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Sashidharan V

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A true motivational statement for a developer :)
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#.define TRUE FALSE
//Happy debugging suckers

Just in case if you want to double down in psychopath game :)
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Sashidharan V

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what I wonder is whose idea was this., whether his mom's or dad's ? :) ...anyway a message has been sent :P
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Sashidharan V

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Using "Ok Google" on Android

... Expectation & Reality...

It never feels like even talking to the "Talking Tom" :)
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Sashidharan V

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Number of friends having Android phones is directly proportional to the number of hangout contacts who are always idle... Thanks to Hangouts for forcibly keeping us idle.. :)
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Come on Telegram, we wont let you idle :)
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Sashidharan V

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Way to self control.. of course it is correct :)
Hope weekend is comming soon....
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Haha!! Good one Sashi!
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Sashidharan V

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Astonishing ...!
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superb....dabbawalas are extraordinary should see "Lunch box" :)
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Sashidharan V

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"Be the change you want to see.. "
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Sashidharan V

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Probably that's why nerds are  single :)
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Probably +Sashidharan V :))
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Sashidharan V

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(un)known love...

It's not the overflow of your
memories & moments
that cause the pain - it was the vacuum
that had been created since you left
or the fact you never existed...
I couldn't write anymore since
You weren't there to read - or
you read it from my memory
when you lived in my memories...
Now I'm trying to fill it with music, but
the songs of my choice used to be
your favorite too - recreating the moments
and the memories which I wanted to escape...
Could it have been the same even
if you existed only in my imagination..
Indeed the healing had created
a new wound as it heals and leaving a scar
either to tell you aren't here or you never existed...
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very much Ok mam.. :)
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Sashidharan V

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May be that's why there are no visitors :) ...
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There is no manager
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Are you really gonna find me with this introduction :) ?
Bragging rights
Survived as many as disappointments (that resulted now I am disppointed if something is not disappointing :) and one more.. I could live without Coffee also :)
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  • Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
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  • Bishop Heber, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India
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