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Steady State

21 Day Fix works on a Drop Set/HIIT approach to fitness.  PiYo is not very different in that you go from bowlers to squats, from push-ups to downward dog, strength to stretch.  But I need to get my heart rate up into the fat burning zone and hold it there.

Enter the bike which may very well be the death of me.

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There are things I can change.
There are things I cannot change.
Focus . . .
“Upper Fix PiYo Buns Who doesn't love Pigeon? #21dayfix #PiYo”

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+Rob Cecil 
There are some ingredients I cook with so often I can never buy too many of them, and most of them are produce. Onions, garlic and fresh herbs are staples in a lot of dishes, and they may be inexpensive, but when you use them on a daily basis it can add up. Some foods are easy to regrow at home from leftover scraps, and some of them can even be grown right on your kitchen counter. Here are 10 vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forev...
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+Rob Cecil Are you paying attention?  There will be a quiz later.

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*And In the Look At My Boobs Collection . . . *

Yes, your eyes will look on and on and on for eternity.  Don't you just love it? 
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Reminds me of a t-shirt a girl in my high school chemistry class wore from time to time. It had two pictures of King Tutankhamun on it. Underneath it said "Don't touch my Tuts".

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Woke Up

Eyes crusted over because apparently I was crying in my sleep.  My family is awesome.  I love them.  My alcoholic passive-aggressive friend . . . well, I love her too but fuck fuck fuck . . . sometimes . . . yeah.
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Big hugs. 

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Happy Anniversary


Five years married
Fifteen years together
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Happy Anniversary!!

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via +Darlene Nemeth <--generous
I've created five fun and fabulous coloring pages for you to share with Dad on Fathers Day.
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Thanks +Satia Renee 

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+Rob Cecil 
Last April, Malcolm Young left AC/DC, the band he co-founded with his brother Angus in 1973. Only 61 years old, the guitarist found himself unable to remember his famous licks and riffs. The cause, doctors discovered, was dementia. Young now lives in a nursing home where he receives full-time care.
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My nana is in the later stages of Alzheimer's. She always loved music. Still it is the one thing she really enjoys most. She loves to listen to it. Back when she still talked it was the one thing she would hum to, or obviously show signs of some recognition of. 

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You Know Nothing

Gained more weight and I'm gaining inches.  Whatever.  I still exercised this morning.  Time to feed the dogs and myself and get ready to have a wonderful Mother's Day. 

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Throwback Thursday

I mean, why not, right? 

10+ years ago.  I know.  I've changed a lot.  Age will do that to you.  Well, that and not wearing a cute wig.

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I sent the pic to my  mother who unintentionally complimented me on how great I look in the picture and reassured me that those who love me still think I look great.  Ummmm . . . yeah.  I think I'll go exercise now. 

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I do not chat.

I do not hangout.

If I do not know you in real life or have a reason to get to know you better, you are a stranger to me.  And I was taught never talk to strangers.  

However, I do have a Secret Santa List.

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My husband and I wanted to have a way of keeping our beloved Romanov's pet's cremains close. After we both chose what we preferred, we placed the order and within a few days the items were received just as described. Lovely. Understated. Perfect. We did not use the funnel to fill our individual pendants because it was easier to fill them another way but the instructions on how to seal the jewelry once it has been filled were clear and to the point. We chose not to have any engraving done although we did consider it so I cannot comment beyond saying we appreciate having the option. Thank you for a positive experience in the midst of a painful reality.
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