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The weather never stays constant, the earth doesn’t stop turning, the tides continually rise and fall. So should we not also be wild as the wind, ever changing in our thoughts and perceptions…?
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I just booked a 3-month base camp in San Juan del Sur later this year. How is the Internet service? Could you see yourself staying there for an extended period of time? Thanks in advance.
+Corey Hand Cool. Surf camp? Internet service depends entirely on where you're staying, every place has different quality of access and speed. Overall it's pretty OK, though sometimes iffy depending on where you are. San Juan has pretty frequent power outages which is annoying if you're doing crucial work. Other than that, it's pretty cool. I've been here nearly 3 weeks already and I'm pretty much ready to move on, but it definitely has a lot to offer, especially if you're on some kind of mission and not expecting too much from the "nightlife"...

Some gorgeous beaches nearby -- clear blue water -- and good surf. I'm heading out to Playa Gigante, about 20 km north of here, in a few days. Isla Ometepe is awesome and just a few hours away by local transport -- great for a weekend getaway.
Thanks +Satya Colombo. I may learn to surf, but my mission is to establish my location independent lifestyle. I need an out of the way, laid-back sort of place to focus.

Where is your next destination?
+Corey Hand Cool man. A chill home base to focus, I get it. Pretty much what I came looking for out here. I'm looking for something more chill than here now, and hoping to find it at a couple beaches up north. Headed down to Costa Rica in a couple weeks for a short visit, and then probably head back up towards Mexico. Looking for a spiritual/sustainable farm community to live in for about a month somewhere between Costa and Mexico. Haven't found it yet...
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