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i actually wondered why 90% of the articles +Florian Mueller wrote in the last 4 months were all about Google and why they were so biased.
oh well, here we go...
Matt Cutts originally shared:
Florian Mueller, the patent analyst (he's not a lawyer) who often takes anti-Google stances, just revealed that Microsoft is funding Mueller to create a new study about patents.
Study on the worldwide use of FRAND-committed patents. Many of my consulting projects over the last few years have related to FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) licensing obligations. The...
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That's not the explanation. The explanation is that almost all smartphone-related patent litigation involves Android, and Android is on the losing track by objective standards.
Losing track? Its a two-horse race. iOS and Android. Everything ELSE is on the losing track.
+Florian Mueller it's pretty obvious that you are the only guy pointing it out each and every day. While constantly trying to convince the industry amd media how weak the recent patent portfolios (Motorola, IBM)are that Google purchased, it seems that Microsoft is getting quite a different coverage:

"Given the strength of Microsoft's patent portfolio and the large scale of its inbound and outbound licensing activities, I am proud that they are interested in my analysis of, and perspective on, the related issues."

We are talking about tens of thousands of patents and therefor your recent coverage seems pretty biased and not objective at all.

By the way i like subjective blogging and i am glad that you revealed who is financially supporting you. It's all about the transparancy!
Lol, +Florian Mueller your posts ARE biased. Not just a little, but very very biased. I've yet to see a post from you praising Google. I'm quite surprised why you're even here in G+ when you're such a Google hater
+Fulvio Gerardi By "losing track" I was referring to patent litigation, not other considerations.

+Sascha Pallenberg Nobody blogs as much about the patent disputes as I do, and no platform is under attack like Android. I know enough abou the patent business to be certain that Microsoft has the strongest portfolio in the relevant fields and that Motorola Mobility's portfolio is weak. Do you think the people running Microsoft's and Apple's patent departments would have thrown down the gauntlet to Motorola last year if they weren't sure they were going to win?
I wonder what is weak about Motorola's patents when RIM lost to 18 of them in one sweep. Microsoft? They still have that case with I4S which they lost. For patent blogs I prefer to read Groklaw.
+Florian Mueller of course it's all about Android because this OS dominates the market. That's a problem for Apple as it is a problem for Microsoft, the company who pays you to create studies for them.
I can't make any judgements over around 17k patents from Motorola, or the roughly 1000 patents from IBM. Like you said, the patent departments are working on it and i am sure that Google's patent department knew why to buy Motorola Mobility.

The question remains why you never covered the S3 lawsuit against Apple or what about Elan who filed most of the patents regarding touchscreen gestures way before Apple released their very first iPhone?
Especially Elan's patents are fundamental for the usage of a touchscreen device!
+Chris Robato It doesn't matter what RIM did. RIM is weak. And the i4i case has nothing to do with the strength of Microsoft's own patents. You can't use your own patents against companies that don't have products on the market that you can countersue over. Simple as that.
+Sascha Pallenberg Only Android is under attack from large strategic patent holders like Apple, Microsoft and Oracle. That's not just a matter of momentum and market share. Moreover, contrary to your assumption, I covered the S3 v. Apple thing on a couple of occasions in great depth. There's a Google search available on my blog. You should use it. And Elan is a troll -- I don't cover trolls anymore (I also explained recently that I no longer have time to focus on Lodsys). Trolls aren't a strategic threat. They're only in it for the money. Finally, what you say about MMI and Google knowing why to buy doesn't make sense. They get lots lof things by buying MMI, patents are just a limited part of the deal.
RIM has one of the biggest mobile portfolios around, over 3000 related to mobile patents alone. Software patents are actually quite weak, because there is a stronger chance they can be invalidated and in many countries they are not recognized. Hardware patents are quite specific and they are easy to prove. As for the i4i case, Microsoft still lost that one, and they also lost that appeal to it.
+Chris Robato You're wrong and I won't waste time trying to explain the basics of the IP business to you.
Really? Like the 234 patent which the California judge is requesting validation? And what about that patent in Europe about the square corners. The Dutch judge said, you can't use that patent anymore in any future suits.
Oh i absolutely agree with you on the fact that Google bought a lot of infrastructre, that's what i pointed out in my comment right after they announced the deal:
Just to make sure that we are on the same page regarding buying into distribution ecosystems and hardware R&D (nope i am not bold enough to let you know about the search form on my blog!)

So you don't cover trolls anymore? Interesting because i saw you covering Apple's community design for a tablet for weeks and months. Not a single sentence refers to the fact that Apple could ban each and every tablet device, especially in Europe.

There has to be a reason why noone can ever comment on your blogpostings or on your Google+ comments and i think now we know why.

It's ok +Florian Mueller you aren't the only blogger/analyst who is on the payroll of a big company. The problem is, that this will have a major impact on your reputation as an independent analyst. You are not independent!
+Sascha Pallenberg I criticized the excessive breadth of the scope of the tablet-related Community design and the Düsseldorf court, on multiple occasions.

I'm not worried about my reputation. I'm certainly no less independent than 99%+X of all other independent analysts.
+Florian Mueller . Android is dominating. Android is crushing all competitors, Apple included. Apple and Microsoft are running scared. Apple and Microsoft are the ones suing. So obviously those lawsuits get reported first.

All companies in the Android Open Handset Alliance have way enough patents and WAY ENOUGH PRIOR ART to counter attack and out-cancel any of those bogus threats, you know that, yet you won't report it because you have an agenda.

It does not matter how many patents each have, it matters that the Android camp has at least 1 patent strong enough, such as the "invention of the mobile phone" Motorola patent as well as they have all the necessary prior art, that they can instantly easily cancel any attempt by Apple or Microsoft to require blocking of sales or licencing.

You're defending the proprietary sore losing patent trolls of the smartphone and tablet industry.
+Nicolas Charbonnier careful Nicolas, or Mueller will block you. In fact he's already blocked me, I can't see his posts anymore. And I'm sure he can't see mine :D
+Nicolas Charbonnier You just demonstrated you don't even know the basics of patent law. You said they have enough prior art. If something is prior art, it doesn't matter who owns it. It's the "quality" of comments like that why I don't allow comments on my own blog and Google+ page. Too many time wasters who throw around with words and don't even know the basics.
+Florian Mueller you are constantly writing about how weak Android's IP is and you are on the payroll of Microsoft, one of Android's biggest competitors.

Can you reveal when you started to negotiate with Microsoft to make them pay you for this future study?

Can you also reveal the names of the other companies that are paying you?

Are you familiar with the FCC blogger regulations?
+Sascha Pallenberg I stand by my views, which are conclusions I reached independently from Microsoft. If I want to answer any of those questions, I will, but I don't have to and at this point I won't. Courts around the world are banning Android devices and dismissing counterclaims -- I let the judges speak for me. They validate what I say.
+Florian Mueller Of course I know it doesn't matter who owns the prior art. The point is anyone believing that LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Google, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, ARM, China Mobile, KDDI, Softbank, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Vodafone etc etc that all of them combined don't have WAY ENOUGH patents and prior art in or out of their R&D labs, historically shown at the consumer electronics trade shows of these past 30 years, then someone not understanding that ALL of the bogus lawsuits can very easily be cancelled, is just a troll blogger.
+Florian Mueller so you don't wanna reveal when you started to negotiate with Microsoft? Wow! That's all i can say, especially because i thought you would handle this issue in a more professional way.

"Courts around the world are banning Android devices and dismissing counterclaims"

We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy 10.1/8.9 right now and we are talking about a court in Australia and in Duesseldorf. Imho there is a huge difference between "Android devices" and one specific product line from one manufacturer and two courts compared to a couple of hundret.
+Sascha Pallenberg The blog post on Friday is all that I have to say about Microsoft. They're just one of many clients. Injunctions have been ordered in three countries; Apple has won an initial determination against HTC; I believe Microsoft will win an initial determination against Motorola soon. Samsung is also losing the case against Apple in the U.S. but not sure if there will be a preliminary injunction there -- it may take until the final hearing next summer.
+Florian Mueller the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the 8.9 still remain the only Android devices ever banned from any market! Plus they only got banned in Germany and Australia!
I think we should make sure that we stay with the facts
+Sascha Pallenberg You say we should "stay with the facts" but you don't even have them right. A Dutch court banned three Galaxy phones. Samsung engineered around the relevant patent, but it's an injunction nevertheless and adds to Apple's story of patent infringement. Also, the patents asserted in Australia affect every Android device, even if Apple sued only Samsung. Same with the patents Apple is asserting against HTC at the ITC and with Microsoft's patents-in-suit against Motorola. Do you really think those companies would sue everyone at the same time? They enforce their patents step by step, and over time they have enough winning patents in place that no one else will even dare to pick a fight.
+Florian Mueller this isn't true! A judge gave Samsung until October 13 to either modify its Gallery photo app or settle with Apple.
Samsung replaced the app and therefor their phones are not banned!

And yes, i am all about facts.

P.S. It's a little bit disturbing that you don't know about it and that you try to create a spin on this topic calling me out that i don't stay with the facts.
By the way, you never covered it on your blog. Very weird!
+Sascha Pallenberg It was a formal injunction. I read the Dutch ruling -- you don't know these patent issues well enough, it seems. It's just that the injunction didn't take immediate effect, which gave Samsung a chance to work around.

You just make false assertions, especially what I cover on my blog. I definitely explained the Dutch ruling in detail.

It's a waste of time talking to you unless you research the facts before you make bold and false assertions about court decisions as well as my blog. I don't have time for that. Maybe you do.
+Florian Mueller i am glad you made these statements in public and that we were able to have this discussion. I am sure my followers know what to make out of your "professional attitude" and i am also sure that media in general will take your future comments with a grain of salt.

I have to admit though, that it's interesting to see how defensive you are getting about all this.

P.S. You didn't cover that Samsung changed the photo app.
+Sascha Pallenberg You're so wrong again -- your followers can see you're just opinionated but don't even research basic facts. I reported on the workaround TWICE:

What more does it take to show that you don't know what you're talking about in this context?

In this thread you've been wrong so many times you should be ashamed of this for the rest of your life.

You claim, baselessly, that I'm defensive when I simply stand by my positions and explain them, except that it's hard to argue with people who are quite uninformed.
+Florian Mueller due to the fact that it's so hard to see you getting involved in any discussion (i am pretty sure we all know the reasons for this by now), i am happy to continue it.

Let's talk about your coverage of the Samsung photo app change:

"I heard from someone that Samsung has already modified the photo gallery page-flipping functionality in its firmware."

I wonder why you never did your own research regarding this change in their software? Why did you never wrote an article on the fundamental issue of this case? You just heard from someone.... oh yeah, right.

Florian you can be sure that there is no reason for me to be ashamed of anything, especially when i am talking to someone who is on Microsofts payroll and refuses to reveal when he started to negotiate with them.
+Sascha Pallenberg What is your point in this last post about "even the mainstream media"? As I showed further above, you falsely claimed that I didn't report on this, and I showed TWO links that prove I reported on it more than once. Your only problem is your reading comprehension, not my reporting. As a result, I have decided to block you here on G+ like other time wasters.
I think i made my point crystal clear and again i am glad to get another taste of your attitude.
If being on Microsofts payroll wasn't enough, you just don't know when it would be better not to leave anymore comments.

Believe me, you gonna learn it sooner or later ;)
I read Mueller's latest post where he mentioned that Apple may get injunction against all Android devices in Australia. As reason, he mentioned a multi-touch patent but when I see news from mainstream media - I see that the judge hasn't disclosed the reason of ban. It means the ban could entirely be based on "design patents" - which can not be violated by "ALL" android devices. Also, the broad multi-touch patents are yet to be re-examined. :) I had this same issue in Oracle vs Google case. I used to follow him until I saw one motion by Willium Alsup.
+Abhisshek AndroidAbh i respect your position but i don't tolerate insults. I might have a different opinion than +Florian Mueller and even though he's quite frankly disrespecting each and anyone who critizices him, this still doesn't mean, that i have to react in the same way.
Please stay calm and gentle. Thank you!
Why is Elan a troll? They do make and market products which compete in US market. As per I knew it last, Apple filed that Elan's claims are so broad and vaguely mentions multi-touch without mentioning any algorithms or methods behind it. I thought it to be a strategic case, because if Apple succeeds then Apple's own multi-touch patents could also be invalidated on similar grounds (too broad). The same way, if Elan succeeds, then Apple's own patent would be in jeopardy, i.e. will become invalidated.
und noch einmal auf deutsch, damit auch jeder weiss was hinter +Florian Mueller fuer ein Experte steht. Folgende Email habe ich gerade von ihm erhalten, die ich dankbar veroeffentliche:

"Du hast in einem einzigen Google+ Thread mehrfach behauptet, Dinge wären nicht in meinem Blog erwähnt worden, die durchaus drin standen -- das mit dem workaround um die niederländische Verfügung (die eine Verfügung war, egal wie uninformiert Du bist -- vielleicht große Fresse, aber ganz sicher keine Ahnung) sogar ZWEIMAL.Deine Lesekompetenz weist Dich offensichtlich als PISA-Geschädigten aus.Meine allermeisten Auftraggeber sind Investmentbanken und Hedgefonds. Aber es sind auch ab und zu Firmen aus der Industrie darunter, womit ich kein Problem habe, solange sie mir meine unabhängige Meinung lassen.Deine Auftraggeber, wer auch immer sie sein mögen, tun mir jedenfalls leid. Deine Kommentare in dem Google+ Thread sind Dampfplauderei auf niedrigstem Niveau.Hoffentlich kommt niemand auf die Idee, wir hätten irgendetwas außer der Staatsangehörigkeit gemeinsam."

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch Herr Mueller, ich habe selten jemanden gesehen, der sich so schnell ins Abseits gebloggt hat.
and here is the (translated) english version of the Email i received from +Florian Mueller

"You said several times in a single Google+ thread, things
had not been mentioned in my blog, even though it's not true -
the workaround of the Dutch order
(It has been a court order, no matter how uninformed you are -
you are maybe a big mouth, but you have certainly no idea what you are talking about) even
got published TWICE. Your reading capabilities are proving that you are one of the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment)victims.
My clients are mostly Investment banks and hedge funds managers. But from time to time there are also companies from the industry, which isn't problem for me at all as long as they respect my independent opinion.
However i feel sorry for your clients, whoever they are.
Your comments on Google+ are more like chit chat at the lowest level.
Hopefully no one gets the idea, we have anything in common except the nationality."
+Jack Schofield i am asking questions and i am wondering why he is constantly starting subjective spins. His blog has nothing to do with any objective documentation of these patent wars.
If you are looking for an independent source, check out
From Wikipedia: "Müller amplified[27] a HuffingtonPost article[28] by an intellectual property lawyer who suggested that Google likely violated the GPL by copying Linux header files. The accusation was dismissed by Linus Torvalds, the original author and chief architect of the Linux Kernel.[29]"
+Sascha Pallenberg You're not "asking questions" (as a journalist would), you're patently out to get him. From what I can see, you're being a lot less objective than he is, so you lose. If you think Groklaw is an "independent site" then you have lost the ability to think straight: it's a lobbying site with an obvious agenda.

The fact that you don't agree with +Florian Mueller doesn't make him wrong, and it doesn't make you more objective than him. It just means you are trapped in your own subjective view.
+Jack Schofield your might wanna check out this article here:
+Florian Mueller loves to point out that all of us aren't even qualified to talk about these issues with him. Well it seems that a lof people out there think that he isn't qualified either.

Losing, winning... Jack who cares about it tomorrow. Florian is getting his well deserved 15 minutes. His reactions are more than revealing.

By the way, i never claimed to be objective, no one is! But i claim to be independent. +Florian Mueller isn't, he is getting payed by Microsoft while commenting on Android.

That's the core of this issue!
If Groklaw could be a lobbying site, why not fosspatents?
If Elan is a troll, then why ASUS, Acer, MSI, Toshiba are all licensees and two of my netbooks have their Window trays "enriched" with an Elan icon for multi-touch configuration?
sorry about the trolls invading this discussion thread. i've been blocking a couple of them and i hope this won't happen again.
In all honesty, sometimes issues need to be brought into the limelight. There is a simple fact that right now, Google Android is in all the news and the competing companies will do their best to stop the competing product, not just through marketing and secretive sales negotiations, but also through legal means. That also means hiring technology analysts to create studies for them. Horace Dediu probably has Apple and banks/investment groups all over his own client group, but that's what he does. In the light of that, I am not surprised by +Florian Mueller antics, however it would be much better for his authority not to pretend to be an AG (Anal German) and just respond in a civil manner.
+Florian Mueller writes great stuff, unlike numerous Android fanboys he is knowledgeable and I learn a lot from him on a daily basis. The IP law is very complex matter, and there are not so many bloggers out there who cover these topics in detail. Thanks Florian ^_^

Also, just in case you want to label me troll or any other fantasy creature, here you go: Android sucks!!1 Nokia 3310 foreva!11 and so on. Honestly I hate both M$ and Google, Oracle FTW.
I am always careful with analysts writing on "free blogs" and constructing things out of thin air, especially after the whole "Microsoft paid Florian for what" debacle. This is not to say that anyone is in the wrong or in the clear. It's just - everyone has an agenda.
He's blocked me here in G+. I wonder how many people are now in his ban list.
I'd love to see his comments on how ridiculous the Microsoft patents are that they're throwing at Barnes and Noble. My favorite line from +glyn moody here after the patents are shown is "Words fail me.":
Also, notice how when Google started hammering Oracle... Mueller stopped reporting on it. Read - so much better.
+Will Paccione yeah, it's unfortunately pretty obvious how he operates but at least it's pretty public now and all over the search engines
Does +Florian Mueller have any shame?
Best comment on this thread was from Mueller: "Courts around the world are banning Android devices and dismissing counterclaims -- I let the judges speak for me. They validate what I say."
Oh really? Every post written on Oracle Google was wrong... and there were a lot.
It's a shame that he lives in teh same country as I do :( dick! BLOCK ME!
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