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Take a look to part 2&3, pretty good also .
Very informative and fresh a perspective on the Android vs. iOS comparison.
Great, clear side by side comparison
I agree with everything he says. Also, my phone is even less cluttered than his yet I have access to EVERYTHING, from my customization.
awesome.. keeping this video to show to all the iphone fanatics.... :) thanks for sharing
That's the point. While most compare just some benchmarks or how quick a webpage loads nobody compared those devices by daily usage and how long it takes to get some specific tasks done. The second and third episode was also good, fourth was ok.
i agree so far as my new htc one s running ics is awesome. but froyo on my samsung sgs had some real flaws that annoyed the hell out of me.
I hate amatuer video's with massive floro glare...Android will far surpass iOS, and just like mac vs windows, they will hols market share, while apple just "says" it better....
Anyone got a link to a video like this from the iPhones perspective? I already know how great Android is ;)
+Peter Sinnott siri commercial :-) guess there isn't anything else you get faster done on iOS, and even siri depends on what you want, where you are and if siri understands you and the servers are working.
But the difference is with Android the user makes the experience (ie widgets, etc), but with the iPhone Apple makes the experience. For some people this is what they need to make the device usable for them. The reality is most people don't use features like costume ring tones.
Apple marketing is focused on making people believe they need Apple to create the experience, and that Apple is the only one good at doing that... ;-)
+Katie Krouth That may be right. But when I read this, I can see an Apple ad video in my head. The one with the unified Lemmings that fell down the cliff, without even recognizing the world.

How time has changed. Apple is the new IBM, "Think different" now belongs to Android users.
The one thing android needs is a true group messaging app, all my friends have an iPhone and iMessage does group messages very nicely.
+Leif Sikorski G+ Messenger works awesome, the only problem I have at times is that it seems if there is no data connection or a weak data connection, messages don't get through... Oh, and I'd like a desktop/browser tie in, perhaps integrating with Google Talk, but other than that, it's one of my top services that I use to get people to sign up/switch to G+
Whatsapp also allows group chat.
+Ralph Uy I don't know how Whatsapp works, but G+ also brings photo sharing and group video into the works as well... ;-)
Whatsapp everyone has to has to have the app.
and everyone needs an iphone. At least whatsapp works across all plats, and is free.
Nice! I've been looking for something like this. The iPhone provided by the workplace is not so easy on my fifty-something-year-old eyes. My good old Blackberry is EASY to read and use. Maybe I'll upgrade to an Android phone.
It will be nice if they port bbm over to the android os
+Larry Flores whatsapp or G+ messenger people need to have the app, iMessage people need to have a certain device... Get together people to install a free app is much easier than getting people to buy the same device...

BBM is probably going to die with RIM... From the looks of the Nexus and ICS G+ is being more tightly integrated and so G+ Messenger will become what BBM and iMessage are, except it has the key component of being cross platform... G+ Messenger wins all the way around...
Just wish google would combine g+ messenger and Google Talk into one product. They're both great services I love to use but for some it might be confusing to have both on their phone.
I think G+ messenger gets a desktop or Web client and talk gets phase out...
I hate how your taking one side during the whole video.
there are cons and pros for everything .
Apple Pros: It works, until it breaks, then it's your fault.

Android Cons: it takes forever for third party iOS apps to come over to android side. By then, it has become passe.

Am I doing it right? :P
So great! Now i want a icecream sandwich xD
+Ralph Uy Last point isn't a big deal. There are also many Android apps who come after months or maybe never to iOS. There are so many apps on both plattforms that you'll find for almost every use case an app on both. Just search for apps who do the same thing - not called the same :)
+Leif Sikorski I know :P

Most of the things that I wanted my phone to do, is happening and more. I actually just started an +ifttt account to make it even better. The phone works for me, not the other way around.
ur really gonna go on about how the google browser things are better? really? Like that's gonna make such A BIG difference that I will buy a droid
+Punit Patel that's going to be huge going forward... It's not so obvious now, but in the coming year or two it will be...
+Punit Patel then let us know what makes the big difference to choose an Apple?
I didn't know iOS didn't have gadgets... that is so weird. I have never actually used an iOS device, so I can't say which one is better, but no widgets..........
Really opened my eyes - WoW, need to get an Android phone now
Er Vin
+Leif Sikorski actually the chat box in the desktop version of g+ is integrated with google talk. I am surprised it wasn't mentioned.
These sort of videos tend to be a bit obnoxious but the truth is.... I agree with all of it.
Screen protector looks really bubbly on android phone.
+James Pakele How Is the difference of getting to choose a browser the best justification towards buying a phone? Even in two years, this problem might be fixed from apple. I'm not saying Apple is better, but I wouldn't buy the droid over the apple BECAUSE of the website thingy. I have better reasons below.
+Ralph Uy I never said apple was better. But reason of the droid are all in the video. All i said was that the browser reason was really not how I was going to choose droid over apple or vice-versa
Like twitter, FB, G+, Gmail, SMS, Pocket, Feedly, Evernote, Maps, and pretty much any app you have installed. I'm a bit of a foodie myself, and I installed an app called Cheftap. I find a good recipe on my browser, my rss feeds, etc. etc. and since I installed Cheftap, I can instantly share the recipe to it, and it intuitively finds the ingredient, and the directions, and packages it neatly into the app.
I agree that Android OS (4.x+) is much better than iOS (5.x), but the points he chose to nit-pick on were ridiculous.

iOS is showing some age and Apple should update the UI soon, but it's a lot harder to keep things simple. Parents like it that they can literally entertain their kids much easier with the initial ease of use that iOS delivers.

The mapping of the address was a situational fluke; I've clicked on an address in Safari, much like he did, and it works exactly like Android OS: Opens map application and shows a dropped pin and the user can choose to navigate (Minus the turn-by-turn of course).

It's funny how he blasted iOS for being inconsistent when Android OS pre 4.x was all over the place. It's widely known that even Google's own applications had very different themes and that 4.x unified most of it.

The average user doesn't know or care about the difference of a widget or app.

And the resolution explanation was horribly funny...
iOS and Android both suit my needs, i just have more flexibility and customization options with Android. That being said I still recommend an iPhone for new smart phone owners.
I always get such a laugh when people claim Android is too complicated or not "simple" enough... My 4 year old used an Android and manages to get around in it just fine, even with me switching launchers on him...

That whole "iPhone is for people that want simple" is crap and was sold by Apple marketing... If that's what you believe, Apple's marketing team has done their jobs quite well...
+Michael Powell I keep waiting for someone to explain exactly how it is that Apple "keeps things simple"... Show anybody the button to open the app drawer and you've essentially showed them iOS... Again, my 4 year old uses a Motorola Atrix just fine, and that's still running Gingerbread.

Situational fluke or not, at the very least it shows that Android works in situations iOS doesn't...

It's funny that iOS camp consistently blasts Android for being inconsistent when the video clearly shows that maybe iOS should get its own house in order... Look for his part 2 video that's pits iPhone 4S against a Froyo device...

The average iOS user doesn't know or care about widgets, because they don't know about them... Almost everyone that owns an iPhone and sits next to me for a few minutes purchases and Android on their next upgrade...
5 years ago IOS is much more smooth than Android. I guess they have tailored the OS for responsiveness and give up features like multitasking (and widgets). Now that the hardware has improved a lot so the responsiveness different between IOS & Android is much much smaller, as you can see in the video. Androids now has both features and responsiveness.

Also the interface of IOS has not been changed over the years.
+James Pakele I prefaced my post with the fact that I prefer Android over iOS, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna say, "good job" when the review was crap-tastic. He completely ignored serious issues on both sides to show-off stupid / situational stuff.

His comment about the iPhone 4 / 4S resolution is a blatant lie. He said it was 'TV quality', and that's simply not true. iPhone 4/ 4S has 640×960 resolution at 326 ppi and the Galaxy nexus is 1280×720 px at 316 ppi.

Most would agree the Galaxy Nexus display is better, unless you want to argue the effectiveness of ppi, but SD tv is 654×480 (4:3) or 872×480 (16x9). If you do the math, the iPhone 4S has better than 'tv quality' resolution.

His review sucked; plain and simple
+Michael Powell i am sorry but if you compare a retina display (no matter how high the resolution is)to any AMOLED display, you will always choose the AMOLED screen.

Until the iPhone 5 Apple isn't leading the marketg for display technologies on smartphones anymore. And to be honest, a device that's getting limited by the resolution of the display, so it can't event show you the HD files on the screen in their native resolution... well i think he was quite frankly pretty nice to say it has tv-quality, because imho it's not even close to TV-quality anymore.
+Michael Powell I actually appreciate people like you who don't give their preferred platform a free ride... I don't think anyone should get a free ride...

On the other hand I don't think the review is total crap... It visualizes many of the points I've been trying to explain for the while...

In that I'll have to admit that I really don't care much about resolution and such... I'm not a good reflection there, I'm fine with VCR on the tube tv.... Hehehe...
+Sascha Pallenberg: You can't compare "retina display" to (Super) AMOLED (Plus), because they don't represent the same thing. Retina Display, as Apple would coin it, simply is a fancy way of saying "yuk yuk, we support a greater pixel density than your eye can distinguish". Apple could switch to Super AMOLED and still call it a "retina display". Likewise, you could have a Super AMOLED Plus that has less pixel density and would be inferior in that aspect.

Apple iPhone 4S: Active Matrix TFT LCD (IPS) with an LED backlight.

Galaxy Nexus: Super AMOLED: Active Matrix TFT Organic LED

Both are active matrix and both use a TFT layer (yes, AMOLED does use a TFT layer). So, about the only difference is a slightly better contrast ratio but almost negligible really because the Apple display is LED backlit.

If the Apple display wasn't LED backlit, active matrix, or didn't used a TFT layer, yeah... AMOLED would have kicked its visual butt; however, that's not the case. They're both very neck and neck with the AMOLED just inching ahead in terms of visual quality, but if you consider that AMOLEDs are cheaper, weigh less, and Super AMOLED has the embedded touch capabilities... it's definitely starting to pull ahead, but not just due to visual quality as you would have put it.

Because I'm a tech geek, I probably would choose a varient of AMOLED over everything else without question; however, what matters is the technology behind the displays; something so many people seem to lose sight of.
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