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Thanks for coverage +MakeUseOf 
Some of the default icon sets that come with Linux distributions are just plain ugly. Have you ever looked at the default icon set for Gnome – the real one? While it works, it could look so much better. Thankfully, we can fix this rather easily. Here's how you can switch icon sets, and which ones…
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Satyajit Sahoo

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Want to help make GNOME apps shine? Ever wanted to get involved and haven't known where to start?

If yes, read this post.
If you are interested in coding for GNOME, but haven't figured out what to work on, this post is for you. In my last post, I described an experiment that I'm running for the GNOME 3.14 development ...
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Satyajit Sahoo

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I find now a lot of GNOME apps go for a limited number of styles.
One of them is this sidebar take, which we see in gnome-tweak-tool.

Another is view oriented, i.e. music, videos, etc. So, I started out on the sidebar first, and I'm basically making a set of new classes where you can just create a new SidebarWindow or inherit from it, which'll save you trying to reconstruct the look yourself.

i.e. it'll save me tons of time reimplementing basic UI stuff each time I want to make something. I need to choose a namespace first, which'll probably be Gat (gnome application templates) and some common stuff will end up there, as well as eventually turning it into something usable as a git submodule, and having binding support via gobject-introspection for other languages.
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+Denysok Neobyknovenny Thanks :D
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Satyajit Sahoo

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Some are valid, some are not!

1. Consistent window decorations - Legacy apps don't even have a consistent UI. So what advantage will I get having consistent WM decorations only? About apps will be able to do their own decoration which is inconsistent, apps like Chromium do that, and they don't require CSD to be able to do it.Also, you worry a lot about GTK apps in KDE. It's not possible to get a consistent experience in apps which are written in 2 entirely different toolkits. You might add that thing to kde-gtk-config, that would be sufficient.

In my opinion, KDE should focus providing a consistent experience for their own apps. You cannot always provide consistent experience with apps written in GTK, EFL etc. I don't say it's a bad thing, but it always puts more work which could be spend otherwise to make KDE better.

2.. Close hung applications - valid

3. Consistent user actions between decoration and task manager - again, you can easily achieve this with KWIN I guess. I won't expect all window managers to provide same set of features. I think KWIN is the KDE window manager, thinking too much about other window managers will give no profit to KDE.

4. User actions menu in general , 5. One place to configure mouse actions, 6. Different settings for the maximize button, 9. Adding additional buttons, 10. Remote X-Clients, 12. Tooltips   - now I'm not even sure, if you are talking about KDE apps with CSD or only GTK apps.

7. Differentiating between window and decoration - I'm eager to know about the use cases.

8. Window Shading - valid

11. Shadows - Internal technical stuff!

13. Netbook mode - aren't the decorations already hidden?

14. Accessibility - seems valid

15. Window Tabbing - valid

16. Numbering in window title - valid (but I guess descriptive window titles are better than numbered titles)

17. Forcefully adding buttons - use cases? for example, if the app doesn't support maximizing, what gain will be there by adding a maximize button?

18. Changing themes - again, I don't think you have to care a lot for theming of GTK.

I don't say you are wrong. But as I see, you think a lot about how a GTK app will look in KDE with CSD. Most of the points you mention is about GTK apps in KDE. I would prefer to consider those points with KDE apps in KDE.

GTK is a GNOME thing. They made their decision, and they want that. The responsibility of KDE devs is to improve KDE (I must say you do a great job), but what's the point of caring so much for an alien toolkit? Why don't you care the same for EFL, and all other toolkits that exist? Won't it be better to concentrate on KDE's own apps? Perhaps if you had unlimited developers you could think about every one. But you don't. Resources are limited. So better spend them wisely.

Again, don't take it as an offence. KDE has long reputation of making it consistent with GTK apps, but sadly, how hard you try, you cannot convince GNOME devs. Cause they care about how GTK apps look in GNOME, not about how they look in several other desktop environment. I would say KDE should also do the same. Because resources are limited, and they are better spent this way.
Hi Cody, as you wanted to have a mail with all my concerns about client-side-window-decorations (CSD), here is a very long mail presenting all my concerns what will not be possible any more with...
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So, from me, an external force to GNOME (and not in any way related or affiliated...) ....
I create my applications and libraries for a standardised native platform, GNOME. I'm not about to counter in 50 window managers and supplementary desktops. I'd also love to know when KDE's private window tabbing was a problem due to other platforms...
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Satyajit Sahoo

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It's almost Friday. I'm so tempted to plus one my own post. Lol :-)
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Satyajit Sahoo

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Google Web Designer , a tool developed by Google which is currently in beta, is finally available fo...
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+Daniel Burke I use Brackets!
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Satyajit Sahoo

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Introducing the GNOME Shell Extensions Idea Bank

Here's the current situation, GNOME Shell is awesomely extensible but there are no good (as in 'OMG! What a good idea!') extensions appearing, why?

It could be that GS is not as extensible as I think. But it's highly likely that the 3rd-party devs have no idea on what to do with it besides bringing GNOME2-era features like menus and indicators. That's when I and the rest of us come into the picture, what if we put all of our good ideas in a single place so developers who want to work on a new cool extension can choose one and start working on it? No duplicate efforts. No frustration. Everybody wins.

Currently the repo is empty and needs a good name. Also, I need to write down a set of guidelines and a template for things to be clear. But as an example take a look at Idea #1 isn't it awesome? ;)


I'll re-announce it again when it's ready but feel free to star and watch. And even prepare your ideas, why not? ;)

I hope this solves the issue.
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Satyajit Sahoo

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Well now, +Alex Pasquarella has certainly done some amazing Google Now inspired wallpapers for everyone. Nice work!! There are 16 in all in 1920 x 1080 resolution. 
--> <---

#Wallpaper   #wallpapersfree  
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As an Easter present we and +Joshua Fogg give you a new version of the Square icon theme that comes with a few new and improved icons.
Those of you who have already bought by using the donation form on our website have already received an email with the new version. Because we're that cool and care about you.
Those of you who have bought it from deviantart can grab the new version of it for free.
Those of you who haven't grabbed it already? What are you waiting for? Go and get it! :P
As always if you wish to avoid using dA you can donate it at least 1.50 usd from our website and send us an email at team [at] and we shall mail the theme to you.
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Whaaaat nope absolutely not ehem...
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Satyajit Sahoo

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We need more people like this guy.
The past week I tried to give the GTK+ popover design to popovers in gnome-shell.That meant to add margin to the items. But, I noticed gnome-shell doesn't allow that. So I had to do a lot of code r...
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+Brian Bentsen Many themes :D
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