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Saurabh Deoras

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Sunrise at Cancun, Mexico.
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Saurabh Deoras

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Honored to be included in +Jarek Klimek's top 10 photos on G+! Also checkout the link to see other awesome pics.
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+Ping Yeh , are you the one I know from long long time ago :)
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Saurabh Deoras

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A brilliant product from a friend of mine. Great going ThinkHat team!
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Saurabh Deoras

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Pebble Beach, California: There is no sand on this beach, just these colorful pebbles... had a great time photographing here at sunset yesterday.

Tech Info:
40mm, f/11, 1.3s exposure using 3-stop LEE ND Grad filter, shutter press on receding wave and bring out shadow details in post processing using LR
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Brilliant, what all you use for editing? 
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Saurabh Deoras

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An excellent excellent talk show on how internet may affect our attentiveness and contemplative behavior.
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Saurabh Deoras

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In case you did not know already, Google IO will be broadcasting live!
Just hours away from the start of Google I/O!

For the first time ever, we are going to broadcast this event live.

Don't miss it.

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Title: "Possibility of Rain"
Location: East Bay Hills, Altamont Pass, Livermore, California.

Summer months are dry and skies are devoid of any interesting cloud activity in the Bay Area. However, yesterday some interesting clouds rolled in and I went out for a photoshoot. The chase lead to this parched landscape where I found the contrast of dry past with future possibility of rain interesting.

Tech Info:
Single exposure image captured using LEE filters to manage large dynamic range of the light.
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Saurabh Deoras

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"City By the Bay"
Sunset seen from Mission Peak in Fremont, California.

Recently we have had some real good light in the Bay Area, so I took this opportunity to go make a photograph of the city I love.
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Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
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Saurabh Deoras

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Happy new year everyone! I have not made a post in a long while so thought of sharing something I happened to capture just yesterday at Santa Cruz. Those who are familiar with the area know that the natural arch is right behind me but the clouds and colors were so nice looking north that I decided not to worry about photographing the arch and focus on reflections instead.

At the risk of sounding artsy, I felt it was as if these clouds were opening up giving a glimpse of a nice little habitat on the other side... have a great start of the new year everyone!

Tech Info:
This is a single exposure image. HDR effect was obtained using graduated ND filters. I use LEE and this image needed two of them, a three-stop and a two-stop one. Both were soft edge filters. Image needed minimal post processing in Lightroom.
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Saurabh Deoras

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Some cool stuff for your mid week inspiration cravings:
London-based artist and photographer Slinkachu takes a quiet approach to street art: instead of wielding spray cans on city walls, he uses train-set figurines and props to create miniature installations in pavement cracks, on bits of litter, and between other pieces of urban flotsam. His work is small, but its scope is large
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Love this picture!
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