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Why BJP or Modi? Comment on blog post to let others read your comments. #leaders2014 #bjp4india  
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Satya Prakash

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Satya Prakash

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Satya Prakash

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The only way to organize your life and business.
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Satya Prakash

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Mobile 3G Services and Airtel #3G in #Patna, Bihar
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There will be 814.5M voters and 11M poll personnel in this year's India's elections. Get the latest on the "mother of all elections" here: #elections2014 #India
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Satya Prakash

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A Web Technologist
Working on web tech from last 9+ yrs. You can know more about me from my two blogs.

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Patna - Jamshedpur - Mumbai - Pune
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Why BJP or Why Modi?

Vajpayeeji extended Integrated Child Development Services 2 all 5652 blocks of India. Employed 1 million Anganwadi workers World's largest i

Mobile 3G Services and Airtel 3G in Patna, Bihar

Two Months back, I shifted to Patna from Bangalore and from more than a month, I am using 3G services in Patna, Bihar. It is a review of 3G

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Ok so a couple of weeks now, on it's very own two year anniversary Mark Otto and the rest of the guys responsible for the develop and mainte

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Careful when you use CloudFlare CDN for serving HTML pages. By default, it only serve static content (CSS, JS, and images). Wrong page rule

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Few Eclipse Shortcuts I use or Wish to Remember due to its Usefulness

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