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Google+ games - moved up to Level 2

Two improvements to the gaming experience on Google+ are now rolling out to users: the ability to add your own comments to personalize games posts, and an improved Games stream (with realtime updates and keyboard shortcuts.)

You now also get notifications for games invitations and gifts in your Google+ bar. If you want to stop seeing these, you can simply click “Mute game notifications.”

Thank you for playing games on Google+ and all your feedback. As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Satyajeet Salgar, Product Manager for games on Google+.

We’ve had a blast with you over the last six week whether its been build building our empires, launching angry birds, playing poker, or just earning gold coins. But we’re just getting started. I’m thrilled to announce two new features that we believe will make all of this even more fun.

Let me just show you....

First, you can now add a comment on top of any update you post from a game in Google+ and personalize these updates.

For example, here I click post, add my comment, and now share it to my Games stream.

Second, when conversations are happening on the games stream, you can watch the updates and comments unfold in realtime. Also to those of you that need to read the games stream quickly, keyboard shortcuts now work as well.

Remember, that we’ve also made it easier for you to find game notifications. When someone sends you a gift or invitation to play, you’ll see a notification appear in your Google+ bar at the top of the page.

If you don’t like seeing game notifications in your Google+ bar, it’s easy to turn them off by simply tapping “Mute game notifications”

And remember, we also added a couple of new games to Google+ this week: Global Warfare from Kabam and CityVille from Zynga. We hope you really enjoy both of them.

Finally thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming! It helps us a lot. We have a lot of exciting changes ahead.

Alright; enough talk, let’s just play.
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Where is the mute notifications part exactly? I haven't been able to turn these off though ive muted multiple times.
There's a bit in the video where they show it. When you click on the red notifications button up on the bar at the top, open the game notification item, and the mute button is there.
thank you... :) so very very much for the short cut! :D
Adding comments is a baaaad idea. Being able to just send the gift without a comment was clean and simple. Now people are going to probably use the comment section to solicit for other games or complain about why people haven't sent gifts back. :(
Question ... Can you unmute game notifications if you change your mind? 
Very Nice Updates..

One thing that would be swell though, someplace that the developer can post and comment about the game. Either notifying us of updates, specials, etc.. Right now for example, +Edgeworld Updates is a profile that Kabam is using for Edgeworld...
So what will happen when there is a few hundred games. Will the layout change?
Can not wait for these changes, this will help a lot.Thanks!
+Satyajeet Salgar That is good to hear. I was wondering how bad it would look with a lot of games.

Will applications also find their place in the games, or will they have their own home? Will we have applications?

Lol, I would love to be in the 'in-crowd' at the moment, it must be exciting working the back-end.
Uh.... where can I find the undo now, days later. lol
Hmm, but one will receive invites outside the game stream? I certaily hope not. That is one of the most annoying things about facebook :-/ at least mute one mutes all by what I read here.
I do not want to be picky, but could the game notifications be by game instead of mixed together by time posted? And maybe you could let us refresh the page instead of an auto-refresh? I have lost my place a few times due to that. lol Also, still hoping for that auto delete after the notification is clicked. (They will also have to "auto go away" somehow when we go into the games that have gift acceptance within them. IE: Zombie Lane. It has the most posts of any game I play here!)
thanks bro for adding cityville+, 1 thing for sure my old city in rottenbook will be withered..
+Satyajeet Salgar - and I am glad to be here for all the new and exciting things you are adding! Keep 'em coming, we will let you know what we think! lol
Filtering the game notification somehow, show only one game stream at a time.. or blocking some. would be wonderful ! :)
Any chance of adding the ability to mute notifications from specific games? I have hundreds of Allies in City of Wonder, but I don't play many other games. I would prefer to only see notification from City of Wonder, not Zombie Lane, or CityVille. The other games are equal to spam to me.

Anything you can do to create less clicking would be good. I have already found quite a few players who have had to stop playing due to wrist injuries from so much repetition. Everything in moderation!

When games send out gifts and requests to other players, they make you pick from your friends.. But they dont give you the option to sort them or pick them by circle. Currently we have to rely on Applications for that. If all games could incorporate circles, that would rock!
am with Carissa on the ability to mute particular games! The problem is since the ability to share circles, I have been shared in a number of incorrect circles and am now getting swamped in game notifications from games I have no interest in playing, making it very difficult to use notifications at all.
C'mon, even facebook lets you block notifications from particular games! If it isn't improved or enabled real soon, am likely to quit google games as they will become unplayable!
Hello! I just submitted some feedback for this, but I'd like to bring it to your attention as well. Social games rely heavily on gifting, but for many games there is no way to filter who to direct gifts to. For example, if I want to send a gift to my friends who play City of Wonder, I have to know exactly which people I want to send it to - there's no way to narrow it down on a customized basis. I can sort by first name, last name, relevance, or recently updated, but that isn't helpful in this situation. I can't filter it by circle or by "people who have authorized this game" or anything. For players with many neighbors (especially those of us who do not want to annoy non-gaming friends), this is going to be a problem.

Thanks for making it so easy for us to provide feedback, by the way.
+Lara Meeker there is a great plugin for chrome that allows you to select specific circles to gift to, or request gifts from. It's also well supported by it's developer and has some great features such as a timer to record when a gift or request was sent to which circle. Have a search in the chrome plugin store for Notify Circles
It would be great if you could do this straight from G+, and maybe one day they will make it easier to select/filter by circles.
+Rupert Wood Thanks so much--I was looking in the web store yesterday and didn't see that one. I'll check it out!
FYI, I don't know if it's wide spread. But I've been playing Zombie Lane since it hit the game stream. I had 12 neighbors. However, starting a few weeks ago, things got a little broke. The bottom 'neighbors' bar broke. It only shows 'Rob's Place'. I have no way to visit other neighbors and complete some of the quests. I can send gifts to some people. But even that is broke. It lists everyone who is in my circles and who has loaded Zombie Lane at least once. But 3/4 of them don't play at all. I want to select only those people who are actively playing.
The game/invite/gift selection process needs to be consistent across all games. Some other games allow the selection of things like 'Current game players', 'Players who are not your neighbors yet', "All Google+ circles", 'Specific Circle", or specific people. Rarely are two games alike in giving one the ability to send 'notifications/gifts' to a specific circle of people. (For example, I have a circle called 'Gamer Stream', anyone who plays games with me, gets put into it. I try to post only notifications to only that circle, to prevent notifications to others who don't care... FYI, :) I've been able to do this successfully in Facebook 'lists'. )
+Arvind Vishwakarma FYI, there's a button on my Game Notification drop-down from the red [9+] which says 'Mute all Game Notifications'. Reload your browser and check again.
+Satyajeet Salgar , is there a way to access the "undo mute" AFTER the fact? A few days later if you change your mind for example?
Chan Li
+Satyajeet Salgar when i invite someone to play ,can i choose a specific like "game circle" ?? it would be more cool if it is possible
+lennon li Some games support 'circles' better than others. Depends on the games and the interface to friends they've developed.
when it will run games from the android app?
Need to get the loading bar stuck issue fixed
+Satyajeet Salgar : Would you please ask whoever is in charge of getting game companies here to contact Clipwire Games, Slashkey and Playdom please? (games in order: Wild West Town, FarmTown and Playdom has many games.) Thank you.
Thanks for these updates +Satyajeet!! Also I have a question, can i still have the posts on my stream in chronological order even though I commented on something, because when I do post on something it goes to the top, I think there should be an option to swtich between "Posts you've commented on" and The "Recent" posts, just my suggestion haha, Thanks so much though! :D
When's level 3 ? How many XP points do I need to level up ? :)
+Azmain Syed that's interesting. We haven't consider ed that. Why is the chronological order useful to you?
As Amanda asked earlier, is there place for us to suggest games that we'd like to see added next on Google+?

There are many good games, but most require a lot of gifting (which isn't running smoothly on google+ yet). However, there are a couple that would be great to play in the meantime (that require very little neighbor contact) - Gourmet Ranch, My Tribe, and Country Life are the three that come to mind.
I tried, but it was for notifying them of problems instead of suggestions. Should I try it from another page? Does the feature change depending upon what section you're in?
Thanks! Well I find it useful cause I can see everybody's updates as they come you know.. like if they are going to like.. say the movies and they ask who wants to come, you can quickly respond like saying that you want to go or something.
How soon, will the game market be open so I can publish my own designed/created game/puzzle in the market ?
To everybody who actually reads posts before posting (not too many of those concerned, I'm afraid...:-)): This is a GOOGLE thread. Asking things about specific games (doesn't load, how many xp to level up (without even mentioning the game you mean!) is just stupid...
If I understand correctly, many of the "circle related stuff" (invites, notification) is a Google standard interface, so those are perfect and I agree with all of them :-)
I'm really pleased with how well G+ integrates with games, with one exception - Cityville. I think it may be due to Zynga doing a more direct port of their FB version, but it's incredibly nonstandard and breaks the G+ circling paradigm. It's ok for public posts, but the rest is a mess.
+Holger S We were referring to the title of this post. About the 'leveling up' part. :-P
ok, silly me *blush* *g* but still, there were comments specific to some games... Anyway, about level 3 - yes, I think we do need level 3. I do play CoW, but apparently, CityVille is much more popular (looked at it, didn't like it) and my stream is flooded with CityVille stuff. Considering it only started a few days ago, I see BIG problems inthe future... Google did a good job keeping the games from the rest, but not (yet) in keeping the games separate from each other
+Satyajeet Salgar, Is it normal for a game to re-ask for permissions ? A Kabam game just did that to me.

Im not sure I like the idea of something people could be spending money on changing what they want from people after they have invested. It gets close to bait and switch for me.
+Satyajeet Salgar I'm also searching for a way to un-mute. Then I found your tip and tried it. But it doesn't work. If I go on this page it shows me only There are no notifications available. though I got notifications on my normal notification page:
And on both pages I didn't found neither a Mute game notifications nor an Undo link. :(
add me to zombie lane!
I am having the exact same issue as +Udo aus Baden. I don't remember hitting the mute game notifications button, but I guess I did it by accident somewhere along the way. Notifications are still on the /games/notifications page though.
+Satyajeet Salgar Thanks for your reply above and sorry I didn't reply earlier but the notification didn't show up. :/
The menu item on the right -> "Hide this notification"
+Satyajeet Salgar I'm having the same issue as Linda, would like to get them back. Tried the workaround but as no notifications show up at the link, there's also no 'hide this notification' either. Hope it's coming back soon!
Let me tell you the number one thing that annoys me about Google plus games:
I don't play games like CityVille. But there are some of my contacts who do and I keep getting vast numbers of notifications from them. I have asked them to remove me from their CityVille circle and they say they have but they tell me that the nature of the game is that it somehow sends notifications to all their contacts. I don't know how that happens but games that do this should just be banned outright. One of the really great things about Google Plus is how it allows users to very specifically direct communications and games that have the opposite philosophy should just not be allowed. I can't block these contacts because I do need their notifications for other games that we play together.
If G+ can't block these games the next best thing is to give me the ability to completely block notifications from specific games no matter who sends them. Being able to block users is nice but it would be nice to also have the ability to block apps from sending messages. Or alternately give me the ability to put game notifications into separate streams or something. Any creative way for me to get control over the notifications I receive.
In fact being able to block notifications from games would be nice for another reason: CityVille may misbehave but apart from that a lot of less technical people have not been able to fully wrap their heads around the "circles" paradigm. So I have contacts who play games which, in principle, can have notfications controlled through circles but these people don't understand circles well enough to do it. I would love it if rather than trying to educate them I can fix it myself by blocking (or automatically muting) specific games that I don't play yet.
In fact, this seems like a good idea for someone to develop a chrome add-on for. I wonder if anyone has done it.
+Melvin Menezes G+ Game companion chrome extension solves your notifications problem pretty much. Google should incorporate all or most of it's functionality.
+Adam Hayek Actually, G+ Game companion does not address the problems I mentioned though it does address a number of problems I did not mention really well. It helps me direct my outbound notifications quite accurately but the problem I am describing here is how to get a finer degree of control over my inbound communication.
In theory the tabbed interface that G+ has added (where it breaks up each games notifications into its own tab) should have helped me quite well except for the problem that it seems to be inaccurate and it puts a games notifications into the wrong tab pretty often. So I end up looking at all the tabs. Plus I have noticed a few times that when I click on "Hide All" when I am looking at one tab it can delete notifications in a different tab. So I stay clear of that feature.
Hi +Carlos Sang - unfortunately we've made that really hard right now (if you seed the Mute notifications button hitting Mute and then Undo) will do the trick, but stay tuned - a fix to do this the right way is coming soon.
Thank you for the suggestions. Agreed!
We want to improve that experience.
+Satyajeet Salgar I am not sure if this is this is the same thing +Carlos Sang is trying to say but to me the number one annoying thing about G+ games is the flood of notifications that I am not remotely interested in. Like endless invitations/gifts/requests from CityVille, Candy Dash, Mafia Wars, Crime City and other games that I am not remotely interested in playing. These clog up my game stream and make me loose requests from my close allies in the games that I do actually play.
It really would be very helpful to provide tools that give some measure of control to me over what data I receive. One possibility is an option to whitelist games I do want notifications from or to blacklist games I do not. Or some kind of "mass mute" feature where I can collectively mute all notifications from a particular game.
As the number of games increases this problem will increase exponentially and will become a major hindrance to playing some games where we only get the notifications in the game stream (like Monster World). It is less of an issue for games where notifications are also visible right inside the game (like Zombie Lane).
Its definitely related, but its a different behavior - we have a plan to address that as well. Stay tuned +Melvin Menezes
+Carlos Sang - Yes, exactly the kind of problem I have. What would be nice is to have notification faucets for each game that could be turned on and off as we choose. Maybe the only type of notification that should be allowed without explicit permission is an invitation from someone to be their friend/ally/neighbor. That is infrequent and it is reasonable for other people to ask me, it is up to me to decide if I want to accept.
But I will take Satyajeets word that they have a solution being cooked up in their G+ dungeons that will cure this problem once and for all.
And +Satyajeet Salgar - kudos to you and the guys at G+ games for actually listening to the feedback. You obviously can't make everyone happy as fast as we would hope but as long as you are listening and paying attention I know that you will come up with solutions in time.
I wish all Google applications were as responsive as you guys.
I just remembered another little thing that I think would be a useful little feature to some people (like me). I have many game allies from different non English speaking countries. The way G+ games works is that when they post a help request it is posted in their own language. This means that I don't understand what the request is. For some games (like Monster World) I can sometimes figure it out from the graphics etc. For other games (like Resort World) I just cannot figure it out and as a result I cannot help them. I do realize that I can cut and paste the request into Google Translate but that is a pain.
My suggestion is: it would be nice to have an option in games setup that would allow notifications to be posted in the native language of the recipient rather than that of the sender. Seems to me like this would be an almost trivial change - it is obvious that the actual message string must be available in all languages since the game is capable of posting in multiple languages. All that needs to be added is the capability to select the message string based on recipient rather than sender.
This is not a huge big deal but it seems really easy to implement and I hope G+ can do it.
One other request for the Game Stream is to allow me to mute (for myself) my OWN posts. I don't need to see them, but if I remove them no one else can either.
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