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Post PC Nation News Round Up from the beaches of South Taiwan

check out this summer special we did in Kenting, Taiwan!
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Kenting at the southern end. And while small, Taiwan isn't exactly miniature :)
+Annie Yim we are based in Taipei. Just had a little vacation with the team in Kenting. Where are you from?
.OO(post pc nation becoming a swimsuit babe magazine...)
Eddie K
Oh no, I understand Taiwan isn't a tiny island or suggesting anything like that.  I didn't mean for you +Annie Yim  to travel to the beach, but just realized I've been seeing all this Taipei feed from +Sascha Pallenberg and thought you G+ers may wanna HIRL ( :
lol, I complained about 4.7" being humongous, and you are directing me to 7", Eddie? :p

Nice to meet you, Sascha :)
Yeah...If it's not fitting into the front pocket of my jeans, it's never going to get considered. I'm not into Korean drama, so I don't go with most trends out there. :)
You do notice that talking about preferences regarding sizes in inch is very suggestive, right? (And I hope that I get real internet soon and not some limited traffic 3g junk, so that I can actually watch that video)
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