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Steve Jobs on Why Apple Doesn’t Include Intel Stickers on Macs

43 seconds in the video... what a classic Steve Jobs moment!

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This video clearly shows that Tim Cook shouldn't be responsible for presenting new products. He totally gets ignored by Steve Jobs and also he looks like some school boy who doesn't feel comfortable. The same impression he is giving nowadays when holding keynotes. Sad.
I like how Steve Jobs said that they put themselves in the customers' shoe. I think that is one of the reason why their products are a success. They anticipate what the consumers need. Well done!
+Felix Mayer Samsung makes essential Technology like Displays , Semiconductors, Cpus and stuff like that. its legit to Call it a Samsung phone cause the most of the engineering and parts is From Samsung. Apple hast not build or invented any essencial technology. its not legit to "not give someone credits". They sell it as if they invented it and pretend beeing manufactor.I remember the days mac used Motorola processors and claiming Power PC is unbeatable fck Intel.And now Macs are all Intel PCs. what an irony.Apple is very shady!
+Sipho Theodore Khumalo You're right and of course I simplyfied things by a lot. But in my opinoin, all the part makers know that they won't be honored in any way but money (and a quite good chance for high sales numbers) if they work for Apple. It's their philosophy. 
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