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Custom URLs for profiles and pages: an update

Today we're rolling out custom URLs to thousands more verified (and well-known) brands and individuals. If you're part of this expanded roll out, you'll be prompted to claim your preapproved URL via email and/or when you visit your profile or page.

We’re making these changes over the next few days, and we’ll be offering custom URLs to many more profiles and pages in the future. We appreciate your patience in the interim, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

p.s. Custom URLs are not case-sensitive, so,, and all point to the same place.

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I work for one for a large UK brand how do I go about getting the page verified?
Got it. Not verified == no custom URL. :(
Is there a way to get my profile verified?
Does this include Verified Local Businesses yet?
Glad to hear of the update, don't think I'll be eligible for the early roll-outs but looking forward to eventually becoming "verified."
Hoping my profile can be verified and eligible for this!
Ed Lea
Do you have any examples of these URLs? I haven't seen any, just the extremely long ID
+Emil Georgiev and how do I get my profile verified? I have verified the +Red Hat page because I own it (and work for Red Hat) but I do not seem to qualify for personal verification. As an official spokesperson for Red Hat it would be nice to have the Verified status.
In other words, corporations, politicians and celebrities.
+Jan Wildeboer I'm not verified either so I filled out the form anyway hoping they will approve it.
How can you gain a veryfied profile-name?
im not verified member so thats not for me  .. im going to mute this post 
+Jan Wildeboer Yes , it seems so ...
As my name is not rare, really not, I'd like to get it first, and then, the aothers "millions" of Monika Schmidts ....
Can't wait till it's rolled out to all of us!
Still mad that The Oatmeal got one before me. :P (Not really.)
That is excellent news!
D Mac
+Emil Georgiev The web site URL is verified, and Google prompt me to claim URL. I don't know more. It works as you can see.
I wonder how much “A meaningful number of people must have added your Google+ page to their circles.” is.
That would be sweet for business owners and others who share their work publicly. Hasn't appeared on my page yet, but hope it will soon. Thanks +Saurabh Sharma 
+Joseph Page that's weird the Google+ page itself is not.  And as far as I read it, only verified people and pages get to have it.. strange
+Jeff Warren That's the way Buzz worked, and it might even be that some of those old URLs work. But the downside to that approach is that it automatically exposes your Gmail address.
So those of us who don't want/care about verification are shut out?  Gee thanks :-P
I want mine :) but I will wait till it gets around to me I know I am VERY LOW on the list lol 
+Danny Molyneux  oh we are probably about in the same spot lol but at least we know where we stand huh :)
Still waiting patiently for my profile to be verified.... :-\
+Bobbi Jo Woods you better not steal the Beej url. I want that once I'm verified. Thanks in advance.
Another vote for us "common" users.  When will this be available for us?
I have a feeling it's an exclusivity thing +Jason Telford. Facebook mastered this in their original roll out. Same for being a partner on YouTube. Everyone wants to be in the club, only a few at a time make it in.
+Saurabh Sharma *Very disappointed* the way this Custom URL is rolled out. Early adopters should have been put first than the popular or the brands.

Early adopters were the one's who made Google+ where it is today & use it everyday and not the vice versa. 

Now brands, verified and popular profiles get to choose the names they want and we all look stupid!
I think it makes perfect to give them to big businesses first, then celebrities, then brands, then slowly start rolling it out. Don't want people imitating or causing problems for say, Toyota or Rihanna. Thanks for the update +Saurabh Sharma!
What a wonderful thing! It would be far easier for me to share my google+ page with my non-google+ friends. I'm looking forward to this expanding! 
I would like to think that 'well known' means something other than in US, and other than celebs and politicians. Looking forward to being proven correct +Saurabh Sharma :)
Hm, we have 1637 very active followers over on Facebook.  We can't drive them to Google+, because is much, much easier to find than  We'd love to share our market with Google+, and interact with them on this (clearly superior) service.  I went through the verification process (even sent in a copy of our business license), but Google refused to verify us for unspecified reasons.  How do I prove to you that I am who I say I am so that we can get on with the business of building community?
I can't even find the "unverified" on my page to click on it and become verified, so I guess it's verified by default... /sarcasm
+Saurabh Sharma what's this whole hype of reclaiming the Custom URL! Why did Google not choose to let the users email address to be the same for their custom URL. There is a fair amount of chance that a user with First Name & Last Name as email may not be able to get the same as URL as you are sending it in Phased Manner.
I didn't get an invite to do this yet. 
(Haven't read the whole comment thread) but I just received a mail for the pre-approved URL for my brand pages. Guess what? There are more than one (in one case at least) so you get to choose the best (apparently the others will be free for others in the long run ;) )
got thanks! now i need to work on my own profile. how do i get verified? how many thousands of circles does it take?
I've been verified for the longest and only had a couple of thousand circled me at the time. No idea why though.
Maybe I missed it, but is this planned for personal profiles?
No love vanity URL love for me? psh Twitter shows me more love with verified status :P
I can't wait until they green light the ability for me to pick a #vanityurl ! It would make it easier for my Facebook friends to find me! :-) (I'm trying to convince them to ditch that evil social network with limited success).
And one gets an invite how, exactly? ;)
I love those nice squeaky arrows, what did you all use to make em?
+Jeff Warren Using your gmail username would be the easy answer, but do you really want your gmail address that publicly accessible?
The Page/Profile numbers are unique identifiers and in a lot of cases its easier to work with the numbers then the "translated/redirected" vanity urls. API's, contact management or extensions/apps working well with the unique identifiers. I hope that there is always a easy way to see the Profile/Pages numbers...
Can you send me the name +halil ucar..
where do we get this as individuals, how do you become well know individuals?
I was a little concerned to claim the URL chosen but then read that you must claim it before you can request a different name. This is a little unclear when you are presented with the claim info but thanks overall...very nice feature...fingers crossed for our name to be reviewed!!
Thanks. I understand that I have to use Chrome to have a chance to have this vanity url. Am I right? 
Oops uh oh there's a lot of David Horvaths on FB. Help?
Kann jemand auf deutsch beschreiben wie / wo man die URL beantragt ?
+Ralf Heinzinger   Es gibt vorerst noch kein Antragverfahren. Im Moment passiert alles noch auf Einladung von Google.
Wenn ein Profil oder Firmenseite ausgewählt wurde, wird es am oberen Rand des Profils für den Adminbenutzer angezeigt oder durch Emailnotifikation mitgeteilt. 
+Ryan Snook  those are all celebrity profiles. I don't seen any "regular" people on that list.  I don't consider it a lot unless anyone can get one.
+Saurabh Sharma That's great news, I've been wanting Google+ to do personalized urls for awhile now. When will people not on the expanded roll out get personalized urls?
I wish I could get a verified name and a custom url. I've been an early adopter of all things google and i lot of us just seem to never get the first chance up to plate. 
+Saurabh Sharma ... I've got several thousand Google + followers and would love to get a verified name and custom url for myself.  Can you help?
I'm not verified either. So, no custom URL. :S.
I have a verified page ( and would love to have the custom URL and be on the suggested user list.
Its mid october now! Any updates when I can get a personal vanity URL for my profile?
Why I can't see any claim url button on my page?
Why should I care? I can just repoint my DNS at my G+ profile with a domain name that doesn't mention Google. Job Done. See for an example. 
+Saurabh Sharma Google has told me that only people that are3 on the SUL or people who have a trademark associated with their name can have a verified name / custome URL. 
+Saurabh Sharma It's about time for another update on custom URLs in +Google+ . Smaller up and coming brands want to get their names secured as well. It's been months since the post was made. Surely it's time for another roll out.
 +Saurabh Sharma  Hi, I see the FAQ where the lower limit to the google plus custom URL is set to 5 characters, but how long can be ? 20 ? 100 characters? Is there an upper limit?
Thanks !
Very eager to get that :-) Roll out ASAP!
Makes sharing my account very difficult and unprofessional. Any ideas when custom URLs will be available in South Africa?
How can I contact google to get a custom vanity url for my pages. Both are verified through google already
+Saurabh Sharma I love using google plus, and I have been telling local businesses why they need to be on here. Please let me know about any changes or beta tests you have going. Google plus is the place to have a business or non profit organization period. I do alot of things in the autism non profit area. I That's why I'm interested in the Vanity url. 
I would love to have a vanity URL for my verified business - SunKiss Villas. Can I be added to the list for the next allotment of vanity URLs?
Eagerly waiting to get notification.
how can I ask for a custom URL for my Google+ profile?
Do you know when the custom URLs are coming in at all? 
I've been wondering the same thing as "haken er". It seems like Google is having to do it all by hand.
I got an email for claiming my custom url, I request another url I wait for two weeks but still under review :)
Yup, very evident that it's not a priority for them, at this point.
A recent post stated that Google+ was now the second largest social site behind Facebook. If Google+ wanted to be #1 all they have to do is offer custom URLs. If you have every searched for friends on G+ you discover that 90% have not posted anything yet. I would have to say that a big factor in that has to do with the fact that people can't just tell their friends a simple URL!!!!  So where are the custom URLs. I could do so much more for my business if I could tell my customers a simple URL that matched my business name and they could remember it.
I'm thinking Google isn't serious about Google+. Although the statistics may indicate that its now the second largest social network there are other indicators that say they aren't interested. Take for example this article:    Notice where which social media small businesses will be investing money in this year.  It ain't Google+.  More to be said on this later.
Mark, I have to agree with your comments. I've hung off establishing a presence with Google+ both privately and for my company Zane Education, simply because I saw little point in investing the time and energy setting up and trying to maintain a presence when Google has a history of closing down services that they've lost interest in without any notification or any concern for those involved. So I decided to take the step over this last weekend. To now find that you cannot customise your URL makes me agree that Google is not serious about G+. How can you seriously promote any page with an unwieldy URL ....its one of the first thing I look at when choosing a CMS and to find a search engine company that even work within the parameters of its own core business, borders on the ridiculous.
Same thing, can't find that claim button.. that's one reason we don't rely on g+ for our business. if there is something I'm missing would appreciate the hint. 
Any news of this rolling out further? Got a blog with 25k+ followers but no custom URL.  
Dear +Saurabh Sharma , I have received custom URL notices for two of my pages but the predefined URLs are based on verified domain urls rather than page names/topic. And they sound horrible or not nice.
Any advice how to request a change ?
Thanks +Nithin Jawali , I have already received the notice/info, but my problem isn't that. The predefined url is NOT suitable. Hope I can change it. Otherwise I'll have to wait till its possible. 
I assume you are referring to the "change url" but option 2 "a box" does not appear. I am un able to edit/change predefined url. 
+Saurabh Sharma My work uses Google apps so we have G+ there, but Google reserved +BlairZajac for my work profile instead of my personal profile.  Unfortunately, it's not letting me pick another URL for my work profile to free up the name for my personal profile.  It would be great if you had a short URL assigned to you, you could give it to an alternate profile.
Thanks for bringing that up +Blair Zajac , I also have the exact same problem. My +FirstnameSurname is predecided to my work profile not my personal. And my work G+ profile is offered short url has 74 followers and very little posts, while my personal profile is followed by 477 people and has alot of shares (mean more more active). 
Due to this, I still have not claimed the short url on my work profile.
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