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Dear Google, we need to talk about your Nexus launch today

you know i love you and yes, even though I've been setting an alarm to 1am Taiwan time to buy my Nexus devices and the Chromebook on your US store (I have a US creditcard, shipping adress and VPN), even though I couldn't get a single one (and I wanted to buy the 16GB Nexus 4, 32GB Nexus 10, 32GB Nexus 7 3G, Acer and Samsung Chromebook or to make it short....  all of it!), i am not disappointed at all. 
I can wait and i still have some 30 Android tablets and a dozen smartphones to play with. Yeah, even my Galaxy Nexus is still an awesome smartphone and does the job!

I am only disappointed that we couldn't pre-order and that your servers couldn't handle all the requests.

The users out there want your devices! They love them and they recognized that Nexus is an amazing and exciting brand.

Please, we don't wanna wait in line for days. We don't need you to applaud us when we enter your (virtual) store. We know that we are going to buy a fantastic device because otherwise we would buy something else.

You should have known about this demand and you should make sure that each and every customer who requested a notification from your shop to get to know when the new Nexus smartphones and tablets were available, will get a little compensation for this.

I don't even need this but you should hand it out to your passionate fans out there to say that you are sorry and to make crystal clear to them, that you +Google  are different than the other competitors out there.

You can do it!
Earlier today, we began selling three new Nexus devices around the world:

Nexus 4 -- the new smartphone with Google Now and Photo Sphere camera:
Nexus 7 -- a thin, light and portable 7” tablet, now with up to 32GB of storage and the option to add mobile data:
Nexus 10-- a powerful 10” tablet, with the world’s highest resolution display (300ppi): 

There’s been so much interest for the Nexus lineup that we’ve sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries! We are working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand. You can learn more about Nexus devices and stay updated at

We’ve also begun rolling out Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, to Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 devices, via an over-the-air update. Check out what’s new here: 
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given that getting through all steps of the ordering process was like a lotterie, they could have made a real lottery for sales spot out of that, that would have been less frightening. (i had the nexus 4 in my shopping cart several times, never was able to finish the transaction)
Agree 100%, Google need to sort this out. I would love to buy a Chromebox, but am reduced to getting one in the UK when I'm back for Christmas.
how 'bout free bumpers with the next nexus 4 order for all those who requested a notification from the PlayStore and got it just when everything was sold out??

Das war Absicht. Natürlich wusste google vorher, dass die Nachfrage wesentlich größer ist als ihr Angebot. Wir reden hier von google, die weltgrößte Suchmaschine, das ist deren Kern-Bereich, so etwas zu wissen, mit solchen Markt-Analysen verdienen die ihr Geld.

Die wollen nur ihren Hardware-Partnern noch Luft zum Atmen lassen.

This was on purpose. It's just not plausible that the company called google, famous for the biggest and best search engine of the world, hasn't been able to measure the demand for its own product. This kind of market analysis is how they make their money. 

They just want to spare some air for their hardware partners.
Did google assume that the demand for Nexus devices would be this strong? Yes.

Where they aware that the ordering process would be crappy? They must have been.

Do I think they have had more devices ready than they made available at this time? Surely.

From Australia over Germany and UK to the US of A. In all these markets the Nexus 4 16GB was sold out in About 20 minutes. Doesn't need a rocket scientist to see what google did there.

The Nerd, Geeks, digital natives who were not lucky complain and accuse google of being unprofessional. But this device is not for you exclusively - not anymore!

Google is heading for Cody & Sue and all they will ever know about today is that these shiny underpriced pieces of luxury were sold out in no time! Their conclusion is: Nexus is the hot shit this X-Mas!

Google is doing alright. Even better! Nexus will sell like hell as soon as Google is willing to let us!
it actually was not sold out in germany for an hour. it was in between '
currently ot available' and 'available' but that was all the kicked out
orders. starting 1002 i was ot seeing sometimes an available, having had
added several once since 9:05 this was highly frustrating.
+Nicole Simon I know it was frustrating. But despite the availability status that was displayed I don't see many people over here in Germany who were able to successfully proceed an order after 9:26!

Now tell me, if the Your Nexus of choice would be available again within 3 days via Google Play would you try again?
Der PlayStore bietet zur Zeit ein mehr als trauriges Bild. 5 von 7 Geräten AUSVERKAUFT. "The Playground is SOULD OUT". Meine Nibelungentreue zu Google beginnt gerade etwas zu bröckeln. Sollte es Google nicht schaffen seine "Serverprobleme" zu beheben, seine Informationspolitik auf bilateral umzustellen, also nicht nur endlos Informationen zu sammeln, sondern auch fair Informationen an ihre User weiter zu geben und vor allem die neuen Devices in ausreichender Stückzahl DEUTLICH VOR dem 15.12. (Release MediaMarkt und Co.) zu Verfügung zu stellen, werde ich mir überlegen einen Systemwechsel zu vollziehen und es mal mit WP8 zu probieren.
Mir ist dabei absolut bewusst, dass dies eine Art von "den Teufel mit dem Beelzebub austreiben" ist.
Der 13. November als Launch-Termin wurde von Google festgelegt und Google wurde nicht gezwungen, die Nexus-Geräte so früh herauszugeben, ohne das ausreichende Mengen vorhanden sind. Die Strategie hätte also sein können, für ausreichende Mengen zu sorgen und erst dann in den Markt zu gehen. Ich glaube auch nicht, dass Google die erforderlichen Mengen derart unterschätz hat.

Wenn das ein Spiel von Google mit den Kunden ist, dann bin ich echt angesäuert und es sieht momentan verdammt danach aus.   
+Dan Hirsch the answer to that question is not as easy. I decided that I wanted android again because I want the advancements of "the machines are working for us". Burned by my samsung galaxy one still running on 2.2 because I am not capable of upgrading the system due to a stupid kies setup, I am not buying anything non google again with android. 

So I will be buying it despite it having this kind of problems because it is the only way to ensure a real android experience. My Nexus 7 arrives today and I will see over the next weeks if I really need an additional phone for that as well or if it makes more sense for my usage to go iphone5 instead. The limitations of android in many areas regarding love of proper apps might push me to the iphone. 
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