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Saundra Porter Thomas
Engage, Encourage, Empower ~ One Encounter at a Time!
Engage, Encourage, Empower ~ One Encounter at a Time!


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Blessings, Everyone!
We had such a great time during our last Sacred Circle Gathering, we decided to do it again!

Here is your personal invitation to join us in Sacred Circle as we, in confidence, wisely share, actively listen, and lovingly embrace Healing Through Our Stories Into Wholeness. All are welcome at this table.

With Love as our container and Wisdom as our guide, join us as we explore, experience, and become empowered to transform our lives through listening to and sharing our stories and practicing principles and meditations that have the power to move us through the “sticky stuff;” the perceived unforgivable into the Light of Unconditional non-Judgmental Love and Wholeness. 

Join us - Wednesday, August 12 at 7:55p EDT and....

The 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:55p EDT as we Gather under our Virtual Tree by our Virtual Well. To join us, please click the REGISTRATION link below. You will receive a detailed email with instructions on how to connect to our Sacred Circle On-line Gathering. 

Please REGISTER at this link - Note>>In order to enter the portal, you must register before Wednesday, August 12.

Please visit my website to learn more about the Divine Oasis and Sacred Circles -

I look forward to being present with all of you on Wednesday, August 12 at 7:55p EDT!

Rev. Saundra

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the Oasis Blog
Healing Through Our Stories Into Wholeness
Our topic this month is detachment, non-detachment, letting go, etc.

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Healing Through Our Stories Into Wholeness ~ Engaging & Embracing Forgiveness
Blessings, Everyone. Wow! What amazing work we are all doing for ourselves, for others and for this wonderful planet. If no one has said it to you before, let me do so now - THANK YOU ALL!  Our continuing Life journey is so dependent on our individual and c...

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Today, I consciously commit to changing what I can by being more generous with Love and Compassion. I will give Love and Compassion away to each encounter. I will generouly Forgive more and deeper. I will generously Praise more and louder. I will generously be more Peace. Today, I will look longer into each person's eyes and be a loving non-judgement witness to their Soul's journey. Today, I will generously offer myself in more "seva" to family, friends, collegues, strangers, neighbors, to the world. Today, is the day the Generosity Revolution begins. May it be contagious and infectous! My we all catch it! And So It Is!  

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One Spirit Daily Practice Sacred Reading and Meditation
September 10, 2014
"Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day."  - Henri Nouwen 

Today, I choose Joy. I choose Joy in every breath, every moment, every step, every encounter. I... choose... Joy. I breathe in.....JOY! I breathe out....JOY! In...JOY! Out...JOY! I Am JOY!!! And as I repeat this simple, yet, powerfilled meditation 10 times, I experience the results immediately - JOY! All of my cells and molecules, every organ, ever ounce of me resonates and illuminates JOY! JOY! Unspeakable Joy! My dance is JOY. My words ring with JOY. My silence speaks JOY. JOY! As my practice today, I will extend an invitation and blessing for each person, situation, and encounter to be filled with Joy. To all of you, "Have a Joy-filled day! May Joy blanket you as you continue to grow through challenges. May Joy fill and overflow your hearts and cause you to smile radiating more Joy out into the world." JOY!! And So It Is!!

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One Spirit Daily Practice - Aug. 7, 2014

"How wonderful to discover that couched in every experience of fear we find our next invitation to fly!" Judy Cannato - "Reflections on Receiving the Sacred Universe Award"

As I step into the known and unknown of this day, I will do so with my eyes wide open. I will see my fears and doubts, smile at them, and then with an open heart of compassion, I will bow to them in honor for they serve me well. I acknowledge that their presence reminds me that they are but a choice. I thank them for their invitation to fly. Today, as I step into the known and unknown, I will breathe deep, open my eyes....and fly. Filled with Gratitude, I... choose...! And So It Is

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"But after we mourn our losses, and if we can shrug them off and see them as a necessary part of maturation, we can truly be free. We can shed the shackles of our fears and anxieties and just be."
                                                                                The Daily Buddha
It has taken me several years, countless tears, and deep transforming quiet to finally "let go" of the losses - loved ones, jobs, close relationships, ideas and beliefs, illnesses, self-dislike and a few others.  I can truly say there is a freedom that comes that allows me to "just be."  In this space I am discovering the core and heart of me.  And I like it!  I cannot say who or what I would have become had I not chosen to "let go" emotionally, spiritually, physically, and psychologically.  I can say how grateful I am for choosing to as my Mother still whispers in my ear, "Let go and then, let God."  And So It Is.

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A must see!  Again and again and again!  
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