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My closing keynote of this years +Droidcon Berlin including all the slides and some little rants :)
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+Bo Maryniuk Yeah... a picture of android tablets with a slogan at the bottom.... proves your sarcasm....
Very good presentation. One thing you were wrong about is Angry Birds. That business model is ONLY on Android. On iOS, it costs money. They did not have a billion downloads ONLY on Android. Anyway, very good content.
There is still one question open for me: Will these lowcost tablets be available in 1st world regions like Europe and North Amerika? Will you be able to walk inside a local store in Germany and buy a tablet with the specs of e.g. a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for 150€?
+Dejan Boberic Currently you can walk inside a local store in Germany and buy a Galaxy Tab for 599€. Vodafone still sells it for some weird reasons.
Wish I could have been there. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
+Hillel Fuld ouch, sorry i didn't know that angry birds on ios is a paid app. Regarding the 1 billion downloads i should have pointed out that i was referring to all platforms and not only Android.
You did point that out :) just saying the monetization you mentioned is only on Android and the billion is cross platform. 
Perfekt Presantation ;) I see you are an Android fan good :) My Question is, Sascha What do you think Apple ?"
+Yves Sulser The big fail of Apple in China that they forced only one carrier. And thus they got failed there due to this reason and cannot recover from that. Also in China they can clone every possible gadget (Nokla, Panasoanic and so on as an example) for merely few bucks per device. So for sure they will get cheap droids instead of iStuff. Droids that nobody supports — keep this in mind first of all. Droids, that nobody upgrades and nobody cares of — and this is very important, IMO.

I wouldn't be very surprised that Taiwan and China on Android — these country are looking for cheap thing, not for what has quality. Japan already looks very different in case of Android vs. Apple, because Japan was always a second market after US for Apple. In Europe we don't see Android boom. We see those, who moved from RIM or just mobile phones to try what is that smartphone thing. And we also see that for example Deutsche Telekom always runs out of stock for iPhone, while demand for iOS apps is bigger than for Android.

+Sascha Pallenberg's prediction that Android tablets will outsell iPad is seen through the pink eyeglasses as true Android evangelist that refuses to see an actual facts. And the biggest problem for that is... China and Taiwan themselves (ironically). Because they generating product on 2.x Android, which is Windows XP of mobile. Google trapped themselves now into that.
Nice presentation, as you can imagine I was most interested in your comments about the impact of the $60 tablet on children around the world and their education... ;-)
Meiner Meinung nach die beste Präsentation auf der #droidcon 2012 (hab natürlich nicht alle gesehen). Hast genau die richtigen Themen heraus gesucht! ;)
+Bo Maryniuk unfortunately you are missing a couple of things here. First of all it seems that you have no clue about the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. People are looking for quality products so thet go for Samsung or HTC in Taiwan (the Note is very popular in Taipe f.e.), China is actually one of Apples biggest markets and as far as i know, Cupertino doesn't release lowcost products except of their $99 Apple-TV. When was the last time you have been to mainland or Taiwan?

By the way, how about staying with the facts? the global marketshare of Android tablets in q4 2011 was almost 45%.
+Sascha Pallenberg Wrong. In China Apple has only 7.5% of market share, so please blame Bloomberg for them providing false numbers, if you not agree. Hence by saying "China is Apple's biggest market" — are you trying to tell us that elsewhere Apple has even smaller market share than 7.5%? Samsung in China has 24.3% market share as of today, to my knowledge. So if your statement would be truth, then Android tables already outsold iPad (and your prediction is no longer needed). But well... this is only in Android fans dream right now.

Also very interesting that you're evangelizing the tablets, yet you won't tell people the truth that only a little fraction of them are running tablet version of Android, which are: 1) horrid-and-deadly-fragmented Honeycomb 3.x and 2) almost nothing runs ICS. :-)

All co-called "tablets" you're talking about are just a gigantic (and antennae-castrated) phones without an ability of an actual call, they're running Gingerbread (at its best) or even worse 2.2 or 2.1 and behave like stretched smartphone.

So in order to not turn your thread into a trollfest, would you like please just point me to at least one tablet device that has at least 10% of market share (world wide among tablets) and which is not running 2.x OS version?

I am looking forward to hear that from you. Thanks.

P.S. And by the way, Gartner does not agree at all with your prediction even close. Maybe they have reasons for that, what you think? :-)
Again, when have you been in Asia for the last time and where because your statement that Taiwanese and Chinese users buying cheap hardware is pretty bold. Is this just out of the blue or how are you backing this statement up? Would love to hear about your source!

What about your experiences with Gingerbread on a tablet formfactor, especially with a decent launcher (like Go Launcher HD)? How many tablets and which ones have you been testing and owned in the past? I am at about 200 now!
Therefor it's hard for me to understand this argument of a big phone, especially when we are comparing Android to iOS f.e. which is a scaled up phone OS on the iPad.

Let me also give you the latest numbers from IDC regarding the tablet market:

Please notice that i am referring to Android and not to a single device, so it doesn't make any sense to talk about the marketshare of different devices.

P.S. I am not going to make any comments on your numbers for the chinese market because obviously you are mixing up tablets and smartphones plus i don't even wanna try to explain you, how many citizens China has, to show you how big this market is! These are basics!

P.P.S Almost nothing runs on ICS or Honeycomb? Look up the chinese OEMs! I can list you thousands(!!!) of devices that are getting shipped with these versions!
Of course I am missing a lot. So why you wouldn't just cut your 6 paragraphs of questionnaire and bragging you own a truck of tablets into just one URL with a list of those "thousands" tablets that has the same-or-near quality of Apple product and runs ICS, so I could get one for myself?
And also, of course, this is no brainer to predict that hundreds of various little companies trying to toss together some devices putting free Android in it, so they in sum together will outsell one single company that ships iOS. Some of them will die, some of them will be founded again and so on — recycling cycle, so to speak.

But I am talking about a company, that would build a) ecosystem, b) actual support, not that lame that so far on every tablet and c) nice cool device with quality screen.

From those what we can see around, only Kindle Fire (which is questionable if this is a tablet for general use) and Samsung production, which is more expensive than iPad and more sluggish.

So anything else we don't know? Please, give us URLs here with those thousands of quality tablets. I am personally interested a lot, because so far I don't call "quality tablet" even Samsung Galaxy 10.1 with Honeycomb running — it is just too sluggish and pretty poorly built if you compare to iPad. Oh, and Honeycomb is unsupported there, basically — one needs to pray to get an update.

But in any case, please omit any mention of any Android device with resistive touch screens. :-)
Ok, let's sum it up (because you are getting a little bit too trolly right now and it's important to have at least a similar background for having a discussion on this topic)
You've never been to Asia but you know what chinese and taiwanese people are buying. You are publishing some bs marketshare numbers which are refering to the regional smartphone market (you've been refering to the Gartner stats: ). You are claiming that my stats for the 2011 tablet market are wrong (of course without any prove, which is actually impossible because all the international analysts are backing my statements).
You are saying that Gingerbread tablets are basically big phones, without even getting the idea of a standalone launcher and highly customized regional versions and of course you know, that iOS is exactly the same on a phone and on a tablet!

My talk isn't about Apple vs Samsung, Motorola or whoever! My talk is about the history of the tablet pc and how lowcost tablets are taking over the market and are making a difference for people that can't afford an iPad or Galaxy Tab. You are totally missing my point! Instead you wanna push me into a bs discussion about China and Taiwan, which are two regions you have no idea of at all.

I've also never ever claimed that there are thousands of brushed aluminum devices with a retina display and ICS on them. I am talking about thousands of ICS and Honeycomb devices and if you would have evern watched my presentation, you would have know that the $60 tablet with a 1.2Ghz Cortex-A9 and Mali 400 GPU (same as in the Galaxy S2!)sports a capacitive touchscreen.

There is a reason why you can't answer a single one of my questions... you just don't have the background to do so!

I hope you can understand that i have no interest at all in continuing this discussion with you and it's really hard not to come along in an arrogant way by saying, that i am right and you are completely wrong which is mainly based on the fact, that you have no clue about this industry at all. Get over it!


P.S. I gave the url in my talk but as i said before whether you haven't watched it or you just can't understand it!