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On stage today: Sharon Rogers 10:30am; The Post Project 11:30am; The Rosen Sisters 12:30pm; Barbara Healy Trio 1:30pm; Americanistan 3:00 PM. Market open 10-4!!

On stage today: Invincible Vince 10:30am; Three of Hearts 11:30am; Sweet River 12:30pm; Morningstar 1:45pm; Gerry Rempel Jazz Syndicate 3:15pm; Ramblin’ Robert & The McKenzie Drifters 4:45pm

On stage today: Chico Schwall 10:30am; Janet Naylor & Linda Danielson 11:30am; LCC Faculty Jazz Band 12:30pm; Buffalo Romeo 1:45pm; Slightly Retro Jazz 3:15pm; The Never Ever Band 4:45pm

On stage today: Rob Tobias 10:30am; Rooster & His Barnyard Bucketeers 11:30am; Steve Goodbar 12:30pm; Red Pajamas 1:45pm; Soromundi Lesbian Chorus of Eugene 3:15pm; The Dennis Smith Project 4:45pm

On stage today: Linda Yapp 10:30am; David Rogers 11:30am; Sacred Harp Singers 12:30pm; Mike & Carleen McCornack and the Garden Variety Band 1:45pm; The Jivemasters 3:15pm; What Yo Mama Warned You About 4:45pm

On stage today: Unity School of Dance 10:30am; Chip Cohen 11:30am; Pickles & Peppers 12:30pm; Oregon Tuba Ensemble 1:45pm; The Klezmonauts 3:15pm; Rob Tobias & The Northwest Express 4:45pm

On Stage today: The Hummingbirds 10:30am; U of O Suzuki Strings Program 11:30am; Eugene Recorder Orchestra 12:30pm; Low Tide Drifters 1:45pm; David Helfand, Justin Lader & The Majestic Ensemble 3:15pm; The Fiddlin’ Big Sue Band 4:45pm

On stage today: The Dance Factory 10:30am; Gordon Kaswell & Jerry Zybach 11:30am; O’Carolan’s Consort 12:30pm; Mother of Pearl 1:45pm; The Jackal Mother 3:15pm; The Fiannacats 4:45pm

On stage today: Magic Mama Music 10:30am; Inspirational Sounds 11:30am; Noah Brenner and Phoebe Glidea 12:30pm; Jill Cohn 1:45pm; The Now Brothers 3:15pm; ATA (Arts & Technology Academy) Band 4:45pm

On stage today: Lorna Miller 10:30am; Gordon Kaswell 11:30am; Laura Kemp 12:30pm; Dan Cioper 1:45pm; Kef 3:15pm; Steel Wool 4:45pm
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