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Another open source project from my team!
Live at #f8 , +Ognjen Dragoljevic has just announced our new image library that helps you easily load and display images on your Android apps.

Read all about it here:

If you want to go grab the source, check out:


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Really proud of my team open sourcing React Native today!

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We've just open sourced two projects that can help you smartly segment app features based on device characteristics and network performance in real time. Learn more from this announcement:

You can also grab the source code from the links below.

Device Year Class:

Network Connection Class:

#androiddev #F8

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Augmented Traffic Control - how we simulate various over-the-air network conditions for mobile apps - is now open source. High recommend using it for testing your mobile apps.
Want to learn how you can test your mobile apps under different network conditions? Check out Augmented Traffic Control which we've just open sourced to help you do just that.

Find the project at:

It's a busy week ahead so stay tuned for more!

#androiddev #atc

Bay area friends - I'm visiting from this Sunday until Friday (22nd-28th). Ping me if you'd like to meet up.

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Follow our android and other open source efforts here

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Stetho, a new open source project from Facebook, allows Chrome Developer Tools to help with debugging Android apps.

#androiddev #stetho  

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React Native - my team's recent work announced today at React JS Conf. Really excited to see where we'll go!

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React Native  - what I've been working recently and extremely excited about! 

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Very excited to see the launch of what we've been using internally for a while!
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