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Saurabh Hooda
Co-founder, Previously: Founder, Lenro
Co-founder, Previously: Founder, Lenro

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Ask "is it awesome?" for your every tiniest work?

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Lenro got featured on Zee News yesterday. Have a look at the video (4 mins) and let us know you think:)
Do upvote the video on youtube if you like it. Thanks.
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Thanks 'The Better India' for covering Lenro:). We thank you for helping us in this Books Sharing Revolution.

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This is how Book Lovers Behave...
btw, If you don't go to a bookstore dressed like that, you're doing it wrong.

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For all you book readers out there.
If you are a book reader, try it out. If you know someone who is, please tell/tag them. If you would just like to help, please share this :)

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It's the end of the year and we are givings lots of books for free!
Just 1 step to enter the books giveaway and you could win 12 books of your choice :)
Click to know more:

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Facebook and Twitter currently down in India. What's is govt. trying to contain?

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As #BannedBooksWeek  draws to a close today, here are the 6 recommended banned books you should be reading:

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Emphatic review a Banned Book!

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If you are a Book Lover, you'll find this blog interesting:

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