanity urls and profiles like +Danny Sullivan where he has almost 2 million followers but didn't have a vanity url as of this morning.  What's the deal?
How do we go about getting a custom URL?
Google+ is starting to dive into vanity URLs. Finally!
Vanity url's on google Making Google+ Work
I have to ask, as the oldest Google profile, second only to +Robert Scoble and a verified profile since 2009 with over 30,000 followers, WHY are far less followed and far less prevalent brands being offered custom URLs today but yet I do not have the offer on mine? 

And I have had is still active, why am I, in the US, not offered this upgrade today?
+Chris Lang I know right? I have 21k followers on Twitter 5500 on G+ am Twitter Verified and nothing for me.
+Saurabh Sharma Just let me know what I have to do to get my profile verified and I'll go through the process. Want to be able to claim my g+ URL. Please. :)
+Saurabh Sharma it says on the verification page: " a meaningful number of people must have added your google + page to their circles" - this certainly proves to me that only those who have popular brands and those who game the system will get approved. The little quilters club with 3 or 4 in their circle will never be approved according to these rules. Not everyone has a business online nor does every small business owner know a lot of people who are online. Brick and mortar businesses without social media managers are also going to be out of luck. Also, for business pages, the other party has to have added you first. So there is no way to get your name out there publicly on google+ unless you are a big company like Nike, Coca Cola, etc. 
+Saurabh Sharma You know, I'm a little sad.
As a long time Google+ advocate, blogger and online journalist, neither my personal profile Ryo Cook, nor my Android-Podcast, which is the most listened Android-Podcast in Germany, AndCast, have got a vanity URL. 

You know, I don't have a problem to pay for those. But I think it's unfair that there are apparently privileged accounts on Google+ and we can do nothing to reach that same level, unless you decide it. Please, if you know where I can file for a vanity URL, or a "lookup" if I'm worthy to get one, let me know. Yes, I know, I'm whining, and I shouldn't. But I'm a little disappointed.
As a G+ user and active poster with lots of followers and one who was "verified" early on - way back in the beta era -  I look forward to finding out how to to use the name of my online presence as part of my G+ URL.
Very good, when you say stay tuned, how do we do that? Where do we find out when this service comes to the public?
Odd. My profile's verified, despite me not having users, because early on when they announced that you could send in a scanned photo of your id with the license number blurred out, I did. Not it appears you can only do that if the system keeps rejecting your name or if you get locked out and need to appeal.
poke ;-0

Pretty quiet this week -- especially after last week when Google announced its acquisition of Nik Software (the maker of Snapseed; the app with features and a 9 million+ user following that make it arguably the largest competitor of the Facebook-owned, Instagram) + the official announcement that Google+ hit 400 million members, and 100 million active monthly users (when you include the G+ mobile app).  Perhaps, after this week's lull we can expect another wave of verified profiles and subsequent offers to migrate to the personal\vanity URL?  ... perhaps!?  :-D
can you please advise how to apply as I see my competitors already online with the vanity URL
I manage a G+ Business Page, "Oracle PartnerNetwork", and would love have a vanity URL created. Any guidance you can offer to help this process along would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I'm surprised this hasn't been widely released yet.  are there any updates yet?
Hi Saurabh 
Having waded through these comments I can see there is a groundswell of opinion that suggests your policy on who gets a vanity url and who does not has not created a level playing field.  

When is it going to be clear on how to create a vanity url for our pages?

Once we are all in the know we can help to spread the word to make Google+ a friendlier place to post and link to.
seriously?? you launch this new great personal profile site, and want to outshine everyone including facebook, and then you dont even have customized profile urls for normal people..?? I mean Come ON!! one has to "apply" for it... at least facebook has those features for everyone, no matter if your famous or how many "friends" you have.. weak google+.. just weak.
that's great news! as a photographer it would be great for me to have a personalised google page, looking forward!!! 
So have y'all decided to give up on the next step for the "unwashed masses?"
Yeah I don't see either unfortunately
I'm new to google+ and was happily setting up my page until I saw the limitations. So, what exactly does a "meaningful number of followers" mean? Does that mean I need thousands of followers to obtain a custom URL for my business page or just 100?
+Sharon Landon earlier it was about 1000 followers and google has removed that limit. if you have "substantial" followers and have linked your business page with your website, you would possibly get verified and custom url.
Not making it easy are they? I'm new to Google+ and am trying to adopt it, why would they create such barriers?
No barriers +Dudley Ashton . they just want to make sure the pages have good reach, to be considered for custom url.
Why does google make finding this information so difficult?! My page is verified now, too, so now what? HELP us Google!
If you want us to use + pages,,,,that is.
I am doing  Google+ for my business and spending too much time trying to work out how to get a custom URL.  I would n't mind paying a small fee to get the custom URL, after all I pay for my domain name.  The main thing I just want to get it sorted.
What a load of crap. How do you get verified?
Would love to be verified of a custom URL. Please :)
how do i stop getting notified on this crap thank you 
Is Anyone succeeded in getting the brand name URL after filling the form?
I would like to know more about this
Is custom URL's available for all users yet?
Any news on custom URLs for users yet? 
my business page has been verified for 2 months, but how can i make Short URL for it??
When will users that post a lot of youtube videos on G+ get a chance to claim there vanity url before we loose it to match our youtube accounts?
Would love to get my account verified and custom URL setup!
I'm very active on g+ and would lo get a custom url
No invitation for custom URL sadly means no inclusion in 2013 marketing literature.  I just wonder how many people could not care less about a custom URL, whilst others needing one are left to wait.
Are the custom URLs still coming?
Thank you for letting me know! I actually found an alternative that works great! Thanks for the help!
Still no sign of this being offered to me. Are you doing USA first before rest of the world? 
Google should realize that it came late in the game. Facebook gives custom url by default and Google which only has a fraction of Facebook users has it as a privilege. Does not make sense?
you google employers itself keep all the verfied names...goole plus is very limited.i dont know why are you taking these much time to give custom url to people.better change name from "google plus" to "google employers"
This is good (old) news. I hope the custom URLs will be offered as soon as possible!

I must say that  I guess they are waiting to offer it for everyone because there are issues involving names and brands... So I think they are doing it right - but it's not good for business considering competition.
How about letting us LINK PERIOD. I don't care how long or complicated the link is I just want some god damned links. I have YET to figure out how to get a "LINK" to one of my pictures so I can provide that link to others. I can't even figure out how to link to my god damned plus page. the url ALWAYS says no matter WHAT page I am looking at except the profile page.

I want to link to ONE DAMNED PHOTO not tell them to goto my page and WADE through dozens or hundreds eventually of my pictures to find one stinking picture. I don't want to share it as a post I WANT A FREAKING LINK.

man why is such a simple thing so hard. its why I ONLY use google plus for my sphere's (since you can view them properly here) I won't put a single other picture on plus because there is no way to SHARE them so others can SEE them.
give the man a link, Google Plus! Haha!
I THINK I figured out a convoluted way to get links.

if I goto my profile I get a url that has more than if I THEN goto different things AFTER going to the profile the URL changes each time I click so hopefully these are permanent links and I can share them.

what a pain :-)
no kidding what a pain.. they just need to let us pick our url.. I would match mine with each of my 7 youtube accounts. But if you are desperate for a url you can go to and they will give you a vanity url
or when I click share give me a stinking URL to copy or QUIT with the stealth URL crap and always show the actual URL so I can just copy it :-)
Such a simple thing to provide.  I guess Google+ is still learning the social network game. 
what they are learning is lock in. very very bad. instead of letting me push my content out they want to draw others in to their walled garden to see it. very bad.
Waiting, waiting, waiting. :(
hello, can you tell me how to maky my profile verified?
I am confused. It says I got the short URL successfully, but the new url does not link properly.
I still don't have custom URL despite that I started using G+ since beta days
Gust AF
Still no waiting.
Are we ever going to get this?  I'm not famous, but would like to have my url.  Have had it for AGES on facebook.   This lack of information is infuriating and getting to the point I want to bale on gplus.
I wonder when it will be available to public
I would not like a custom URL. Please stop messaging me.

No official news on vanity urls but when they come they will be late in the game.. it is sad that Google is doing this.. I agree with companys getting first lock on their brands but why us little guys get the shaft.. even top youtubers are getting their urls
Any news on unique google + urls?
6 months and we still can't create our custom URLs. That's one of the reasons Google+ isn't a success.

It's much easier to tell to a friend what's your facebook or twitter URL.
I can't get my head around how Google+ still sucks. Google has more money than the Catholic Church, surely their thousands of engineers could have solved something as simple as custom URLs a long, long time ago. I agree with Luis (comment above), Facebook and Twitter are much easier to use and much more useful.
LOL, for the past half hour I been trying to figure out how to get my custom URL. Thanks to post above I now know it is not possible. Looking forward to when it becomes available.
come on its google. how hard/long could it possibly take to make this global for all users and communites? in apache its as simple as a modRewrite......answers?
I used to have one by default.  It was
(note that there is no + in my url)

When I connected my gmail account to my google account (instead of Windows Live email)  the name changed to the long string of numbers.

Hoping to get it back one day.. as +Izlude  for now I got the gplus going.
How to verify my own page or profiles name?
Jun Ko
How do I verify my page?
I did some research and right now they are only verifying the business, celebrities and organizations not the personal pages of us users that have made g+ what it is today
Jun Ko
That's really lame.  I started a business page too but there is no option for that.  I'd also like to verify my pages for other brands and products and business I would like to get into.
feed us up when the news come out please,
 priority to the ones in this post  would be highly appreciated ^^
I've requested verification. Please notify me as soon as this is available to us. Thank you
+Alfatah Nesab it didn't go very well - apparently you need a certain amount of followers. We have about 200 but it's not enough. I asked how many followers I need but no answer yet.
Any news on this yet?  :)  
my g+ is verified, can i got  custom URLs ? thanks...
when it vl be available for verified profiles? I can't see anything yet to create a custom UR :( :( 
custom url +agilema, not find in edit profile in google plus? how to change?
i had a custom url but then i hired a company to move my old posts over and my custom url no longer works - dead link. can anyone tell me how i might get it back?
I just got notification about my custom URL being "ready" but I am pretty irritated that Google has chosen it for me. This is not ok. How can I get the name I NEED and not the one you are trying to assign to me.  This is just wrong.
Saurabh - how do I know if I have already missed the Custom URL notification on my G+ page ? is there any other way to get the notification/option again? 
+Google+ please give me custom url too
+Google+ please give me custom url too
Please send me custem url please 
Ick! I made a mess. Homer d'oh. My work G+ profile has the vanity URL that should be my personal G+ URL. Any advice or help or remedies to this situation? (This has been stressing me out.)
I've been excited about getting my custom URL, only…Google+ seems to be the only entity that can't send me a text message. I've been trying to get a confirmation/validation text message from Google+ since Christmas.
Sir I need custom URL at Google+ due to complete show my profile. So how create it????????????????????????
i have page 180+ follow, how can i get custom URL for my page ?
Thanks Saurabh
 i have custom URL Profile 
Great initiative. Thanks for update.
I want to claim my custom url however it is telling me that "many people have the same name" so I need to add stuff to it.... Please find me someone with the same name as me and then I'll be happy to comply!  Till then, please let me simply have my name as my url
Is everybody able to get text messages from Google+ except me??
I dunno, does that mean you also have problems getting text messages from Google? I got verified a few years ago and have been struggling ever since to get that custom URL I was told I could have. I can get text messages from everyone but Google. What gives?
when I will have mine custom G+ URL :X :x
I got my Custom G+ URL...soooo Happy Now :) :D
Anybody can help me...
I'm mistake
My custom Google + url misspelling
Can help me about that
Add a comment...