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Thank you for playing games on Google+!

We want to make Google+ games better for you, and a big part of that is listening carefully to your feedback and iterating.

Some of you have asked about revoking permissions from a game that you don’t want to play anymore. It’s now a little easier to do this.

- Click on the menu at the bottom-left of screen where you are playing the game
- Clicking on “Manage permissions” takes you to where you can revoke access

We hope this simple change makes you feel more in control while playing games.

Please keep telling us what you want from Google+ games, and expect us to keep making playing on Google+ even better!
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Any chance we could find out why permissions are different for each game, particularly the ones that want extra access like email address and others?
in Angry Birds The Reset the Game Buttons on the top left interfere with the gameplay if you could put them in the lower left. But this may just be the placement of the game, but when you try to like press the character to make them go faster and such sometimes the whole game resets lol but its so great. Please bring in multiplayer high-quality shooter like these X-Box Games and That will bringing a MMORG Audience.
Thanks. Send Feedback is still broken for the main games page. It would help a lot to get that fixed.
it would be possible to make this change?
when I want to invite people on the various games I get the complete list of all contacts of my circles.
you can do so that I can choose people according to the circles?

For example:
- Now -> I invite my friends -> i see the list of all of the contacts and I have to scroll all over the list choosing between them ( complicated if i have a long list)

- Would that it were -> I invite my friends -> the window appears where I can select one of the circles. so now I see only the select circle of contacts, in order to facilitate the selection of persons
That would be nice if we could find 'people' that are playing the same game as 'you'! For example, I'm playing Collapse! Blast and I would like more people to play with. Right now I have to add more people I have no clue who they are to make my chances better to find someone who play that game...

So maybe, by writing the game's name in the 'Search Contact' field a name list could pop-up with players?
besides being able to revoke permissions I'd like to be able to reset a character so I can restart from scratch. this doesn't seem to be possible in crime city
I haven't played any games and I may never get around to it. Compliments on confining to their own litte area, though. Until yesterday when someone talked about them in a post, I forgot that games were even part of G+.
Google is the Greatest. Thanks always for your help. G+ team is proactive and listens and that is Key.
These YouTube Machinima Gamers like the Comedian Kids are Completely invading Youtube recently and they are using the live component also during game play. I am credentialed and I have done E3 and Gaming News on my YouTube Partner Channel for Years and Still do with the Majors. The YouTube Integration into G+ and G+ Games is Key! always love to give feedback and help with any insight. Have a Great Team, I will to try all the games i Loved angry birds hit a team highscore and liked zomies. One of those other games it has like items you could really purchase that turned me off though lol i would not incorporate much sales into the games yet but the angry birds t-shirt and merchandising looks great since its such a cute and popular game. Let me know any questions + Cliff
+Satyajeet Salgar I think its fixed now. It wasn't working originally when Games was first implemented and it didn't work when I tried a few minutes ago. I got a message both time it was not working.
I tried the send feedback button on a regular page afterwards and it appears to have reset itself as I'm not seeing a problem anymore when I try it on games. Sorry I can't be more specific about the original error.
the big one is to fix this red error i have not gotten it in days some brower bug or post bug There was a problem saving your post. Please try again... lol im making another feedback now.
+Satyajeet Salgar Thanks for the update! I have a complaint, though: When I posted a G+ames update to a circle that includes people not yet on G+, it emailed the update to those people automatically, without warning me or asking if that's what I wanted. As a result, I unknowingly spammed a bunch of people's email.

This is terrible. G+ should never email anyone on my behalf without asking me first. Please address this. Thanks.
While I appreciate the effort to make it easier for us to revoke the permissions from G+, I still think it is not enough as game developers may keep a copy of our personal information (including our e-mail!) unless WE ask them to delete the account by contacting them directly. I really do not see the need for game developers to have access to my primary e-mail address (as well as other private information like birthday etc.), and I refuse to play any game that requires access to it. Also have a look at this interesting article by +Paul Spoerry:
I second +Erica Champion on the emailing without notification - I had a complaint from my friend about this just as I was getting close to persuading her to join G+ :(
It's definitely these security concerns that people are leaving Facebook over. My wife has finally removed her Facebook account and is starting to use her Google+ instead. If Google+ can prove to be the better at being able to help users control their personal information, Google+ will garner even more users. Facebook may be a giant, but they are not immune to shift in consumers needs, such as the need to feel that personal info is secure. I do not mind Google Inc having my information, but I do not want developers outside of Google getting information they really don't need.
I am having problems with Edgeworld. Every time I do anything I have to manually refresh and it kicks me off the server after everything I do. Very Annoying.
+Kristi Shanks Keep in mind these are still in BETA. May be a variety of issues from sever being overloaded or other things related to the software/ hardware of the PC you are using. Use the Send feedback button to let the Google team responsible know!
+Max Uday Menon -- Hi Max. We think we have the balance about right for people that want to play games and people that don't but let us know what isn't working for you!
Can we get a game synopsis please - presently we need to click on play and grant permissions before finding out anything about the game. It would also be useful to see some game stats, such as number of daily players
Is there any way to block a "revoked access" game from your stream and game notifications? I stopped playing Monster World (after trying it out for a week), but my streams are filled with requests and notifications from other players. I have sent out individual notes to my gaming circle, but I guess most never read the message. It would be GREAT if we had the option to block the app instead of the individual person.
Is there any information as to why so many games are leaving G+ right now?
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