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*Rob and I Are . . . *

The bookends of sleep.

He didn't sleep well.
I'm not waking up well.

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Weekly Weigh-In

Lost 4.8 lbs this week.  And my snug jeans are now baggy in the seat area.  AND I'm going to start using heavier weights this week.

Today is the last day of this round of 21 Day Fix.  I'll share the full stats (total weight and inches lost) tomorrow. In the meantime, I can say now with full certainty . . . .

I weigh less today than I have since 2013.  And I have lost 15 lbs since the New Year, most of that since the beginning of March. 

This morning, a bit of PiYo Strength Intervals followed by 21DF Yoga Fix followed by a 10 mins pilates ab routine. 

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!


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Saturday Workout 

21 Day Fix Dirty 30 (HIIT for 30 minutes)
PiYo Sweat (not a misnomer)
Walk (1.5 miles) and/or bike (30 mins)
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Just wow!

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via +lynn paden 
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Satia Renee

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So here are my Round 2 results!  Of course, I regained some of the weight I had lost from Round 1 over my birthday weekend sooooo . . .

Total lbs lost in 2 Rounds of 21 Day Fix = 12.2#

Started Round 3 this morning. 
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You are going to be "one hot mama!"

Satia Renee

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True Conversation

Me:  I'm going to the store for some papers.
Rob:  Okay.
Me:  You know, when I say that, it takes on an entirely different meaning than when you say it.
Rob:  Pretty much.

(Context:  I'm going to Michael's tonight to get some scrapbook paper.  I want different patterns; hence, the pluralization.)
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Are you making something fun?

Satia Renee

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Four Hours?  Really? Really

I hate talking on the phone. I have a friend who loves to talk on the phone. 


Seriously.  She loves talking on the phone. 

You know what I love?  Taking naps after long exhausting conversations.  (Are there any other kind of long conversations?  Aren't they always exhausting?  sigh)
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+Thomas Jones That's when I think seriously about upgrading my phone so I can get a headset.  Absolutely agree.  A headset would give me freedom I desperately need in these situations.

Satia Renee

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Shout out to +Adrian Parsons for this one.

+Rob Cecil +Joe Testman +Marc Testman +ViciousSHADi need I even ask?

Satia Trivia:  Once upon a time I had the original script on a floppy disk.  Odds are, I still have that disk somewhere around here in a box. 

Satia Renee

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Seeking Motivation

Anyone have any suggestions for motivational books?  I rarely (never?) read them and I figured I would give it a go. But then I don't even know where to begin.  So I'm throwing it out to the hive mind and see what comes back.

Hint:  I searched the interwebz and found some lists but they included books I thought were wretched so I think I'd rather have a recommendation from a reliable source than the random opinion of someone paid to make a list.
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It's fairly new, we got it through ILL
I find myself going back to '7 Habits' every few years.

Satia Renee

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Invisible Me

I had a dream last night that I was invisible. As it turns out, I was not alone, that there were others of us who had just lost our corporeality.

I guess I'm not feeling real right now.  Or maybe I'm not really feeling it right now. . . .?  Do other people have existential crises in their dreams?

In the meantime, apparently a Pinterest email went out with a link to this.  End result:  I am spending a lot of my online time deleting email alerts telling me that 15 more people have pinned my pin or started following one of my boards or some of my boards or all of my boards.

See? I'm not so invisible after all. Only, I am betting that if any of these people pinning my pin onto their boards saw me in a coffee shop, they wouldn't know me to say hello.  Guess I'm invisible after all.
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Mz Maau
Sounds about right! :/

Satia Renee

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+Erin Testman

For Matt?  On his birthday?  For his breakfast?  You'd obviously have to do the cooking.  Or Joe.
Love carrot cakes and pancakes? Do we have a delicious breakfast for you! This delicious recipe for carrot cake pancakes comes from our friends at Cooking Light. These cakey flapjacks are made with...
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Perhaps! They sound pretty yummy!

I do not chat.

I do not hangout.

If I do not know you in real life or have a reason to get to know you better, you are a stranger to me.  And I was taught never talk to strangers.  

However, I do have a Secret Santa List.

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