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Steve Jobs Rant Against Google, Android and 7 Inch Tablets

This is such an epic rant and even though this audio recording is almost 2 years old, we still see a hery heated discussions in the comments section. 
Steve was the master of rants and i really admire his passion but also his temper. 

Was it professional? No of course not but it tells more about Jobs than all these thousands of articles that were written since he died!
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I remember when 300,000 devices a day seemed like a lot.
It seems like Apple lost belief in their own system as they repeatedly try to block android devices from entering markets. Sorry that Jobs isn't around to see who came out on top.
If you see a stylus, they blew it -SJ
The Samsung Galaxy Note (with stylus) has just topped 7 million units sold...
+Saul Veles indeed i did... if i had known that you would have visited both places, i would have only posted once... haha
+kennedy myril they should merge the comments on youtube with google+. This would give google+ also a huge push. If you think about this issue you have to agree that youtube was the first kind of social network with a large community.
+1 to this! It is so tedious to find out in which order someone said that...but on the other hand....after the fifth comment it's either about sex or someone's mother, often both at the same time, so I'd prefer to keep those communities separated, tyvm
+Thomas Fiedler Are you talking about the comments on youtube? But perhaps the quality of comments would change, if you use your real name on google+?
By the way, thats the reason why i never post on youtube. I didnt even had an own youtube account, google just used my google android account to connect me. Im sure that without my android device i would have never join the google services.
Yes +Hüseyin Arslan , I am talking about the YouTube comments. Maybe that would change, but like you, I just dont post on YouTube and only read the comments when I want to read some obesceneties or someone talk about their sexual preferences in regards to the other posters' mothers.
And regarding the android thing: Yes, I am sure that is a major factor for a lot of people. I had my G+ account some time, but only when I bought an android phone did I actually start using G+. It's a great time killer :)
I think what Steve told the investors at this conference call nailed it quite right at this time. I don't agree with +Sascha Pallenberg that this was not professionally prepared.
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