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p.s. this isn't a hoax. The person who photoshoped it feels really sorry and wanted to apologize

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Were there TWO of them??! Damn no wonder why US is down.
@Roland- Meinten Sie die Wahlergebnisse aus Florida?
das schild darunter ist böööseeee
can;t nake asian bag enough to cover 'the sarub'
I suspect Hawaii will be putting a similar sign up soon.
That sign is a sin. I heartily agree with Joe Garrett that Hawaii will also have a sign up if in fact that is where this so-called president is really from.
Well, every democracy has exactly the leadership it deserves
u can say that again..........wonder what the sign wud say bout our leaders here in south
Comparing George "Dubya" to Barak Obama is like comparing H.habilis to Hom Sap. !
Pls don't make me start imagining
whats that apologize for - cause george born there ahh?
+don paglaro I don't mean to be a nuisance at all, I am just very tired and shocked that anybody still believes that tripe.
+Mick Higgins I agree... though they both did spend quite a bit.... at least one was for an honest attempt to better this country.
Atlast someone is owning accountability
Tony B
Bullshit alert!
Brittnea just got blocked for being an illiterate bigot. Yay.

Who's next? >:<

(I don't care about the truth or not of the picture, it's amusing which is all it was meant to be.)
As for the rest... it says right at the top of the post that it is photo-shopped by somebody who wanted to apologize for the rest of the state because he was born there... "photo-shopped"... pleh... I'm too tired to do this...
It's comedy.. deal with it.

Condensed into one post...
This is funny! I love it
Tony B
brittnea. Please go fuck yourself. oh..and learn to write shitbag.
It's not very legible either, but I'm not one to judge on that so I won't say anything....
.... oh....
A few times, and in a way that was hard to read, please continue your assault. I'm sure he can stick up for himself...
Seriously, it's a joke. If you even have to argue whether it's real or not, you really are missing the point.
lol Sarcasm. The only thing that really proves the intelligence of the person it is being used on.
Apology accepted conneticut!!!! Thanks for saying sorry about all the ugly people in your state! Seriously though get a bag or sumthin...
If the whole state apologizes imagine what his home town will do
Americans always make funny things like this sign.
No it has prob. been photo shopped or something!
At least we know where that President was born... How about this sign- We think he was born in Hawaii, How's that working out for you?
Where is the sign for Hawaii? oh.....they probably only put them up if you are actually born there..either way they should still apologize.
Hawaii must really be sorry then.
is this real? it's hilarious!! LOL so hard
Apology accepted Connecticut!!!!!no worry.still which one are u apologizing for????!!!
America is turning into a Socialist Liberal society. Everyone discriminates George Bush.I dont know why? He really wasnt that bad of a president. If we really want to look into it, Barrak Husain Obama has done ALOT more damage in 3 years than Bush had done in 8 years. Yes alot of people dont like him because we went to war. War was the answer. We were attacked on our own turf. Alot more people would have been enraged if we had never done anything about thousands of innocent American lives being taken and he had done nothing about it. He is def thousand times better than what we have now. Wait til Obummers healthcare law is being used. we are gonna have the government in every aspect of our lives. Telling us what we can go to the doctor for, really long wait times, shortage of doctors, and them telling us we have to exercise and what we can and cant eat. VOTE CONSERVATIVE! RESTORE AMERICA!
My favorite presidents in my life time in order
1. Ronald Reagan
2. George W Bush
3 tie Clinton, Bush Sr.
5 Ford
6 Carter
7 Nixon, Obama, (Not because hes black, but because hes close minded to those of different values, and he is just as much of a lying crook as Nixon)
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
+Alexa Alexa Agree 100%. I had no idea and I have lived in this state my entire life. I did know he went to Yale so I guess it makes sense.

And we do NOT speak the name of "He who is still in the congress and whos name shall not be spoken" is just better not to bring it up :)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God that's too personal LMAO
+JonRiley Hoffman Socialist liberal society... Socialist and liberal are literal contradictions and socialist is a contradictory term to the American meaning of society... care to reword that so that it makes some sense and isn't just rhetoric-speak?
we will see who's laughing in Nov.2012.
Ha ha, I'm sorry, too.

Well, you know I'm never going to go there, lol.
How rude. Typical though of this country of late.
They have one of those in Kenya for Obama. It's made of stick, straw and elephant dung.
Of course it's fake. How naive of you all.
apologize for being birthplace of Bush?????? lollll
Bill Clinton is from Fondling North Carolina right?
This looks shopped. Still funny tho. lool
Have some sense of humor sheila
Haha Texas needs to apologize for giving him refuge there lol
+Tyler Minisce at least our current president knows the difference between "were" and "where", "un like" and "unlike". Step up your grammar game before trying to take a shot at the Commander-in-Chief.
and our current administration is better how???
I can't imagine how many times I have gone by that sign and never realized the comedic value it has :)
"Now now, the Canadian government has apologized on several occasions for Bryan Adams."
PHOTOSHOPPED! anyone who cant see its fake is blind.. a 5th grader could have done a better job
Hawaii, Illinois and anyone who voted for him should apologize for Obama.
what up this is malik ten.
Hmmm. Maybe LD Pegram Boyle name needs to go up there as well.
well, there wont be a sign like this for Obama....
So, Does anyone have any big blue aluminum sign board? It doesn't have to be fake.
lmao,kk i accept your appology :D
This is rediculous, why don't people apologize for the wannabe Dictator in office now?
there should be zero apology, GWB and his men behind the curtain, hurt this country internationally, internally, and fiscally. not that our current president is much better. But there should be know apology for a funny photoshoped image like this.
who is this george fush or bush
anyway i know him hehehhe
bob joe
gwb should die
haha you should put this on The Ellen Show
Apologies accepted. But how the hell did he get 2 terms is beyond me...
Not sure we can accept the apology
Its nice to see atleast 1 person knows that grimlin thug is NOT a Texican.
Where in the hell did that brittnea learn to spell... Wow.
It must be the only nation in world where people feel publicy obliged to have to apologise for stupidity of its leader
If I wanted to see stuff like this I'd be on Facebook.
OMG... This brittnwa is stupid. Gotta block this Asshole.
darn, need to think about it.
How about the guy you have in now? One of his men wants to get our gas prices up to $9. 00 a gallon. Do you people Watch The News?
Also who ever does not buy Health Care insurance WILL be fined, and the fine will be taken out of your Income tax refund, so instead of getting a refund you will probably owe the Gov. Everyone in your family will have to have insurance. This will go into effect by the end of the year. Oh yea there is a lot more you all do not know about, It will smack you right in the Face. Keep your eyes closed as you have been.
How do we watch the news? By not turning to Fox or Breitbart to have other bigots confirm our own predjudices. OMG! Everyone in my family will have health care? Even my kids and my parents??? Now that seriously pisses me off!
Thats so funny.Nice photo-shopping!
Yeah, because what we have now is much better.
What we have now is the same thing in a different package.
+Daniel Fox Try to live in reality. The president does not set gas prices, W didn't and Obama isn't. Which of The News do you watch? Try something objective like the Christian Science Monitor, it might help alleviate some of your fears about all this impending doom. Do you realize that you pay more now covering the uninsured than any fine you might incur should you not buy insurance?
+Paula Beebe I used to believe that...until Obama sent 1.5 billion to egypt without congress permission. We are taught the president has no power, yet he does.
+Adam Wyson He has specific powers, he's not a king. I never said he had no power...just not all the ones everyone seems to think he does.
count yourself lucky you dont have "rip off Britain" prices at the pumps..
Booo! Would you post the same sign for Hawaii for our sitting President. Bad Form!
fear-mongers... can't even leave a joke post alone.
Ignorance because of being fed misinformation is still ignorance and I have never seen even one shred of evidence supporting the claims...after YEARS of arguing this online and being shown to "cited sources" that don't cite their sources or show how a conclusion was reached. Seriously, stop diluting the world. It is hard enough to keep people informed as it is without the fear-mongering, rhetoric spewing nonsense. And before you even say it (yes I support Barack Obama... doesn't mean I wouldn't stop supporting him if any of you could ever show substantial evidence instead of just tooting your own horns.... I'd call the kind of behavior exhibited just idiotic, stupid, and all around deserving of the reputation that is currently given to you by many on the other side, but what do I know? I'm just a lowly college graduate trying to dig my way out of the hole that this country puts its poor in so that I can make something of my life).
Seriously, show some evidence or stop trolling... f** trolls.
Ni Gang
The cowboy president was born there and attended to prestigious schools.
Is it meant for democrates or republicans? I mean the apology.
+Jacob Kral I have made no accusations that I need to back up because the evidence is presented to support their claims. I have already done my homework so that I am ready to dispute cited allegations. Calling me ignorant only shows a great lack of thought on your part, especially considering the more satirical approach I have taken through the majority of this forum. You don't know me and obviously don't realize that I am under no obligation to provide evidence since they are the accusatory party. Also worth note is that I have not said a single thing that requires evidence. In any case, the only real qualm I have had is in that people are so capable of providing no insight and flinging accusations with no merit. That they do not give a damn what affect that has on the world is disconcerting. That crap doesn't just affect me. It affects everybody. Nobody should be okay with it.
Wow. Someone whose presence is even less wanted than mine. Thanks. That actually made me feel better!
Yeeeehaaaaah,nice! Photoshop or not, still laughing! Please post up more those stuff! :D
i'm just glad we can all acknowledge he's NOT from texas. cause i'm sick of all the shit falling on my homestate.
Hahaha Yall should see the one in LaFayette, Ga bout Obama
You ever seen the one in Arkansas? Home of Bill Clinton: A known sex offender. =^_^=
Is this photo shopped? Please tell me it is. Not a Bush fan but still respect the office.
It would make a brilliant postcard
Ok. Many german people did not like Hitler but they did respect the office too. Good luck to all us.
is that something to be proud of?
texas should apologize for letting him live there
i think they should apologize cuz they made us canadians stop the war with arak
So ein Schild könnte ich mir auch gut an der thüringer Landesgrenze vorstellen. Als Entschuldigung für einen peinlichen MP.
+Bettie Joubert, not to tread on your freedom of speech, but tellin folks that jesus is the answer, can rub 'em wrong.
Damn Right its should! :P
umm this is a wierd sign isn't it
me too i think bush is HORRABLE!! AT BEING PREZIDUNT!!!! i would pik any one else but bush to be prezidunt. >:3
Hey now, Bush was alright during his first term. Unfortunately, he was beyond shit in his second go 'round.
+Jamie Anon sure because as we all know, Kenya is a state of Africa (like Connecticut is a state of the US)and Obama was born there and not in Honolulu. I am always amazed by the lack of knowledge that's circling around!
sheepeople. thats what there pushing. citidoits are there other hope.
Bush tried to give back ,Obama has no option than to continue.
Often, reading a string of comments makes me want to pull the covers upover my head and start crying.
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