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It's never late to learn what you don't know
It's never late to learn what you don't know

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Introducing Mémoire

So here it is, finally after months of developing and changing things several times Memoire (Mémoire) Beta is now available for you to download.

Join the community here :

Memoire is a note taking app, which offers realtime device sync thanks to firebase. Here are few things Memoire has to offer.

- Stories : Take basic notes with or without a cover image, All the notes you save are encrypted using AESCrypt.

- Vault : If you want to save some sensitive notes like addresses or some other details you can use Vault which has option to lock the notes using Fingerprint or Password

- Todo : Create ToDo lists and set due dates to get notified

- Links : Save website or article links to quickly view them in the app

Thanks to +Naman Rastogi for making the App icon and other illustrations in the app.

Thanks to +Eduardo Pratti for giving me all the suggestions regarding UI/UX. He helped me a lot to make Memoire look this beautiful

and lot of other people who have helped me from starting +Travis Hall, +Patrick J, +Maximilian Keppeler, +Tom Wellington thanks to everyone of you

I hope everyone like the app , Feel free to +1 and Reshare
WARNING : Since this is a beta (A early beta), even though I have fixed known bugs and issues there may be some issues with the app that I am not aware of. So please give me feedback on such issues.
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One thing I love about pixel is it's constant battery performance. It may not be best out there. But considering the battery capacity, it lasted me 13+ hours of my journey. All this time I used mobile data and watched YouTube and some Netflix and listened to Apple music. And still have little juice left for rest of my journey.
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An icon pack with vivid colors, bright and dark artwork variants, and a beautiful bottom bezel, Vaulted will be taking over your devices this Summer. A free/lite version of the pack will hit Google Play next month with around 600+ icons. This is to help spread the word and let as many people try the icons prior to the launch of the paid version. The paid version will launch later this Summer with over 3,000 icons, 20+ original walls, and more widgets than your average #KWGT pack

The more reshares this gets, the more incentive you give me to work even harder on this between my #substratum themes. So share away friends :-)

God I hate long travels so much 😑

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Freedom vs. Consistency: Android O's Adaptive Icons

As promised, here's my thoughts on the new Adaptive Icons. It's a quick read, and there are lot of examples of what the new approach does worse than the current one.

If you're truly that lazy, a TL;DR would be that I'm slightly more concerned than interested in the new design. It also makes some of the Material Design components obsolete.

Hopefully this won't be pushed down our throats like roundIcons were.

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Dynamic Product Icon Grid [FREEBIE]

[Get it here: ]

With the release of the first preview of Android O, dynamic icons came along with it. These new dynamic icons follow a completely different pattern and most of the structure has been tweaked to accompany the updated metrics.

By using +Vukašin Anđelković's screenshot [1] , I began to position the outline of the new Settings icon to the boundaries of the new, 288dp artboard. This allowed me to find all the different widths and heights for all keyline shapes currently presented in the spec.

Their size has been slightly altered:
Circle: 176dp to 200dp.
Square: 152dp to 168dp.
Rectangle: 128dp to 136dp. | 176dp to 200dp.


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That moment when +Maximilian Keppeler​ forgot the snackbar component name 😂😂
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Drag Dismiss Activity - Open Source

Wrote a new blog post, and open sourced the drag-dismiss Activity from Talon 6.0, this morning. Any devs out there, try it out and let me know what you think! It doesn't take more than 10 mins to replace your current Activities with the DragDismissActivity :)

If you are thinking about implementing something like this in your apps, I have had great success with this style. It is smooth, easy to navigate, and users generally pick up on it very quickly.

Enjoy 'all! Feel free to drop me a comment or give it a star on GitHub if you use it, or like what I have done!

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Everytime I use Android Palette API. It's so unreliable sometimes 😑😑
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Interesting read if you want to get started with Android Testing.
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