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Introducing ShapeShifter v0.1

For the past couple of months I've been working on a web app that simplifies the process of creating SVG-based path morphing animations.

Try it out and let me know if you have any trouble. If you don't have your own SVGs to use, click on that three-dotted icon in the top right corner and play around with one of the demos. :)

I'm especially interested in how I can make this tool more useful for UXers (who are usually the ones creating SVGs in the first place)... so please send me feedback! I'm also interested in supporting other export formats other than AnimatedVectorDrawable... send me feature requests!

Live version:

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New blog post! The VCS of Android Studio.

This reading includes some explanations and tips about the VCS tools that live inside Android Studio & IntelliJ IDEA.


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Bring feature discovery from Google's Material Design guidelines right into your app 👌 →
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#AndroidDev #Protip 2:

For implementing Ripples contained within the view like Button, use

But for CardView, give it in foreground like android:foreground="?attr/selectableItemBackground

For implementing Ripples that extend beyond the view's bounds like ImageView, use:

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#AndroidDev #ProTip 1: For the ripple effect, use ?attr/selectableItemBackground instead of ?android:attr/selectableItemBackground.

?attr/selectableItemBackground references from support library[1] and so provides backward compatibility up to API 7.


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Support Library 24.2.0 Available Now
Support Library 24.2.0 is a large release so please read over all the release notes.

Some highlights:
- minSdkVersion 9
- Support v4 has been split into: support-compat, support-core-utils, support-core-ui, support-media-compat, and support-fragment
- A new transition Support Library
- CoordinatorLayout inset views, making it easy to build views that automatically inset to 'dodge' temporary views
- RecyclerView adds a DiffUtil for quickly building up a list of changes from two lists to support better RecyclerView animations

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#androidDev  Finally! Just published a new blog post - The powerful Android Studio

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One of the interesting thing we can build on top of #ConstraintLayout  are virtual helper objects -- elements that will be present in the UI builder to help you create the UI layout you want, but do not have to appear later on in the view hierarchy: their role is limited to creating the right constraints.

We have many, many ideas of helpers we will expose in future versions, but we did include at least one in the current alpha2: Guidelines.

(on that note, do remember to update your Android Studio 2.2 preview from the canary, and to constraintlayout alpha 2 -- new versions appear regularly!

You can create horizontal or vertical guidelines on the root ConstraintLayout element, and those can be positioned either relatively to one side (left/top/right/bottom) on a fixed distance, or as a percentage of the side they belong to. Once created, simply attach elements to them, and that's all you have to do.

As often with ConstraintLayout, there are more than one way to position elements. Guidelines are not a necessity, but simply provides another way of expressing your layout intent, and can makes things a lot more understandable -- remember, what we really are setting up in a ConstraintLayout is the flow of relations between all the elements.

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