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Startup Launch and Leadership, PR, Marketing & Business Development
Internet startup leadership, user experience design, PR, social media optimization (SMO), community management, Japanese, improvisation, hashtag optimization
    Founder, 2012 - present
    CEO, Product designer, UX designer, public relations, marketing, business development
  • OsakaBentures (Sakai City, Osaka, Japan)
    Social Web Apps Bootstrapping & SMM Insights, 2009 - 2014
    PR/Community Development/Social Presence for startups and entrepreneurs, Social Media Consulting, Project lead for internet startup projects
    Partner, 2012 - 2013
    User experience, community development, social media marketing, PR
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Sakai City, Osaka
Tottori City, Japan - Philadelphia, PA (USA) - State College, PA (USA) - Kamakura City, Japan - Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) - Hirakata City, Osaka
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Lean startup product & service designer, project manager. Marketing, web tool features and functionality, UX design, community development, PR, and the only Saul Fleischman most people ever meet.

I design social media tools that benefit publicists, marketing people and anyone aiming to reach more people, relevantly.  I initiate and also join projects worldwide, bringing them the benefit of my experience in product design, user experience, PR, business modelling and project management.

Current Projects:

  • RiteTag, a dynamic tool for hashtag optimization for anyone aiming to reach beyond your followers.  Just one feature, Hashtag Optimizer, provides three ways to get tag suggestions, tag a post, and send or schedule for Twitter. In the works: posting to Googleplus, and posting/scheduling posts to Facebook and Twitter. RiteTag Stats show you which tags got you this and that, and your hardest working tags begin populating and re-ordering themselves in "top performing tags" in Hashtag Optimizer.
  • CrowdGene: a set of .net code blocks designed to allow us to create a simple social network site for you that is based on crowdsourcing from your community.
  • IdeasWatch: "Startup inspiration from the crowd."  This is our best example of a CrowdGene-powered community site.  If you need your own private social network, look at the functionality of IdeasWatch and contact me with your wish-list of how we could build something similar to suit your organization's needs.

I conceive and bootstrap social media tools into existence.  For lean startups, I offer team-building and project management, as well as UX, functionality, business modeling, monetization, marketing and PR firepower.

My blog, with full contact details: OsakaBentures

You may want to circle me for:

• UX design

• Social Media Tools/Apps Features and Functionality Planning

• Lean Startup Team-Building and Project Leadership

• Personal & Startup Branding and Image Development

• Community Development, Engagement and Management

• Being Saul Fleischman

Bragging rights
I build distributed startup teams with people who never cease to amaze me.
  • Pennsylvania State University
    Film, 1985 - 1989
  • Universal Foreign Language Institute
    Japanese, 1990 - 1991
    Japanese language course (Osaka, Japan)
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osakabentures, osakasaul, ritetag


Saul Fleischman

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People are proud of their phones, their gear and they think it's funny that I have a 16-year-old fax machine behind me when they see me in hangouts.  When they jab me for that, I show them my 6-year-old mobile flip-phone.  I have never been one to take my pride from owning stuff

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Technology is all about the benefit you see and the cost associated with it. I love tech, but I'll never pay full price for it. 
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If today, we had the revenue you’d like to see, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. It’s as simple as that.
- StartupsAnonymous blog, a project of our very own +Dana Severson 
Kind of a catch-22, eh?  VC expects to see:
1. revenue history
2. growth in revenue
3. baked-in virality that's powerful enough to show a steady increase in viral coefficient

"Sir, if I could actually show you any of that, why would I be trading equity for cash?  I'd be taking on customers, not investors"
(That's mine)

Good piece here:

#fundraising   #venturecapital   #angelinvestors  
I tend to find the whole fundraising process to be quite annoying. If I never had to raise money again, I’d be one happy entrepreneur. From start to finish, it seems to be a game of who can bullshi...
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I'm still bootstrapping and never had any interaction with investors so far but I understand the notion, we didn't choose to be entrepreneurs to then take on a boss in our own business
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Saul Fleischman

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Thanks so much for the review of the RiteTag Chrome extension.  If you ever want the pro-tips, hit me up in G+.
Sosyal medya stratejisi konuşuyor tarayıcı uzantıları olduğu zaman bir yönü bazen gözardı. Orada seyir giderseniz konuyla ilgili çok sayıda bloglar vardır, ama bu, biliyorum insan biliyor ki bunlardan biri, ve onlar sormak yo...
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Saul Fleischman

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Founders & co-founders: give-n-take help overcoming obstacles.

This is for Lean Startup people helping each other overcome what's blocking us.

When this is happening:
Japan-time (JST): 10 a.m. Sunday, March 23
U.S.A. EST:  9 p.m. Saturday, March 22
U.S.A. PST: 6 p.m. Saturday, March 22
GMT: 1 a.m. Sunday, March 23
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21,277 people

Saul Fleischman

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Data-driven hashtag suggestions, or just keep on taking pot-shots

It was long ago that I realised that the same people who would not guess with Adwords or their SEO decisions were doing exactly that with their hashtags. 

Some people hashtag for the benefit of a small group, such as in the case of an event.  Some people tag for fun.  Others want to get their messages seen by topic-interested audiences - and especially by those who are not already following them.  We think they would rather stop guessing.  This fine article by +Chad Egeland shows how they can.

h/t +Chad Egeland 
Make Smarter Hashtag Choices With RiteTag

Hashtags are an important factor in helping get your social message seen by as many people as possible.

But how do you determine which hashtags to use? How do you know if your hashtag has been overused? or Is there a better hashtag you can use in your message?

+RiteTag can help you do all of this and more.

Read how RiteTag can help you make better hashtag choices here:

Pin It For Later:
RiteTag is a Twitter hashtag analysis, discovery, monitoring and analytics tool that helps you find the perfect hashtag choice to help your message get found.
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Saul Fleischman

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La supervisión de los hashtags en Twitter y otras redes sociales (como Instagram y Facebook) requiere de herramientas específicas para que no se nos escape nada. Estas seis selecciones van desde sencillas y minimalistas hasta...
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Honored to find RiteTag featured in this terrific article on the Buffer blog

Check out the GIF for how I give attribution and optimize just one hashtag - in this share of the article, not with #RiteTag scheduling, but rather, using the RiteScore riding inside the Buffer #chromeextension .

Friends, I'm sharing with you because you've either worked on or advised us over the last 2+ years it took to get where we are.  Thank you very much - from the RiteTag team.
Thanks, +Kevan Lee for the write-up on RiteTag, including one of the hottest features of RiteTag in this darn good article.

I'm the product guy/founder, and I thought I'd tip you and readers off to what I demonstrate in the attached GIF. Once a user is set up and goes for a paid plan, they get the hashtag grading within Buffer.  Yup!

But why schedule with RiteTag when you could have the RiteScore and our Associated Hashtags feature - within Buffer and it's integrations?

See, Buffer Awesome users could also be getting that (and one other RiteTag goodie) as Buffer value-added features, and without using RiteTag at all - if Buffer decides to use our API (going live this month).  For the coming attraction, see items 1 and 2 in

#apis   #bufferapp   #ritetag  
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Saul Fleischman

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Multiple Attachments - Have you ever tried to send more than one attachment in one email from a productivity application (for example, Pages)? It is impossible without this app. Now you can just export documents as usual from any application, using the option "open in..." and select Attachments from the apps list. [bigthumb][/bigthumb] RiteTag -…
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To offer exclusive value or to offer an affiliate program?

When a user tells me "if you had an affiliate marketing program, I could promote your ," I think... RiteTag strives to provide exclusive val

Tag sets with my wife

This is a funny presentation on how my wife and I strategically targetted and refined her Twitter crowdsourcing with RiteTag This presentati

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