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My first real post in several weeks. I've never lived better...
I played with a crab. I made friends with the lady at the market. I cooked an amazing dinner of steak and potatoes. I spent hours just contemplating my life, and what I want to make of it. I started j...
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Reading that post I feel your inner space, Satya. Me too, I'm living so much, mostly internally, that I can't put into words. Hence I've been hardly blogging, and not googling or tweeting at all recently. I'm still painting though. Seems my inner world is reflected more in images and colour than words!
With pleasure, Satya., I've just posted a recent piece, and have more yet to post on the blog. I'm also moving house shortly, so the blog's taken a back seat for the moment. Continue to have fun, Satya.
+Elizabeth Whiteman Destouches Wow, I love your work -- so original, fresh and beautiful! You have a wonderful sense of color and style and life. Just want to eat that orange on your redbubble site.
Thank you, Satya. I love painting, and if others enjoy my work, what could better?
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